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Unique ankle bracelet tattoos

Posted by on May 17, 2013 in Ankle Tattoos Designs, Recent

Ankle bracelet tattoos are by far the most popular choice girls make when deciding on their first ever tattoo design. The reasons are quite simple: they are feminine and easy to hide. More than that, women are usually obsessed with jewelry and the idea of having a cute or delicate bracelet around their ankles is definitely going to spark their interest. Tattoo artists have endless possibilities when it comes to bracelet designs. From abstract to concrete, sexy to funny, colorful to solemn, any type of feeling or feature your heart may desire the bracelet to have can be imprinted on your skin.  Customers can also ask for custom designs, because ankle tattoos are easy to alter and modify in accordance with any requirement.

The best part about bracelet ankle tattoos is that people get the feeling that they are real accessories. Depending on the talent of the artist you entitle with the job of adorning your ankle, the tattoo can deceive the admirers and make them believe you purchased yet another piece of jewelry. When going to the beach, you can be sure your unique bracelet tattoo will become a true star, many men insisting that ankle bracelets are mysteriously sexy. Delicate as they are, ankles have an impressive power on men and a beautiful tattoo will definitely draw their attention.

Tattoo lovers like the fact that bracelet designs can be rather creative. For instance, after you choose the model of your chain you can add whatever item you may wish to it from cats to flowers and stars. People obsessed with butterflies can use them as inspiration and delicately arrange a pair of colorful butterflies to complete the chain. Intricate or subtle, small or large, bracelet tattoo designs are meant to bring charm to that part of the body where they are located. Ankle tattoos often surround the ankle in such a way that it can exude a sexy feeling. Women with large or thin ankles can get a tattoo which can either make their ankles seem suppler or thicker. Thus, the design girls choose can rid them of their complex and they no longer feel the need to cover up their beautiful feet.

Women also choose this place to indicate their religion. A small rosary surrounding your ankle is a more quiet statement of your beliefs. People who wish to keep that tattoo as a reminder for themselves and not for others choose to place the rosary in an area that is less likely to draw attention. Ankle bracelet tattoos are not obtrusive enough to gain the attention and stern looks of your boss or parents, for example, so even the shyest people can safely get one without the fear of being starred at in public. People have to have a strong confidence in themselves when visiting a tattoo shop. Sadly enough, discrimination and disapproving eyes are sure to follow tattoo lovers everywhere they go, so starting with an ankle tattoo can be a good choice for those who do not like the attention.

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The growing popularity of ankle tattoos for women

Posted by on May 8, 2013 in Ankle Tattoos Designs, Recent

The art of tattooing has been practiced for centuries all around the world. The first tattoo was probably made in Asia and was brought to Europe by James Cook after he returned from his first trip to Tahiti. Nowadays, tattoos have become increasingly popular for those that want to express themselves in a more special manner and make their bodies a form of walking art. Both men and women choose to have different places on their bodies tattooed with various designs that express their feelings and their personality. Ankle tattoos for women are among the most common types of tattoos chosen by the fair gender, after the lower back tattoos. The ankle is a very delicate spot of a woman’s body and therefore a very good place to have a tattoo on.

Ankle tattoos for women are a way of making a visual effect on the beholder and many times a way of flirting. The tattoos that wrap around the ankle will give their owner a more gentle look and inspire a romantic personality especially if we are talking about flowers or stars. Other women choose to have a name written on their ankle so this kind of tattoo can also be used as a form of love statement for a certain person. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a name it can just be a message or a motto that you believe in. Butterflies are also a very popular ankle tattoo design as it is one of the most beautiful and delicate insects that you can find in every country. This is why the butterfly has gained so much recognition in the art of tattooing all around the world, among women of all ages. But one of the most popular ankle tattoos for women is the rosary.

Many women choose to have this tattooed on their ankles because it is very beautiful and delicate at the same time. These are just a few examples of the most common ankle tattoo designs for women. If you really choose to get a tattoo on your ankle there are many models to choose from. Any artist has a catalog of his work or you can always do some research online. If you do find something that you like, make sure that all the details can be clearly seen in the picture so that there won’t be any misunderstandings with your artist. The best way is to check with a professional first and have him or her look at your ankle because depending on its shape and size certain images will go better than others.

All in all, there are many reasons why ankle tattoos are so popular among women. They are delicate, they don’t pop out if you don’t want to and there are tons of girly designs to choose from. Whether it’s a rosary, a butterfly, stars and stardust or just some flowers, there are many ways to obtain a unique combination that represents your personality the best. No matter what design you decide to have tattooed on your ankle keep in mind that it is not something that you can easily erase so choose wisely.


