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Be trendy with an ankle tattoo for men!

Be trendy with an ankle tattoo for men!

Tattoos are made with a special ink that changes the skin pigment with the help of some needles that penetrate the dermis. They have been practiced for many years in different cultures, first mentioned in the journal of Joseph Banks. Nowadays, tattoos have spread widely over the globe as a fashion trend for both men and women. At first, men got themselves printed a wild animal, to express their strength and their personality. Though they provide a feminine look, more and more men opt for a tattoo on the ankle. Of course, a men ankle tattoo wouldn’t be a flower or stars, so they usually consist in tribe symbols.

Inked as an individual part of the body, an ankle tattoo men has many designs one can apply. Also, they are more painful because men choose to design it across the bones since it has bigger sizes than the models created for women. The lower an ankle tattoo for men will be, the more it will hurt and bleed. Applying a antibiotic on the skin will reduce the agony. Also it is not recommended to wear any tight socks or boots, to let the skin breathe as much as possible, for a quicker healing.

Mens Ankle Tattoo designs

One of the most demanded designs for ankle tattoo men is the tribal symbol. It appears as a masculine bracelet around the leg, usually painted in dark green touches. They have to be massive, about six centimeters or more and deeply colored, to get that strong look on a man’s leg. A tattoo has to be something that accentuates your personality, not a common model inked on skin. Something like medieval knots should do the trick for creating ankle tattoo for men. There are several options regarding its size. Some men choose to expand the tattooed area up along the leg with dragon shapes or other mythical creatures. This requires more ink, meaning more pain and money spend for the design to come out perfectly. Usually, when coloring a men tattoo, there are used shades of red ink, for they work very good along with the green.

men ankle tattoo

Another interesting men ankle tattoo is imitating some converse laces starting with the upper part of the ankle and then going along the feet. It can be rather painful, but the best part is that is doesn’t have to be filled with colors and the outline can be less evident. If going for the dark colors, a perfect ankle tattoo men, might be the head of a bulldog. It expresses ferocity, but also independent style and a sensitive part, for dogs are men’s best friend.

To conclude with, an ankle tattoo for men doesn’t offer as much models as they do for women, because they were specially designed for females. But they can represent a good starting point for men, too, because they can cover it if they get bored of it or don’t find it attractive anymore. Also a good thing is that this industry has developed so much that a men ankle tattoo can be removed with special machines whenever, though the attention must be drawn above the incredible pain that will be felt.