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What are the benefits of surgical tattoo removal?

Posted by on Sep 6, 2017 in Tattoo removal

Tattoos are supposed to be kept forever, but doesn’t always happen. In fact, many people decide to have their tattoos removed because they no longer like them, because the ink didn’t “age” beautifully or because they associate it with a bad memory. Contrary to common belief, laser tattoo removal is not the only option. You can also schedule a consultation for surgical tattoo removal, a quick procedure that is in many ways superior to laser tattoo removal. Here are some facts that you might want to know about this surgery and its results.


A quick procedure with clean results

The biggest downside of laser removal is that it involves a lot of painful sessions and, at the end, the area of skin is not completely clean. Traces of the old tattoo might still show. However, in the case of surgical tattoo removal, the portion of inked skin is simply cut and removed. Depending on the size of tattoo, a smaller or larger piece is taken away. Experts from Centre For Surgery place slightly curved stitches, so that the scar fades away nicely. If the tattoo to be removed is very large, then the surgeons can either perform the procedure in multiple sessions to allow the skin to heal, or they can also use skin grafting. The procedure is very quick and, because the area will be under local anaesthesia, you will not feel anything. You might experience some slight discomfort in the couple of days following surgery, but this goes away and the scar heals nicely if you care for it. To prevent it from turning into a dark colour, make sure you apply sunscreen and healing creams.


Laser vs. surgical tattoo removal

One of the reasons why people keep tattoos they regret is because they want to avoid laser as much as possible. Laser tattoo removal is not only very expensive, but also very lengthy. To remove a tattoo, you have to go to at least 2-4 sessions, that it’s just for a small one. If you have a large tattoo, such as back piece or a full sleeve, the removal process might even take up to 10 sessions. The process is very painful and the risk of burning is involved, not to mention that some parts of the tattoo might still be visible. Surgical tattoo removal, on the other hand, is not painful and usually requires only one session. Even though you will be left with a scar, the surgery will heal completely in a few months and the skin will look good as new, provided that you care for it.


The risk of complications is very low and, as long as you do not take aspirin or blood thinners before the surgery, you will be fine. Like any surgical intervention, there is always the risk of infection, but this can be eliminated if you look after the treated area and make sure it is always clean.

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Bad tattoo – cover or remove it?

Posted by on Mar 2, 2017 in Tattoo removal


The majority of people choose to have a tattoo because they want to keep forever the memory of a certain story. But, there comes a point in your life, when you do not know what it was in your mind when you have decided to choose a certain tattoo model. Also, there are cases when the tattoo artist did not create the model you wanted. In any of these situations, you check what options you have to repair the mistake you have done. There are two options you have to choose from, you wither cover it, or you go to a clinic that offers laser tattoo removal London. Tattoo artists insist that in case you have made a mistake, an old tattoo can be transformed into a big beauty.

Should I remove my tattoo?

In case you want to have the mark removed from your skin, because you regret the decision you have taken, then you should definitely remove it. Even if you cover it, you will still remember that under it, there is something you do not like. If you have, for example, the name of your ex on your skin, you will not want to cover it, you will want to laser remove it from your skin, because they are no longer part of your life. You should talk with a specialist, because the process will take from a few weeks to a year. This means that you will not get rid of the tattoo with a single laser session. You will have to have patience, and to work with a professional, because you want to be sure that, your skin will maintain its health and beauty.

Should I cover it?

In case simply want to have a better tattoo and you do not want to have the mark removed from your skin, then you should consider covering it. You should know that old tattoos are easy to cover. And if you have a colour or lettering tattoo then the artist will have no issues in creating a beautiful model above it, because they are easy to work with. Now you should make sure that you do not change your mind again, and you truly want to model you choose. Also, you should be prepared to have a bigger tattoo, because a good covering model means having a bigger design on your skin. Resist the temptation of working with the person who offers you a great deal, because experts do not work for free.

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Interesting Back Tattoo Ideas: Aries Tattoos!

