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Choose to be mysterious with guardian angel tattoos

Posted by on May 8, 2013 in Angel Tattoos Designs Gallery, Recent

Guardian angel tattoos are really popular nowadays, but the motives behind this choice out of so many other available models are varied and often also meaningful. We all know that the decision to get a tattoo is very hard to take, but choosing a tattoo design is even more difficult. You have to consider the fact that your idea will stick with you for your whole life, so being hasty is definitely not advisable. Guardian angels are indeed a common idea of tattoos, but the concept can easily change depending on each person’s belief, taste or reasoning. The offer is so diverse and the designs are so easy to alter that artists can create a refreshing tattoo and still keep your passion for guardian angels intact. This is why there is little chance of discovering the same tattoo model as yours imprinted on other people as well.

Guardian angel tattoos are meant to do exactly what their name suggests to protect people. The guardian angel concept is highly promoted in Christian belief being mentioned in both the Old and the New Testament. They are presented as intermediaries between the realm of God and the human world with the mission of protecting and guiding people from their birth up to their deaths. In Judaism we are also guaranteed that our guardian angels work relentlessly to carry our prayers back to God and Muslims believe each person has two such angels. Religious people all over the world truly believe in the protection power guardian angel tattoos can offer and choose designs that match their desires. For instance, women who have troubles giving birth can choose to get a tattoo with a special guarding angel in charge of conception and pregnancy.

However, apart from the religious motives, many clients choose this model because of their beautiful aspect. There are many different guardian angel tattoos designs, each more unique than the other. From sacred to chic, exotic to peaceful, artists can give whatever atmosphere you wish to your tattoo depending on your requirements. The gender of the angels can also differ in accordance with clients’ wishes and small children angels can also act as guardians for whoever chooses to imprint them on their skin. Starting with the passion for mystery and ending with their love for beautiful things, people often ask tattoo artists to add special effects to their designs such as overflowing light, clouds, flowers or even strange patterns. The expression of your angel can also depend on what you wish your angel to symbolize. A sad, hopeful or naughty expression can change the entire feel of your tattoo completely. There are also cases when the angels symbolize much more than a simple tattoo for the wearer, and then special modifications are made to the original design. For example, people who wish their guardian angels to stand for their deceased beloved person usually request that the angel resembles them. All in all, irrespective of the reasons behind acquiring a guarding angel tattoo, this design will always be a motif of wonder for those admiring it.



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The fallen angel tattoo – sign of faith or disbelief?

Posted by on Apr 4, 2013 in Angel Tattoos Designs Gallery, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Everything that surrounds us exists under the seal of duplicity. There is life and death, rising and falling, good and bad, love and hate, happiness and sadness. Even the most trivial of life’s aspects are subdued to this never ending concept. Art nowadays comes in many forms, one of which is body painting and tattooing, and these are features highly duplicitous as well. Let’s take for example one of the most popular forms of tattoos, one that has become even famous being adopted by numerous celebrities – angel tattoos. The common perception of the angels is that of guardian, good spirits, but in reality they can also signify evil. Although having your body inked with such a tattoo is usually a sign of faith, in several cases the angel isn’t a representation of God’s messenger on earth, but exactly the opposite. We’re talking about the fallen angel tattoo, which has gained more and more popularity in recent years. Now, it’s no longer just about the face and posture of the angel, but about his actions in the design. Even the lack of action is something to consider, lots of people offering their angels human features in an attempt of expressing themselves.

As said, the options regarding angel tattoos are endless, therefore we’ll turn our heads to the fallen angel tattoo, as it is a very powerful, impressive visual. An interesting founding is that the tattoo of fallen angel comes often in feminine form, suggesting the idea that a woman’s beauty greatly contrasts her dark nature. However, the representation of a fallen angel tattoo is more often met with in men. The Bible says that when the archangel Michael fought Lucifer, he won the battle and banished the latter from Heaven. The classical paintings and religious drawings depict Lucifer falling out of the sky, just as he fell from the grace of God. Men generally adopt the image of them in battle, whereas the more static postures show them as injured, or with torn wings., and their expression is always one of anguish and agony.

The tattoo of fallen angel is usually done in a darker ink than all the other angel tattoos. It’s perfectly understandable, since they are generally popular among persons with a darker side, such as Goths, bikers and Satanists. A reason may be that they see themselves in the story of the fallen angels. It’s a known fact that angels are empowered with free will, so they have the ability to choose between right and wrong, just like people do. The most typical tattoo of fallen angel will also show defeat and humility. People may choose them as forms of recognizing failure or major setbacks in their lives. Their wings are normally torn and falling to the sides, but some tattoos of fallen angels show them with their wings spread and held high, but with the head resting on the knees, as if they are crying. Sometimes, they even have the posture of Jesus on the cross.

