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A celestial image – star back tattoos

A celestial image – star back tattoos

As far as star back tattoos are concerned, the options are innumerable. Many people pick the symbol of the star as their image of choice. Star tattoos can be equally impressive and beautiful. It suits a woman just as easily as it suits a man. Star tattoos on your back can depict, for example, a nautical star – for those of you who have ties with the sea. They can also depict a certain constellation (zodiac related maybe) or a shooting star. The meanings behind all these images are so different – the only thing you should think about is which one suits your very unique personality best.

Star tattoos easily fit everywhere; yet the back offers a lot more space to unfold your imagination while also offering the possibility to cover them – should the need arise to do so. Some people choose this image because it symbolizes for them the ability to follow a certain goal to wherever it leads – so the star back tattoos become an image of their determination. Certain events or turning points in a person’s life can be depicted by a shooting star. This is a sign of change and it can mean anything from adulthood, marriage or any important change in the quality or view of their life. Back star tattoos in the specific shape of the nautical star can be seen as a symbol of guidance and protection. Stars have guided sailors for millennia and, according to astrological interpretation, also the destinies of men. So there’s a lot of symbolism in this particular shape.

Start right now. In order to get some good ideas and examples, search the internet for “star tattoos on back” or “star back tattoos”. You will find a great number of pictures to inspire you. Take pentagrams, for example. They are a symbol of choice for many people. While the general opinion has a number of taboos when it comes to this symbol (which mainly comes from its use as a pagan sign – or even satanic), it actually predates Christianity by at least three thousand years and all of its meanings have been beneficial ever since. For the Babylonians it represented the five planets: Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Venus. The Greeks saw it as a sign of mathematical perfection and as a representation of the birth of cosmos. For the ancient Chinese it represented the five elements and their continuous transformation from one phase to the other: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. In European occultism it is only seen as a negative sign if it is depicted as reversed, with two points projecting upwards.

The interpretations and variations of back star tattoos can go on and on. The number of points of the star can vary and send different meanings. The stars can be filled or empty or may be double edged. Combine them with a certain name or other symbols and you can get an infinite number of effects for your star back tattoo. If you are a man you may consider the color black or some darker nuance – while women may consider an awesome range of brighter colors. There is no rule though and no law except your own taste when it comes to such choices. A playful personality is never afraid of color – think about it and once you choose it, never look back.