Posted by on Mar 3, 2014 in Back Tattoos, Recent

The fact that millions of people all over the globe have fallen in love with tattoos is not a secret anymore. If you are a real fan of amazing ink pieces and truly appreciate the effort and pain that go into transforming one’s body from a blank canvas intro a ravishing work of art, then deciphering the meaning of different tattoos should be your first concern. In today’s article, we turn our attention towards the Aries tattoos and their actual connotations.  Aries tattoo designs incorporate the most recent trends that have been appearing around the globe, thus remaining always in style and forever requested by ink fans.

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Breast cancer ribbon tattoos

Posted by on Mar 2, 2014 in Tattoo Designs

Breast cancer ribbon tattoos are a way of showing solidarity against this terrible disease. Whether you or a loved one suffers from cancer or you simply wish to show your support for the countless people around the world fighting the disease, a breast cancer ribbon tattoo is a straightforward way of showing the deep care you feel for all the people affected by cancer. Tattoos are generally a topic of discussion, so you can take advantage of every opportunity to talk about your decision to support cancer patients and raise awareness. Besides its extraordinary significance, ribbon tattoos are also aesthetically appealing. Generally, people choose their tattoo designs keeping in mind two things. One is the personal reason behind choosing a particular tattoo subject and its symbolism, while the other is the beauty of the design.


The symbolic significance of cancer tattoos


Breast cancer is a devastating disease and the fight against it is oftentimes long and painful without one hundred percent chances of success. The disease ruins not only the women, but also their families that must watch powerlessly how their beloved is fights for the right to live. Some manage to win over the disease, while others are diagnosed too late and lose the difficult battle. Breast cancer tattoos are homages brought to survivors and to those less fortunate alike. They symbolize strength, love, compassion, courage and hope. Women defeating cancer get ribbon tattoos as a memento, as well as homage to other women that were not able to defeat the disease. The ribbon is also popular among family members and friends, as well as people who work with cancer patients  and the suffering and struggle first hand. The ribbon tattoo marks the courage to fight against cancer and endure. It is the purest form of support and its significance is bound to bring an emotional response in people.


Ribbon tattoo designs


There are generally two types of ribbon tattoos: awareness ribbon tattoos and bows loved for their aesthetic appeal and cute design. Cancer ribbon tattoos tend to be simpler, but more meaningful. The color of the ribbon represents the type of cancer it supports. For instance, the pink ribbon is the universal symbol of breast cancer. People also include other design elements in order to personalize their tattoos such as a small farewell message after losing someone to cancer, a heart representing the love you feel for someone fighting the disease, flowers and wreaths as homages for the type of suffering women with breast cancer need to overcome and so on.


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Ribbon tattoos and their significance

Posted by on Feb 28, 2014 in Butterfly Tattoos

Tattoos have always been considered a form of expression for nonconformist people. Nowadays, getting a tattoo is not as shocking as it was in the past and this form of art has become a method of communication. People get the opportunity to express their beliefs and principles, their innermost feelings and fears in an unique and creative way. Whether you are getting a tattoo for the sake of making a statement, raise awareness or simply for the aesthetic appeal, you should always choose your design with great care, because messages written in symbols can be interpreted in numerous ways. It is needless to mention that some people have texts of great personal significance imbedded in their skin to constantly remind them of important events in their lives. A great way to showcase the different meaning people place in the same symbol or design is the ribbon tattoo. For many, the bow is simply a cute accessory they would like to wear all the time for the aesthetic appeal it provides, while for others it signifies the death of a loved one or their fight against cancer. A ribbon supplier in the UK might have a bow tattoo to signify devotion towards work and so on. Tattoos are quite personal and even though everyone chooses a design for its beauty as much as for its symbolism, the message it transmits is still very important.


A tattoo can tell a lot of things about its wearer. A bow tattoo might symbolize femininity, strength and beauty for some, while others might see it as a symbol of union and peace. It can be safe to assume that the interpretation each one of us gives to our tattoos is different, because we get them for different reasons. Although ribbon tattoos are not a unique design choice, they become original through the significance people give them. If you plan to get an awareness ribbon, you should make sure you have chosen the right color and pattern. There are hundreds of awareness ribbons that support specific causes. You can learn more about this subject from a ribbon supplier in the UK that specializes in providing awareness ribbons to ensure that you have the right design, because tattoos are permanent and mistakes are difficult to mend.


