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Butterfly feet tattoos – the new summer trend!

Butterfly feet tattoos – the new summer trend!

When you think summer, you think sun, warmth and exposure! Girls and women dressed in mini skirts and dresses, display as much skin as possible and drive everyone crazy with their sensuality and femininity. And there is nothing more sensual and enticing than butterfly feet tattoos! It’s true that butterflies are a pretty common choice among women and especially young girls, but that doesn’t make them worn out. There are plenty of choices when it comes to designs, sizes, shapes and placements, although butterfly tattoos on feet have a certain something that makes them so sexy! And, if you really want to step out of the box, you can always go for a fantasy butterfly, or you can choose to associate it with other elements that will make it more personal and thus original.

butterfly feet tattoos

As mentioned, the butterfly tattoos for feet come in large ranges and variations, that have even been categorizes into different classifications, such as big butterfly tattoo designs, tribal butterfly designs or tiny butterflies. The reasons that stand behind the choice of butterfly feet tattoos are also incredibly various, mainly due to the wide symbolism of the butterfly. If you take a tour around the globe, you will find several different meanings for the butterfly. In Japan for example, butterflies stand for young womanhood and there are mostly teenagers who go for the butterfly tattoos on feet. In Ireland, the butterflies symbolize the souls of the dead, waiting to enter Purgatory, so butterfly tattoos for feet are a great way to give tribute to the loved ones that passed away. A similar meaning is to be found in the Ancient Aztec civilization who attributed the souls of dead warriors to butterflies. In the Western civilization of today, the butterfly commonly stands for two things: femininity and change. Butterfly feet tattoos can be chosen by women who want to send a message of delicacy, tenderness and pure inside beauty. On the other hand, women who have gone through major changes in their lives, also may go for butterfly tattoos for feet, as a symbol of strong and free spirit.

butterfly tattoos for feet

Besides the deep symbolism reason, there is another factor that women take into account when deciding to get butterfly tattoos on feet, and that is the variety of colours and shapes they can choose from, which makes the tattoo very appealing and enticing. There is no limit but the imagination in designing a butterfly tattoo and giving it colour, shades or an assemble of elements to create a story behind your tattoo. Even the tiny butterfly design can stand out if the colouring is original and well done. Which brings me to another important aspect of choosing the right tattoo parlor and a talented tattoo artist, in order to be completely satisfied with the end result, especially if you have chosen a fantasy butterfly design, that requires attention to details and a bit of creativeness.

All in all butterfly feet tattoos are a great accessory for women and girls in the summer and will sure make heads turn if the the design is original and beautifully inked!