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Arm tattoo for girls – ideas and designs

Arm tattoo for girls – ideas and designs

Arm tattoos have become hugely popular among girls as well and when it comes to concepts and designs, we have to admit that girls are a little bit more imaginative. Yes, girls arm tattoo ideas include butterflies and flowers, shooting stars and fairies, but they are inked in such manner that they form a whole story, which makes them pretty awesome. And don’t think that a tattoo on arm for girls can not be some sort of a tribal design or something less feminine – don’t forget about the famous barbwire on Pamela Anderson’s arm, that was pretty hot, wasn’t it? The point is that there are many women and girls out there that sport incredibly sexy and genuine arm tattoos that will make any man envious.

One of the main reasons for which an arm tattoo for girls is so popular is that the area is very easy to work with. A tattoo on the arm for girls is the perfect choice as they are known to be less painful than the others. But this should not be the only reason for getting a girls arm tattoo, make sure it fits your personality, that it means something to you and that you will be able to proudly show it in almost all circumstances. Which brings me to another reason for which girls arm tattoos are so often met. They can be easily displayed. And there’s nothing more a girl wants than to shock or amaze the ones around her with a killer design on a tattoo. Through an arm tattoo you can choose to be chic and classy or wild and dangerous, according to your general character.

As mentioned above, the flowers design is widely spread among the girls arm tattoo concepts and it usually is inked in the upper arm. But a flower is such a general concept, so even if this is what you want, you can still imprint your view thorough its design, shape, color, position or surrounding items. And there is also the multiple meanings that flowers have that can help a tattoo on arm for girls to gain individuality and particular features. As for the butterfly designs, well the magic surrounding them makes it very easy to create an original girls arm tattoo. Women commonly prefer them in lower arm positions, with combined colors, as to furthermore highlight their visibility. If you add some larger wings to the butterfly, or the sort of wings an angel would wear, you could really turn your design into something spectacular. Or, if you really want a fairytale scenery, trying mixing butterflies with flowers and some bright colouring.

The tribal girls arm tattoo is extremely attractive because you can use it to express more mysterious sides of your personality. And mystery is a quality every girl longs for. The flow of the lines and the shadows enabled by the designs of tribal tattoos make it very easy for girls to twist and turn them until they obtain a perfect concept for their own tattoo. And if you are really bold, go for a sleeve arm tattoo for girls – that will catch all the eyes around!