People that choose to get an awareness tattoo usually have a sad story behind their decision. After losing someone dear to you to cancer or a very rare disease, a ribbon tattoo will remind you about that person, but it will also make others aware of the struggles those suffering from that illness go through. Awareness ribbons are also a preferred tattoo among those fighting a rare or mortal health disorder to symbolize their strength and desire to survive against all odds. This type of tattoos also serves as constant reminders that life should be enjoyed to the fullest.

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Wrist tattoos – ideas and designs!

Posted by on Feb 11, 2014 in Arm Tattoos, Recent

Tattoos provide a great source of body ornaments and they are oftentimes considered an amazing and highly overt method of self-expression. Despite of the fact that tattoos can be magnificently beautiful if placed on any body part one chooses, wrist tattoos are getting more and more trendier these days. Wrist tattoos are so sought after not only because this is a great position on the body to have a tattoos, but also because they are thought of as safe and relatively cheap, especially when it comes to first time fans or enthusiasts of this art form. No matter if you are a man or a woman, the wrist is a place for adornments in most of the cultures of the world and an increasingly higher number of persons are beginning to take their accessories to another level, by adding a beautifully executed and ingeniously created permanent tattoo next to the watches and bracelets worn every day. The result is

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The legend of the Koi fish

Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Chinese Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs


Tattoos are a great way of sending out a message, whether it is to yourself or to others. Many people choose to have a tattoo done after passing through an emotional experience. While some opt for written messages or relevant quotes, others find that symbols are much more appropriate. Chinese tattoos are among the most popular forms of art in this regard. Tattoo artists do recognize the fact that clients often request Chinese symbols, as in most cases, a legend is behind each one of them. If you like tattoos, then you have most certainly heard about the very famous Koi fish design. According to tattoo artists, the Koi fish is a highly demanded design. Some clients choose to have the Koi fish tattoo in black and white, even though the common opinion is that it looks amazing in colors.

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Cat tattoos – the perfect way to express mystery

Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Cat Tattoos, Recent

There are many women who are not sure what type of tattoo they should get. They want something beautiful and meaningful at the same time, but do not know where to start. Fortunately, cat lovers will be able to find exactly what they were looking for in their favorite pets. The cat has always been considered a symbol of mystery and intelligence, so if you want something that fewer people have, cat tattoos are the perfect choice.

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Why removable tattoos are so sought after nowadays

Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Recent, Tattoo Designs

The removable tattoo trend has been around for quite some time now and it still amazes many people with its longevity and growing number of fans that non-permanent tattoos are gaining every day. So why is this? What makes this form of art so appreciated and can it really be compared to the real thing? These are questions that seem to have an obvious answer, but there is more than meets the eye when it comes to removable tattoos. Recent advancements in technology and an increasingly volatile path through life that people experience have put the temporary tats back on demand. It is because people no longer feel attracted by the same pattern year after year, because they fear that their chosen tattoo design will look unaesthetic once they grow older, or even because they know for sure they are not going to like the tattoo a couple of years later.

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The worst tattoos of celebrities

Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Celebrity Tattoos, Recent

Remember the time when everybody looked up to movie stars and TV icons or catwalk models and wished to be just like them? Well, those times are fading away, as celebrities have started to really mutilate their image by always making wrong choices and decisions in bad taste. Their tattoos are the perfect example of how a famous person can fall in disgrace and here are the worst tattoos prime light has seen so far. We’ve got to start with Katie Price, a glamour model who tattooed a crown with the word “Princess” written underneath, for her daughter, and the word “Pete” written above, for her husband at that time. When husband turned into ex-husband, our Katie walked into a tattoo parlor and crossed “Pete” with two straight, visible lines. Well, that’s just bad taste. Right next to Katie stands reality star Audrina Patridge, with a terrible tattoo on her neck, of all places. It’s a strawberry that wants to be a heart and a puddy snake that looks pretty silly.

