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Bad tattoo – cover or remove it?

Bad tattoo – cover or remove it?


The majority of people choose to have a tattoo because they want to keep forever the memory of a certain story. But, there comes a point in your life, when you do not know what it was in your mind when you have decided to choose a certain tattoo model. Also, there are cases when the tattoo artist did not create the model you wanted. In any of these situations, you check what options you have to repair the mistake you have done. There are two options you have to choose from, you wither cover it, or you go to a clinic that offers laser tattoo removal London. Tattoo artists insist that in case you have made a mistake, an old tattoo can be transformed into a big beauty.

Should I remove my tattoo?

In case you want to have the mark removed from your skin, because you regret the decision you have taken, then you should definitely remove it. Even if you cover it, you will still remember that under it, there is something you do not like. If you have, for example, the name of your ex on your skin, you will not want to cover it, you will want to laser remove it from your skin, because they are no longer part of your life. You should talk with a specialist, because the process will take from a few weeks to a year. This means that you will not get rid of the tattoo with a single laser session. You will have to have patience, and to work with a professional, because you want to be sure that, your skin will maintain its health and beauty.

Should I cover it?

In case simply want to have a better tattoo and you do not want to have the mark removed from your skin, then you should consider covering it. You should know that old tattoos are easy to cover. And if you have a colour or lettering tattoo then the artist will have no issues in creating a beautiful model above it, because they are easy to work with. Now you should make sure that you do not change your mind again, and you truly want to model you choose. Also, you should be prepared to have a bigger tattoo, because a good covering model means having a bigger design on your skin. Resist the temptation of working with the person who offers you a great deal, because experts do not work for free.