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Models for a tattoo on the ankle

Posted by on Apr 8, 2013 in Ankle Tattoos Designs, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Teenagers have a fashionable way to express their feelings through tattoos. Dating from many centuries ago, at first tattoos were considered to be a lack of occupation for the prisoners. Later, all the stars began to design a symbol on a part of their body. There are many different types of tattoos: permanent, semi-permanent, even fake ones. Girls opt for tiny designs made on different parts of the body that can be easily covered, like a tattoo on the ankle. At the seaside, wearing bath costumes they go magnificently with a bronzed skin. Otherwise, an ankle tattoo is not visible to anybody, unless one chooses to undress, in order show it.

The ankle tattoo is not as painful as others made in different places and it is also cheaper for there is not much skin to color. By choosing a bracelet, a symbol or an initial, the leg gets a perfect decoration. Many girls write inscriptions in other languages. Latin, which is said to be a dead language is commonly used in this art domain. Companies promote their image online, on the social networks mostly, but also live, through their employees. Usually they are experienced people who have finished high schools of art or design. Roses make quite a sketch for a tattoo on the ankle. It represents purity and delicacy, the main characteristics an ankle tattoo is based on. Also, designing the loved one’s initial brings to the thought of keeping him in a special, secret place. Of course, it is a wise choice since breaking up with him won’t make a girl regret having that tattoo done, because not many people can see it.

Another special design is represented by butterflies. Having a butterfly tattoo on the ankle is a very sexy and cute decision that might lead to the impression that a person has the whole world at their feet. Insects fly away, representing freedom, the liberty of making self choices. Mainly, it suggests the idea of an independent, delicate woman. Numbers are another option for a classy ankle tattoo. A person can mark herself with her lucky number or a date that is representative for her. This way, that special moment is captured like in a photo and one can always remember why it is important, carrying its memory forever.

On the other hand, there are people who consider that an ankle tattoo shouldn’t be done by the sake of having something printed on the skin, though few people are able to see it. This is an important decision to make and it must have a personal meaning. They do not agree with flowers and tribal symbols that are eye – catching, but have no importance what so ever. Anyway, when deciding to make a tattoo on the ankle, the model must be well thought for it is not something that wears off. It should be seen as a scar, a birth mark, since after all, the process of making a tattoo on the ankle involves piercing the skin with hot needles. All in all, an ankle tattoo is the best choice for a lady, whatever the model may be, for it can be covered at anytime, or revealed at special events in a nice manner.

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Foot and ankle tattoo design: the choice is entirely yours

Posted by on Mar 19, 2013 in Ankle Tattoos Designs, Butterfly Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have slowly but surely won back the admiration of many people in the world. This very ancient technique has evolved to the point where it has become a real art. There is no surprise there, considering how long this practice goes back in time. Scientists have unearthed evidence that tattoos have been used by man for tens of thousands of years. For example, one of the more recent and famous discoveries, a five thousand years old man whose body has been perfectly preserved in a glacier, was adorned with many tattoos, among which stood out one above the kidneys, and some very interesting foot and ankle tattoo designs.

During these last decades, ankle / foot tattoo designs have developed in complexity and beauty to the point where it would be impossible not to find the right one for you. Tattoos are now a part of our way of life and while the technology involved in this practice is improving fast, the designers are definitely following the same path, adding more and better designs as time goes by. The foot or ankle tattoos are generally preferred by people who do not want the more visible parts of their bodies to be exposed – or by the ones who have already adorned the rest of their body and are looking for newer places to enrich. For both categories, a simple internet search for “ankle foot tattoo designs” / “foot ankle tattoo designs” will definitely cover the first hundred possible options, while the more ambitious customers will prefer to either order or sketch a design of their own.

There is such a great variation when it comes to foot and ankle tattoo designs that not finding the right one for you is no longer any excuse at all. Most people actually have so many designs to choose from that they find it really hard to decide. This is the funny moment when you start to regret that you only have so much space on your body, but there’s really no drama about this. As well as doing a tattoo, you can nowadays undo it – or better yet, improve on it – so there is no reason to sweat over this.

A word of advice before you start though: choose your tattoo parlor with care. This is not only for the sake of your tattoo’s quality. While the tattoo itself can be improved in case of failure – that will definitely cost you more money. But the most important detail is to have the best conditions when it comes to hygiene to prevent any infections, allergic reactions or other problems. Breaking what is called the skin barrier is not something you want to entrust just anyone with.

And for those of you who still can’t decide which ankle foot tattoo designs to pick, you can always try some henna tattoos first, just so you get a taste of what it feels like. For some people this is entirely understandable; it offers not only a way to test how a particular design suits them, but also a glimpse of how the others are going to react to it. And while the importance of other people’s opinions is debatable, there might be some good advices coming your way, so don’t dismiss them entirely.

