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Breast cancer ribbon tattoos

Breast cancer ribbon tattoos

Breast cancer ribbon tattoos are a way of showing solidarity against this terrible disease. Whether you or a loved one suffers from cancer or you simply wish to show your support for the countless people around the world fighting the disease, a breast cancer ribbon tattoo is a straightforward way of showing the deep care you feel for all the people affected by cancer. Tattoos are generally a topic of discussion, so you can take advantage of every opportunity to talk about your decision to support cancer patients and raise awareness. Besides its extraordinary significance, ribbon tattoos are also aesthetically appealing. Generally, people choose their tattoo designs keeping in mind two things. One is the personal reason behind choosing a particular tattoo subject and its symbolism, while the other is the beauty of the design.


The symbolic significance of cancer tattoos


Breast cancer is a devastating disease and the fight against it is oftentimes long and painful without one hundred percent chances of success. The disease ruins not only the women, but also their families that must watch powerlessly how their beloved is fights for the right to live. Some manage to win over the disease, while others are diagnosed too late and lose the difficult battle. Breast cancer tattoos are homages brought to survivors and to those less fortunate alike. They symbolize strength, love, compassion, courage and hope. Women defeating cancer get ribbon tattoos as a memento, as well as homage to other women that were not able to defeat the disease. The ribbon is also popular among family members and friends, as well as people who work with cancer patients  and the suffering and struggle first hand. The ribbon tattoo marks the courage to fight against cancer and endure. It is the purest form of support and its significance is bound to bring an emotional response in people.


Ribbon tattoo designs


There are generally two types of ribbon tattoos: awareness ribbon tattoos and bows loved for their aesthetic appeal and cute design. Cancer ribbon tattoos tend to be simpler, but more meaningful. The color of the ribbon represents the type of cancer it supports. For instance, the pink ribbon is the universal symbol of breast cancer. People also include other design elements in order to personalize their tattoos such as a small farewell message after losing someone to cancer, a heart representing the love you feel for someone fighting the disease, flowers and wreaths as homages for the type of suffering women with breast cancer need to overcome and so on.