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Butterfly foot tattoos express timeless beauty

Butterfly foot tattoos express timeless beauty

Getting a butterfly foot tattoos design is definitely a choice women will never regret making. There is always the possibility of people’ taste changing too much over the years and of them regretting the decision of getting a certain tattoos design. For instance, someone may go for a design that is really popular at the moment, but people forget about it soon as it happens with any passing trend. After a couple of years that person remains only with an empty shell inked into his skin. This will never be the case with butterflies, as they have fascinated people ever since ancient times and continue to remain a mystery and a subject of wonder even for our advanced modern societies. Trends come and go, but the beauty of a butterfly is timeless and many women are simply in love both with the aspect and what the butterflies stand for. Butterfly foot tattoos are extremely popular among women, because they are easy to cover when in need and they highlight the delicate features of a woman’s foot.

The fact that you can combine flower, vine, tribal, stars and many other tattoo ideas with your butterfly design is another reason why women come prepared to withstand any pain for the sake of an unique and elegant design. There are thousands of species of butterflies, each special and beautiful in their own way, so ideas for butterfly foot tattoos will never really be depleted. Many tattoo artist get inspired by these extravagant insects and come up with original designs for people who prefer a more fictional or mythical version of the butterfly. A realistic illustration is also possible and, depending on the talent of the artist, the butterfly can give the impression of gently standing on top of your foot. By simply playing with shadows, your tattoo artist can make from a simple design something of wonder and admiration.

Depending on the size you wish your tattoo to be, the design can be simple or more intricate. Nevertheless, any butterfly tattoo will look stunning no matter the size or choice of colors. Even though butterflies are admired for their vivid colors and unique patters, many women choose simple black designs, because the simple outline of this special insect is beautiful enough to cover their needs, especially in combination with other images.

The symbolism behind butterfly foot tattoos is yet another mystery that surrounds these creatures. Ever since ancient times, people believed that butterflies are dead peoples’ souls and have admired them for their ability to transform from crawling insects into astonishingly beautiful flying miracles. For women, butterfly tattoo designs represent their free spirit and ability to change from girls into mature women capable of giving birth. Just like butterflies go through the process of metamorphosis and divulge their real appearance when reaching adulthood, women also show their whole potential after a period of transit. All in all, butterfly tattoo designs are deserving of the high popularity they have amongst women all over the world.