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Basic information about celtic crosses tattoos

Basic information about celtic crosses tattoos

People like to wear different types of tattoos, some prefer them simple and some like more complex patterns. Among the plainest tattoo designs, we can talk about the celtic crosses tattoos. Though they are simple, they can easily be combined with different other patterns, turning what existed in the beginning into complex celtic cross tattoos designs. That is the main reason why this specific tattoo applies to both categories of people mentioned in the first lines of this article. Usually people choose celtic cross designs for tattoos in order to show their faith towards a divine power.

Known as the wheel – cross or the ring – cross, the celtic cross tattoos designs firstly appeared in the fifth century, in Europe. Having its origins in the pagan symbols, it is now considered a typical symbol of Christianity worn by both men and women. Rumors have come to the fact that this celtic tattoo, once stood for fertility in human kind, or in agriculture. Then, Christians associated the plus sign with churches and tombs. In the northern countries, crosses were raised in places were accidents happened and caused the death of people. Today, you can find crosses everywhere in graveyards, in churches and in the celtic cross designs for tattoos. Combined with the knots work, celtic crosses tattoos transmit the idea of a permanent connection between heaven and earth.

Celtic cross tattoos are created at small scales or very large dimensions, depending on the part of the body you want to imprint them. Artists say that the majority prefer to wear them on the upper part of the arm. This is a perfect place to show in the summer days, but you can also easily hide it for business meetings or other important things that require the involvement of a serious person. Another good place for the celtic cross tattoos designs is on the forearms or the back, even if talking about the upper part or the lower one. Another great idea for the celtic crosses is a design that covers your entire back. You can try it, in order to have bigger impact on other people.

The most desired among the celtic cross designs for tattoos is probably the combination of the celtic knots work. With no beginnings and endings, such tattoo is very beautiful and schemer. The most popular among them is the tattoo including a circle around the cross and a rose placed above the circle. Besides the rough side, it also reveals sensibility and warm feelings. Other simple celtic crosses tattoos only contain knots and ribbons or diamonds in the center of the cross. These designs can also be created in many colors, but the demanded ones are mostly in black and red ink, for an intense effect.

There are many ways of getting a tattoo and a proper signification to it, you just have to know a little bit about the celtic culture and about the celtic art. Crosses have many meanings, whether going for the simple pattern or the complex one. You may choose a celtic cross tattoo in order to express faith, or you may go for the dark version of it, referring to death.