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Wrist tattoos – ideas and designs!

Posted by on Feb 11, 2014 in Arm Tattoos, Recent

Tattoos provide a great source of body ornaments and they are oftentimes considered an amazing and highly overt method of self-expression. Despite of the fact that tattoos can be magnificently beautiful if placed on any body part one chooses, wrist tattoos are getting more and more trendier these days. Wrist tattoos are so sought after not only because this is a great position on the body to have a tattoos, but also because they are thought of as safe and relatively cheap, especially when it comes to first time fans or enthusiasts of this art form. No matter if you are a man or a woman, the wrist is a place for adornments in most of the cultures of the world and an increasingly higher number of persons are beginning to take their accessories to another level, by adding a beautifully executed and ingeniously created permanent tattoo next to the watches and bracelets worn every day. The result is

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How much does a finger tattoo hurt?

Posted by on Feb 5, 2014 in Arm Tattoos, Recent

Any tattoo artist will warn you that putting ink on the hands usually brings a little bit more pain, in comparison to the other areas of the body, mainly because the hands have an increased density of nerve endings. But how painful are hand and finger tattoos after all? And can the pain be too much to bear in some cases?

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The meanings behind koi fish tattoos

Posted by on Oct 8, 2013 in Arm Tattoos, Recent

Koi fish tattoos are some of the most popular choices of those who want to get a beautiful and yet meaningful tattoo. With intricate details and lovely colors, this is the tattoo to choose when you are looking for something larger to put on your arm or your back. In Japanese culture the koi fish has a deep symbolism, which revolves around transformation, ambition and power. A koi fish tattoo is said to bring luck to those who choose to wear it on their skin. Japanese culture speaks about a koi fish who tried to climb the waterfall at Yellow River and after passing through the Dragon Gate it was transformed into a mighty dragon. This legend is interpreted in many cultures and has had a great influence in the popularity of this tattoo.

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The charm behind arm tattoos for women

Posted by on May 21, 2013 in Arm Tattoos, Tattoo Designs

The advantage of getting a tattoo on your arm is that you have the liberty to choose any shape, size or model you can think of and it will still look marvelous. Ideas of arm tattoos for women can be found everywhere and range from sexy to cute, elegant to chic, discreet to excessive. Starting with the decision whether you want your tattoo to be easily noticed or not, the size and location of the tattoo are the first things to be taken into consideration. Then, the excruciating step of choosing a single design from endless possibilities follows. Depending on your taste and physical aspect, there are certain tattoo designs that suit you better than others. It is therefore important to consider this aspect as well when deciding on a tattoo design or seek the advice of a tattoo expert.

Women wishing to make a powerful statement through their tattoos usually choose to wrap their whole arms with a colorful tattoo. Arm tattoos for women that give high exposure and stand for sleeves have become quite popular in the recent years. The most common design for full arm tattoos are abstract nature or different beautiful patters with a floral motive. Tribal or symbolic patterns are also relatively common choices, but they are usually more popular with guys. However, there is also the possibility of getting a smaller arm tattoo or place it in a less vulnerable location such as the inner side of your wrist, if you do no want to draw too much attention on it. Portraits are also often placed on the upper side of the arm where the skin is smoother. The size has to be large or at least medium when you ask for a photorealistic tattoo.

Searching on the Internet or through renowned tattoo artists’ portfolios can help you make your choice, but getting inspired from celebrities’ tattoos is also something that you see happen very often. It is usual for idols to set the trend in fashion, but they also influence what people choose to eat and the situation is no different when it comes to tattoo designs and there are many women celebrities who have interesting tattoos on their arms. Ideas of arm tattoos for women are numerous and many of them are especially tailored to suit the feminine side. For instance, cherry blossoms branches are often chosen to be wrapped around more delicate arms. This design has a feminine charm and is breathtakingly beautiful when inked into women’s skin by talented artists. The tattoos can also express the wearer’s passion or religion. There are many women that know exactly what they wish to get tattooed. For example, religious people ask for crosses, while animal lovers can choose to imprint the cartoon of a cat or a dog on their arms.

In conclusion, arm tattoos for women are really popular both for their practicability and great variety of designs. From size to location and colors, there are endless possibilities of making your arm tattoo original.

