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Black Cat Tattoos – The Cool, Bold Way to Make a Statement of Your Personality

Black Cat Tattoos – The Cool, Bold Way to Make a Statement of Your Personality

Whether it is for the feelings of freedom and independence they inspire us, their innate delicacy, sensuality and affection, or simply the way they look, cats have become a very familiar figure these days and this is amply reflected in our tattoo art as well. There’s something about felines that makes us admire, love, and revere them, and ever since ancient times, humankind has been fascinated by these intriguing creatures.

Throughout our history, cats have been perceived as symbols of spirituality and immortality. Felines are predominant figures in universal mythology, where they may described as being either benevolent or evil, and this duality conveyed by cats is easily observable in the world’s different cultures and traditions. For instance, while in ancient Egypt felines were portrayed as guardians of the underworld, and were thought to possess the powers needed to cast away evil spirits, other archaic beliefs placed these creatures at the exact opposite end of the thread, seeing them as malevolent and bringers of misfortune.

This idea has been adopted and perpetuated later by the medieval world, which lead to the belief that cats were synonymous with witchcraft, black magic and demonic rituals. Unfortunately, today this negative perception remains virtually unchanged in some western cultures, with black cats still being feared and avoided by the superstitious people out there.

If you are not one of them, or better yet, consider yourself a feline lover, then black cat tattoos might be just your thing. Despite all the misconceptions surrounding them, black cat tattoos can describe the concepts of beauty, motherhood, fertility and devotion, or agility, stealth, regeneration and reincarnation. Especially if you are a girl, a black cat tattoo is perfect for emphasizing your sex-appeal and sensuality, or add a touch of mystery to your personality.

You can also choose to boast a black cat tattoo when you want the world to know that you are the independent, socially unconstrained and vivacious type. On another level, black cat tattoo designs can convey your detachment from superstitions and other aberrant scruples, and can make a statement of your open-mindedness and courage. If you really want to explore this ground, and show everyone that you really don’t care about superstitions, then consider going for a shock combination between the black cat tattoo and other symbols normally associated with bad-luck, say the number 13 for instance. Get inked with something like this and you’ve got yourself a guaranteed head turner!