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The popularity of arm tattoos for men

The popularity of arm tattoos for men

Tattooing the arm has always been a popular choice for everyone, especially men since a well defined arm is probably among the most masculine part of their body. So when the decision is finally made, arm tattoos for men are probably the most likely choice. Not only they look good on almost anyone but also they can be easily covered at work or in a more official situation.

There are many ideas of tattoo designs to choose from if you don’t have anything in mind. Tribal signs, skulls, writing and even landscapes, they can all be given something special in order to be unique. You don’t have to worry that you will see many more men wearing the same tattoo because depending on the shape of your arm and on the skill of your artist the same tattoo idea can be represented in a multitude of ways. Let’s take a skull for an example. You can choose to have a more classical approach and make it look scary by adding a snake to it or putting it in a smoky background or you can have something more romantic done, maybe add some color to it or any other thing that comes through your mind. The possibilities are basically endless, you just have to work with the tattoo artist and explain him exactly what you want, what you feel and what final result you would like to obtain.

Lately, landscapes of all kinds are beginning to be the first choice when it comes to arm tattoos for men. It is easy to understand why, they can hold great meaning for the one that wears them and are extremely beautiful at the same time. No matter if it is the view of a famous city, like New York or Paris, or if it is a view from the nature, the art of tattooing allows people to express their emotions and be different from everyone else in the crowd at the same time. The chosen tattoo design often symbolizes the personality of the the one who wears it. Another reason why arm tattoos for men are so popular it’s because they are easy to hide when the person wearing it finds himself in a more formal situation. Whether it’s the job environment where tattoos might not seem appropriate or it’s an elegant wedding, all you have to do to hide your tattoo is put on a long sleeve shirt and no one will notice anything.


To conclude, it is understandable why arm tattoos for men have maintained their popularity across the years. The wide range of models to choose from, the masculinity of a strong arm as well as the fact that it can always be hidden if the situation demands it, all stand as important pros for those that are considering to get a tattoo on their arm. Always remember to listen to your tattoo artist’s opinions because a professional will know better how to personalize your idea into something that fits in the best possible way on your arm.