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A cosmic choice: ankle star tattoo designs

A cosmic choice: ankle star tattoo designs

There is no great surprise that tattoos have become so popular nowadays. Our bodies can be painted on, decorated, transformed into an inspirational form of art, just like any other thing – and even more so. Maybe you are getting a tattoo for the first time and you’re searching for that perfect thing to get you started; or maybe you’ve had many tattoos and you’re searching for new places and models to adorn your body. A star tattoo on an ankle is a good choice for both kinds of people. It is usually a small to medium size tattoo, and it can vary greatly. Take into account both the imagination of the person who will draw the design and, most importantly, your own personality. When it comes to tattoos, this is maybe the most important thing: that you feel comfortable and happy with the choice that you have made.

As I said, ankle star tattoo designs can vary greatly: they can consist of a single star, empty or filled, or of a group of stars, in whatever shape you may desire. Take into account that you also have a choice when it comes to color: it can go from simple black to any number of beautiful colors. Your ankle star tattoo can be customized to be exquisitely unique in a number of other ways: it can consist of many intricate patterns; or it can have multiple borders (stars within stars). There can also be variations concerning the number of corners, or the general style of the tattoo: choose, for example, between a sophisticated tribal type or a more stylish and feminine kind. There are literally thousands of models already drawn and the possibilities of further variations are practically infinite.

Consider that an ankle star tattoo has a serious advantage over a more central and visible tattoo: it can be concealed with great ease by stockings or socks and just as easily exposed. All you need to do is pick the right kind of shoes (or sandals / flip-flops for that matter). Ankle star tattoo designs can be easily found with a most basic internet search. Also, most professional tattoo parlors have an impressive offer when it comes to predefined designs. In the end, whether you choose a uniquely complex and personalized design or the simplest of little stars, there is beauty and meaning in both.

A star tattoo on your ankle is always a good choice: it has both power and finesse, so it suits both men and women. Pick a good artist and… just go do it. There are so many options when it comes to tattoo designs and there are so many good parlors these days, it would be almost a pity not to take advantage of that free space around your ankle, don’t you think? If you are in doubt, remember this: let your personality decide. And once you have decided, well… all you have to do is to enjoy the result: a most beautiful ankle star tattoo, the one you always dreamed of, finally there. This will be your mark of beauty, confidence and uniqueness.