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Cat Tattoos – Reasons Why You Should Get One Inked onto Your Skin

Cat Tattoos – Reasons Why You Should Get One Inked onto Your Skin

Tattoo enthusiasts in search of innovative and unique tattoo designs frequently choose to be inked with cat tattoos. Cats are very popular and much appreciated for their grace, agility and beauty, and often for their intelligent nature as well. Whether it is for the way they look, act or the ideas they portray, cats are undoubtedly loved and admired by most of the world’s cultures, while some even worship these creatures. The following presents you with the best reasons why you should opt for a cat tattoo.

Cats are seen as the embodiment of grace, agility, and playfulness, and are renowned for their strong personalities and wits. If you find yourself in all these characteristics and want to capture and transpose them all into a tattoo, then cat tattoos may be the perfect choice for you. Felines are also renowned for their curiosity and outgoing nature, which means they fit in very well in a tattoo that is aimed at reflecting the wearer’s expansive and vivid personality.

Compared to dogs, cats are more self-sufficient and show a stronger character. You can easily win a dog’s attention and love, but it is a lot more difficult to earn the respect and trust of a cat companion. Felines are also charismatic, charming and despite all appearances, they are very sociable creatures, which renders cat tattoos perfectly suitable for people who recognize themselves in these traits. Another thing that makes the large majority of cat tattoo representations look great is that felines are innately very expressive, thus simplifying the artist’s task of capturing their distinctive features.

While women predominantly favor the playful and cuddly cat representations, men generally tend to opt for big cat tattoos, as the latter are perceived as symbols of masculinity and power. However, nowadays increasingly larger numbers of girls and women looking to express their inner strength, independence or the wilder side of their personalities decide to opt for big cat tattoos as well, with the most sought after design ideas being lions, tigers and panthers.

Big cat tattoos can have great visual impact and are considered a bold choice for a tattoo. Especially when depicted using contrasting colors and/ or in conjunction with tribal art-inspired patterns and motifs, big cat tattoos can be very striking visually and are guaranteed to be noticed in the crowd.

What’s really great about cat tattoos as a whole is that they are highly versatile, both in terms of significance and visual aspect. Depending on the effect that you are trying to achieve for your cat tattoo, you have the freedom to choose from a broad scope of designs, styles and techniques. Assuming that you entrust an experienced and skilled tattoo artist with the job of inking the cat tattoo on your skin, the plus in flexibility can only translate into an extra touch of uniqueness for your design.