The various forms of the fallen angel tattoo do nothing but to confirm its attraction and power over people and its steady subsistence among tattoo preferences.

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How to Reinvent the Ordinary Angel Tattoo

Posted by on Mar 18, 2013 in Angel Tattoos Designs Gallery, Cross Tattoos, Recent

Tattooing is unquestionably a form of art where the human skin becomes the canvas that accommodates and compliments the artist’s ideas. As a means of expression, tattooing should be an authentic, personal experience, capable of unifying the needs, requirements and expectations of the wearer with the artist’s own thoughts and visual interpretation of the concept. Unfortunately, as more and more people choose the same tattoo ideas over and over again, the whole meaning, sense of authenticity and artistic value of the design are slowly being eroded and eventually lost. The same thing can be observed about the popular angel tattoo designs of today.

To transform the ordinary angel tattoo into a powerful statement of your own, distinct personality, moral make-up and set of aspirations, you need to put your imagination to work and come up with unique, original ideas. By doing so, you will transform the whole process of tattooing into a very personal experience and establish a strong connection with the design, thus avoiding later regrets and minimizing the chances to become bored with it at some point in time.

Like with all other tattoos, choosing the right design should always start with asking yourself why you want to get it in the first place. Never skip this step, as it will help identify the concept you will be using later to come up with a suitable graphical representation for it. Therefore, if you want your angel tattoo to express the idea of spirituality and immateriality you might opt for a more abstract depiction of an angel, add in the symbol of the cross and turn the design into a cross angel tattoo, or you could just juggle with various representations of angel wings.

When you have the raw concept contoured in your head, you can begin looking for a way to represent it graphically. The Internet is a huge source of angel tattoo ideas, so you could start looking for inspiration on specialized websites or in graphic design catalogues. Save what you like onto your computer and print a few copies to help introduce your ideas to the tattoo artist.

Be flexible and never hesitate to play with the things you like/ dislike in a particular angel tattoo design; if you think you lack the skill to do this, don’t worry too much about it – grab a pencil and start putting those thoughts on paper. Your raw sketch will act as a guide for the tattoo artist, who will polish it and transform it into the design you want.

To sum it all up, whether you are into cherubs, archangels, angel wings or cross angel tattoos, take some time to arrive at a unique and personal representation of what you like. Feel free to experiment with the product of your imagination, look for help from your family and friends and collaborate with artists to ensure you will get the most out of your tattoo. Don’t forget that in the end it’s the tattoo designer’s skill that makes the difference, so look for one in whom you can really trust.

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The angel tattoos on back-the new trend in body ink

Posted by on Feb 27, 2013 in Angel Tattoos Designs Gallery, Recent, Tattoo Designs

The major advantage and one of the main reason people recourse to body tattoos is that their originality is undeniable. Even if you inspire yourself from others, from sketches and paintings, once you in front of a tattoo artist, he will be able to twist and bend the concept as best represents you. People have millions of ideas and thoughts to choose from, but a definite trend has took birth from the religious-orientated tattoos, especially the angel ones. The concept is large and there is plenty of room for personalization and creativity. An angel tattoo on the back of a person is clearly something hard to forget.

Many individuals go for the angel on back tattoo because the space allows them to jiggle with the features and characteristics of the drawing. Up to a point, having an angel tattoo on your back may seem exaggerated and ostentatious, but it’s about carrying meaningful messages with deep ramifications with you at all times. Well, sometimes it may also be about fashion and following trends, as many celebrities have paraded their “faith” through such tattoos. One of the firsts to do it was the famous David Beckham, who has a guardian angel tattoo on the back, in the upper side. And he is not the only one, names like Beyonce, Drew Barrymore or Justin Timberlake can continue the list.

You can always check for more designs here. It’s impossible not to find a perfect one in this huge gallery!

But the whole angel on back tattoo experience is worth it if it means something to you. It can be a tribute to your faith, but also to someone you love or respect deeply. It can be a form of showing your protective needs or attitude towards your children and family, or it can be a form of expressing the purity within yourself. Regardless, the one thing it should be is personal and strong, as this is the kind of expression that will outlast you.

Depending on the message you want to put out there or its significance, the angel tattoo on your back can take the form of an archangel, a guardian one or the fallen angel depiction. The archangel tattoo usually shows a character in battle, with a great sword or body armor, for the archangels were the ones who fought the demons in the epic battle between good and evil. The guardian angels are peaceful faces, indicating stoicism and wisdom, with widely spread wings in sign of protection. Their wings are also more carefully designed, with more lines and shadows as feathers. The fallen angel on back tattoo can be quite impressive, if it’s inked with precision and has considerable sizes. It relates more to the dark side of a person’s personality or it may also stand for defeat.

