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Arm bands tattoos – traditional vs unique

Arm bands tattoos – traditional vs unique

It is highly possible that the arm bands tattoo is the most common, yet most diverse tattoo there is. And while you might think that the tattoo arm bands are old news and have long gone out of style, you may still be surprised by some very original and trendy designs. This article is meant to shed some light over the ever-present styles and designs in the field, in opposition with the eccentric and more peculiar ones. As message is a significant part of a tattoo, regardless of its shape or locations, this type of tattoos does not lack in meaning either. You can represent almost any part of your life, passions or interests in an arm bands tattoo, the challenge being even greater as you have to enclose it in a circular shape.

The barbed wire tattoo arm bands are probably the most frequent ones and they can also represent thorns sticking in the skin of the person, giving the impression of bleeding. But if that is too on the dark side for you, you can always choose to give it a bluish tint or some kind of shininess and the whole thing will look as if just taken out of the store. I believe these are a bit fewer, as most people go for the old, ragged barbed wire image. One other popular arm band tattoo is the Celtic style one. If done properly, it can be highly effective and have quite an impact, especially if you combine it with other symbols or letters. And let’s face it, Celtic tattoos, wherever on the body, will never perish or go out of fashion. Neither will lettering and Hebrew letters, through their small and unique nature, make up a beautiful, largely met arm bands tattoo.

And if we got to different cultures and nations tattoos, I am sure that every one of us has seen at least one Indian themed tattoo. And on the arm, there are several variations that are more common, such as bead and feather arm bands tattoo. Also very popular are the American flag tattoo arm bands, that may be both rebellious and patriotic.

Now, as promised, we shall focus on rather less intense and more eccentric arm bands tattoos, most of which include animals and whimsical elements. They may seem simple through their story or image, but these peculiar tattoos can be very difficult to design and ink. The first that comes to mind is a tattoo I saw of a lion stretched along the armband, looking as if he was running in slow motion on a circular field of grass. Other such tattoo arm bands, depicting animals, are elephants walking one in front of the other or frog arm band tattoo, which are both great to look at and, with some added color and shades, can prove to be quite the challenge for the ink artist. Last but not least, the guitar and music arm bands tattoo is greatly amusing and lively. You can also choose to ink actual musical scores on the stave of your favorite song.