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What You Should Know about Ankle Tattoos

Posted by on Mar 18, 2013 in Ankle Tattoos Designs, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Along with lower back tattoos, ankle tattoo designs are nowadays very popular among the ladies. The main reason for this lies in the femininity, intrinsic beauty and seductiveness characteristic to this category of tattoos. While some girls may avoid lower back tattoos for being too eccentric for them, fearing they will become part of an undesirable stereotype, this generally isn’t the case for ankle tattoos. Although a tattoo on a girl’s ankle can be very sexy and flirty, the risk of it crossing the line and becoming sleazy or ridiculously flashy is usually low with these designs.

Ankle tattoos for girls have the merit of complimenting the contours of the legs, and can be killers when combined with the right pair of high heel shoes. Designs done in the ankle region of the body are very versatile for girls, which means they can be easily used to suggest different things by means of outfit or accessories. For instance, an elegant costume and a classy pair of shoes will give your ankle tattoo an aura of mystery, delicacy and tastefulness. By contrast, a more unconventional, bold outfit choice will make your tattoo radiate with power and sexiness, helping you bring out the wild, adventurous side of your personality.

However, girls generally tend to opt for discreteness when it comes to choosing their own ankle tattoo design. The “less is more” concept definitely applies here, as you don’t need a visually striking, ostentatious ankle tattoo design to make sure it will be noticed. Regardless of what your intentions may be, know that even the smallest and simplest ankle tattoo can have an impact in the eyes of strangers, so think about this when choosing your design. Furthermore, if you go for discreteness, you will find it easier to conceal your ankle tattoo with clothing when you may be required to do so.

Other pluses of getting a smaller sized ankle tattoo are the reduced cost and pain you have to endure. Designs inked in the region of the ankles can be quite a painful experience, because of the skin being closer to the bone and the existence of more nerve endings in this area. However, a smaller ankle tattoo shouldn’t be much of a problem pain wise, so why not go for one of these?

Like with any other tattoo, it is important not to rush in when it comes to choosing the right ankle tattoo design for you. The design you choose will become a part of you for life, so make sure you get the one that represents you!

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Fashion trends regarding tattoo ideas for ankle

Posted by on Mar 5, 2013 in Ankle Tattoos Designs, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Ankle tattoos are the ones designed around the ankle of a leg. Girls made this place so popular for a tattoo. There are many chic tattoo designs for ankle, depending on their size and their shape. They are generally very small and simple, but they sure draw a lot the attention of others, when wearing a short dress or in the summers seasons. Something that a girl must be aware of, is the fact that tattoo designs on ankle are rather painful, especially those made on the bony spots. Not many can bare the pain provided by drawing an outline then filling the area with color, because of the nerves that lead into the foot. Provided with some tattoo ideas for ankle, girls who go for this are usually satisfied with the results.

One of the hottest tattoo designs for ankle is a tribal symbol. As brutal as it may sound, these models have a great appearance on a thin female ankle, done by artists who know how to place it, in order to look excellent. Also, a person must be very careful when choosing the place where tattoos are made. Recommendations are very good in this sense, as well as the reputation an art shop has gained. Usually, artists are the ones that suggest tattoo ideas for ankle with the help of a catalog, but a person can come with her own ideas and share them to the experts. Most people who come up with the design, want a shrinker version of it and so, artists have to work their way to scale it at the proper dimension. The different tattoo designs on ankle have to be well protected after being done. Avoiding the sunlight in the first days is essential for the colors to remain vibrant for a long time. Another thing a person is not allowed to do after getting a tattoo, is swimming in a pool or in the sea. Salted water is not good for the skin after being pierced by needles, because it can lead to blending the colors of the tattoo, providing it an unaesthetic look.

Another tip regarding tattoo ideas for ankle, are the flowers. Whether talking about roses, lotus or orchids, there is more to a flower than meets the eye. A gentle touch of the image of a flower can make splendid tattoo designs for ankle. Wholly designed or only a few petals of it, a flower is always expressive when it comes to drawing men’s attention. In general, flowers signify beauty and femininity. What is more, among the presented tattoo designs on ankle, there are top rated the following presented models: butterflies, with the meaning of changes about to occur in someone’s life or new beginnings, as well as dragonflies that refer to something related with the fairy tales and childish ideas. Another known design is the stars. Those are a girl’s dreams, the opportunities that she wants to have in life. Some might go for the heart symbols or the letters that lead to the thought of a loved person.

Depending on the chosen model, a person can tell the personality of a lady by her tattoo. Ankle tattoos are the best way to try one and to express the self unique style, without worrying that it will show too much from a person. They can also be hidden with the help of the socks and pants and revealed whenever a person chooses.


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