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Back of the neck tattoos: style and visibility

Back of the neck tattoos: style and visibility

The greatest advantage of tattoos on the back of the neck is clearly: visibility. A lasting statement for people committed to the art of inking, this special kind of tattoo is definitely one of my favorites. Most works that I have seen done in that area were little pieces of art. Back of the neck tattoos are usually smaller that most other types and this also makes them cheaper – which is definitely an advantage if you want to start and you do not possess a great deal of money.

Although small, the neck has his opportunities. You can choose a back of the neck tattoo, or one on the side; or maybe two, if you are concerned with symmetry. If you are reading this while preparing for your first tattoo, don’t forget the fact that back of the neck tattoos can come as an add-on or an addition to a bigger tattoo on your back. So take that into account, plan ahead, and be sure that you choose a design that goes great together with something else you want done, eventually. A tattoo on your neck will complement the larger one while subtly introducing it and arousing curiosity for what awaits further down your neck.

While visibility is great, this can be bothersome sometimes. You may think that advantages can just as easily turn into disadvantages. Well, some time ago I too used to think that back of the neck tattoos are impossible to hide, thus they are only for daring people with a lasting message to send. After some research in this area, I discovered that tattoos on the back of the neck are not so impossible to conceal: a high collar will do the trick; and long hair (mostly for women) can do the trick just as easily. And besides, there’s no rule as to how high you want your tattoo to go.

All things considered, these beauties are a must. In order to get a few ideas on how many options you have when it comes to back of the neck tattoos, just do a Google search like: “tattoos back of neck” or “tattoos on back of neck”. This will get you started as your first impressions are concerned and will also introduce you to your first hundred (if not thousand) choices. Bigger or smaller, simple or intricate, black or colorful, the choices are yours to make. These tattoos have been enjoyed by many celebrities and for good reason: the statement they make is powerful indeed.

A last word of warning: all tattoos around the face area (neck included) tend to hurt more than those in areas where the skin is thicker. But compared to ones on the ankles, ribcage area or lower back, these will still be a walk in the park. Choose the right tattoo parlor too and you will have nothing to worry about. The experience is great; your rush of adrenaline will certainly imprint it to your memory just as the ink imprints your favorite design on your skin.