The really important thing is that, no matter what you decide your angel on back tattoo to look like, you should prepare yourself for a painful and sort of long-term process. If it goes across the entire back, touching bones and tendons, the level of pain will be considerably high and the healing process will take longer, as well. Your back will be sour for quite some time and you need to make sure you wear clothes that do not rub or irritate the skin.


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Devils and angels in ink!

Posted by on Feb 27, 2013 in Angel Tattoos Designs Gallery, Recent, Tattoo Designs

The devil angel tattoo is the classic sign of dualism. The visual portrayal stands for the epic battle between good and evil, the innocent and the devilish, the introvert and the wild side of the person bearing it. A less common, but existing approach, is the angel and devil tattoo representing the astrological sign of Gemini. The symbolism doesn’t stop with the images, such as saint versus sinner or love versus hate, but goes on into their placement – left and right shoulder, or one above the other, thus also suggesting the prevailing one – and their coloring, blue for the angels and red for the devils.

There are several devil and angel tattoos that come in the form of cartoon characters, such as cherubs or pin up models. They can illustrate two small figures, one serene and one frowning or two creatures, with little clothing, battling. It may so happen that some of these canvases show more ardent scenes, like the ripping of robes or even a physical struggle. On the other hand, some angel and devil tattoos come in a more enduring form, with the two standing on opposite ends, with no apparent contact.

The devilish part of a devil angel tattoo takes various forms. He may have wings like a bat’s, tail and sometimes even horns. He can also come in the form of a well-dressed gentleman, with black suit and everything, while other times he’s wearing ripped hooves. Nevertheless, the most popular image is the red demon with tail and horns. Though the biblical approach associates the devil with the opposite of God, in the art of tattooing he’s commonly credited with temptation. People see him as trying to turn them against God and convert them into sinners. That’s why, in devil and angel tattoos, the angel often comes with the halo, white clouds and sometimes even beatific light rays, as to withstand his foe. The devil’s weapon is usually a pitchfork.

A traditional devil angel tattoos is less popular, but some people prefer it. They look like classic paintings from churches or religious books. This concept presents both sides as strong characters, even meritorious, and opposite from the cartoon like tattoos, the colors are darker and the lines have more depth. And an interesting alternative to the widely spread image of them fighting, is showing them making peace.

One truly unique option is having an angel and devil tattoo with only one character. It’s practically a cut-in-half drawing of a figure representing both the good and the bad. Half of the character could be inked in bright and dark red and have a scowl expression, while the other half should have light blue and white hues and depict a serene face.






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The Symbolism behind Popular Angel Tattoo Designs

Posted by on Feb 11, 2013 in Angel Tattoos Designs Gallery, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Although the motivation behind having a tattoo done has changed dramatically over the course of history, having now reached the point where tattoo designs are sometimes simply regarded as fashionable accessories, the symbolic power of this form of art has not died, and is instead perpetuated through each individual design, be it old or new.

In fact, many people today still prefer tattoos with a deep, meaningful message that also carries a strong emotional significance. Judging from this point of view, there is no surprise that religious – oriented tattoos symbolizing angels or other religious figure representations, as well as cross tattoos are some of the most popular design choices of today.

Angels appear in many of the world’s religions, where they are considered the expressions of both good and evil spirits, but are more commonly interpreted as representations of spirituality, glory, dignity, glory, honor, innocence, purity, peace, tranquility and love. While some angel tattoos illustrate these spirit epitomes as kind, loving and peaceful heavenly figures, others tattoos place the accent on the divine strength invested in them, illustrating angels while battling demons or fulfilling their duties as guardians.

Interestingly, angel tattoo designs and variations of these are equally popular among both sexes, although men generally tend to opt for angel representations belonging to the opposite sex, while women prefer depictions of powerful and more protective angel figures. Popular ways of illustrating angels include combining the usual representations with halos, crosses (cross angel tattoos are used to suggest the idea of sacrifice), swords, harps, trumpets, bows (especially when depicting cupids), clouds, devils (to emphasize the antagonism between good and evil) and so on.

The list of common angel tattoo variations also encompasses angel wing tattoos, archangel tattoos, fallen angel tattoos, as well as Angel of Death Tattoos. Not to be confused with regular angels, cherubs are baby-like representations symbolizing peace and love. The cupid for instance – the most suggestive depiction of a cherub – acts to unite people by spreading love through his bow and arrows. Darker representations include fallen angels (cast away from heaven as the consequence of their disobedience) and the Angel of Death (commonly depicted as the Grim Reaper – the foreteller and bringer of death – or Satan – the personification of evil).

Although there are myriad ready-made angel tattoos to choose from, increasing numbers of tattoo enthusiasts nowadays opt for original, personalized, tasteful and artistic designs tailored to address their expectations and needs. In such cases, the only limitations are dictated by the tattoo artist’s imagination and skill of execution.

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