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Butterfly and Tribal tattoos – The combination of sweetness and wildness in ink

Butterfly and Tribal tattoos – The combination of sweetness and wildness in ink

Having your body inked is a wonderful experience and a tattoo is an awesome way to express yourself, stand out of the crowd and give emphasis to any part of your body you like. In terms of tattoo designs the choices are practically limitless, but the butterfly tattoo on the foot or on the back somehow stands remarkable for women and girls. You can give it a sweet halo or a wild spin, according to your personality or whatever it is that you want to express. You can combine it with other elements to further emphasis your message and make it one of a kind. Think about butterfly and tribal tattoos, a perfect mix of fantasy and unique patterns in rich colours, or even the all-black style. There is so much to work with and you will surely be able to find a perfect design for you. There are many websites that you can browse for butterfly tattoo photos and get on a path, but the best of ideas is your idea, so keep it original!

The first step when deciding to get a tattoo is to know what you want so you can go from there. Keeping an open mind is always a good thing, but the main idea is for you to choose. The butterfly tattoo on foot looks great in the summer with mini skirts and dresses or at the beach, but within the concept there are many options. The butterflies have countless shapes and sizes and there is always room to improvise and step over to the fantasy side, creating your own butterfly. Checking out butterfly tattoo photos can also help, not by choosing between them, but maybe by seeing what’s out there so that you can design something genuine. Then, if you desire a more complex tattoo, you can try to add different elements and highlight its uniqueness even more.

A good idea would be to add more out of focus elements that will contrast with the definite shape of the butterfly. Here too the options are numerous, but there seems to be something appealing about the butterfly and tribal tattoos, as they express endearment and free spirit at the same time. Regardless of what you choose to associate the butterfly with, the elements have the power to provide an added beauty to the design and further compliment the body part that you opt for with the tattoo. Whether you go for simplicity or you choose a complex tattoo, you can’t go wrong with the butterfly tattoo on foot!

All things considered, a stunning tattoo can come from butterfly tattoo photos, your imagination or by working together with a tattoo artist. Whether you go for the simple, cohesive element or give butterfly and tribal tattoos a chance, the main idea is to choose something that speaks to your personality and your character, something that defines you and only you, a tattoo that you will proudly parade for the rest of your life! Now go ahead and get inked!