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Peculiar tattoos of Hollywood celebrities

Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Celebrity Tattoos, Recent

We are used to seeing celebrities in shocking poses and instances and when it comes to style, there is little that surprises the public as far as Hollywood is concerned. Tattoos have always been a great way of expressing tendencies, feelings and affiliations and celebrities have always used this form of art to impress or stand out. While many tattoo designs are greatly admired, envied or copied by countless fans, there are also some celebrity tattoos that are less understood, being considered even peculiar. The first that comes to mind is Miley Cyrus’ arm tattoo, which depicts the face of her grandmother. It’s not so peculiar that the artist tries to show love for her family, but the place and size of the tattoo, which taken up the entire forearm, are the ones that strike as a little odd. The art was created by Kat Von D, a reputable inkster in LA.

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How much does a finger tattoo hurt?

Posted by on Feb 5, 2014 in Arm Tattoos, Recent

Any tattoo artist will warn you that putting ink on the hands usually brings a little bit more pain, in comparison to the other areas of the body, mainly because the hands have an increased density of nerve endings. But how painful are hand and finger tattoos after all? And can the pain be too much to bear in some cases?

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The right way to wear a sash

Posted by on Feb 3, 2014 in Tattoo Designs

Emphasizing the waist is the ideal way to show off that perfect figure. This is the reason for which belts are such popular accessories. While belts are essential for drawing attention to the slim waist, they don’t really let you breathe or allow you to move freely. Consequently, many women prefer to adorn their outfits with vibrant sashes. These multi-coloured ribbons are perfect for both daily outfits and for formal events. Either way, you are sure to create an impression. While they have become an irreplaceable accessory, not every woman knows how to wear them. Do you?

Fancy silk belt

The sash has been present in the collections of Yves Saint Laurent and Dior and has been proven to be an incredible versatile accessory. Thus said, there are many combinations that you can try by taking the example of great designers. For instance, Dior chose to add pink ribbons to both strapless and backless dresses. The real innovation was represented by Ilincic’s fabulous jumpsuit that resembles a crop top with a waist sash. On the other hand, Oscar de la Renta’s creations feature white bustier tops adorned with ribbon bands, but not only. They were very well inserted around the waist of strapless dresses and at the waist of black and white pants. You too can get inspired from these looks.

The tartan sash

There are still many people that respect the tradition of wearing the tartan, but many have doubts regarding the proper way to wear them. Generally speaking, it should be placed over the right shoulder and come across the breast. In order to secure it you need a pin or a brooch. Another alternative is to wear it in the form of a pleated rosette with the pieces of sash going down the back. Finally, it can very well be fastened at the back of the waist either with a belt or brooch.

Embroidered bridal sashes

More and more brides choose to embellish their attire with magnificently coloured ribbon bands. The advantage is that ribbon bands go with any body type and this is why this trend has become prevalent. It is important to remember to find one based on your body type. Belts particularly benefit women who do not have curves because they create the illusion of a waistline. In this case the piece of material should be about three inches wider and make sure to opt for a dark colour. Additionally, look for pieces with centre embellishments that focus the attention on the waist. On the other hand, curvy women who want to show off that hour glass silhouette should go for less adorned ribbon bands and stay away from small ones that only cut the body in half.

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Unbelievably realistic 3D tattoos

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in 3D Tattoos, Recent

If you are a huge fan of tattoos and also enjoy the thrill of an amazing optical illusion, then there is a new form of tattoo artwork that will suit you perfectly. With roots in photography and film making, 3D art is so extended nowadays that its uses and applications are virtually endless. When it comes to transitioning 3D imagery into the world of tattooing, the effects are absolutely startling and will definitely leave you breathless.

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Scarification tattoos- the newest trend in tattooing

Posted by on Jan 29, 2014 in Extreme Tattoos, Recent

The process of scarification is becoming increasingly used in tattoos and included in this ever changing form of artistic expression. However, the topic has stirred up a lot of controversy and the method itself has even been banned in several countries and states of the USA. Regardless of the debates and general storm generate by this type of body transformation, the fact of the matter remains that more and more people resort to using scarification tattoos in order to beautify their bodies and ultimately alter their appearance.

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