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The popularity of arm tattoos for men

Posted by on May 9, 2013 in Arm Tattoos, Recent

Tattooing the arm has always been a popular choice for everyone, especially men since a well defined arm is probably among the most masculine part of their body. So when the decision is finally made, arm tattoos for men are probably the most likely choice. Not only they look good on almost anyone but also they can be easily covered at work or in a more official situation.

There are many ideas of tattoo designs to choose from if you don’t have anything in mind. Tribal signs, skulls, writing and even landscapes, they can all be given something special in order to be unique. You don’t have to worry that you will see many more men wearing the same tattoo because depending on the shape of your arm and on the skill of your artist the same tattoo idea can be represented in a multitude of ways. Let’s take a skull for an example. You can choose to have a more classical approach and make it look scary by adding a snake to it or putting it in a smoky background or you can have something more romantic done, maybe add some color to it or any other thing that comes through your mind. The possibilities are basically endless, you just have to work with the tattoo artist and explain him exactly what you want, what you feel and what final result you would like to obtain.

Lately, landscapes of all kinds are beginning to be the first choice when it comes to arm tattoos for men. It is easy to understand why, they can hold great meaning for the one that wears them and are extremely beautiful at the same time. No matter if it is the view of a famous city, like New York or Paris, or if it is a view from the nature, the art of tattooing allows people to express their emotions and be different from everyone else in the crowd at the same time. The chosen tattoo design often symbolizes the personality of the the one who wears it. Another reason why arm tattoos for men are so popular it’s because they are easy to hide when the person wearing it finds himself in a more formal situation. Whether it’s the job environment where tattoos might not seem appropriate or it’s an elegant wedding, all you have to do to hide your tattoo is put on a long sleeve shirt and no one will notice anything.


To conclude, it is understandable why arm tattoos for men have maintained their popularity across the years. The wide range of models to choose from, the masculinity of a strong arm as well as the fact that it can always be hidden if the situation demands it, all stand as important pros for those that are considering to get a tattoo on their arm. Always remember to listen to your tattoo artist’s opinions because a professional will know better how to personalize your idea into something that fits in the best possible way on your arm.

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The Symbolic Background of Butterfly Tattoos

Posted by on Apr 1, 2013 in Arm Tattoos, Butterfly Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Although at first thought, you may be tempted to exclude insects from the category of popular tattoo design choices, graphic representations of such delicate creatures are actually very commonly encountered, especially among women. The butterfly is highly predominant in modern tattoo art, and is known to have revolutionized tattooing trends a couple a decades ago.

There is something very enticing about the aspect, color and movement of the butterfly, which along with the interesting symbolism of this fragile winged insect, manages to draw the weaker sex into the idea of having a butterfly tattoo done.

Butterfly tattoos encompass a broad range of symbolic meanings. While some of these meanings are more simplistic, directly related to the observable features of the butterfly (beauty, fragility, purity, restlessness), other interpretations are more profound, and root back from ancient times. In Japanese culture, for instance, the depiction of a single butterfly is seen as a symbol for young womanhood, while a pair of butterflies are representative of marital bliss and completeness.

In Aztec culture, the butterfly represents the spirits of warriors fallen in battle, as well as the spirits of women who died in childbirth. In Christian culture, the butterfly is perceived as a symbol for soul liberation and separation from the mortal, transient, earthly shell. Russian culture associates the butterfly with images of motherhood and the general feminine condition.

Butterfly tattoo designs are usually adopted to express the idea of evolution on a personal level, significant changes in one’s life, freedom or escape, as well as regeneration and rebirth. In fact, many people choose butterfly tattoos to embrace the ephemeral nature of life, as well as the process of metamorphosis from a crawling caterpillar to a beautiful, bright colored and fascinating winged creature.

If you are considering the idea of getting a tattoo, butterfly tattoo designs are a great place to start. Unlike other tattoos that may lose their significance over time, butterfly tattoos are packed with profound meanings, are visually appealing and can be easily expanded into more elaborate designs in the future. As with all other designs, take the time to choose the tattoo that is right for you and try to make it as original and personal as possible. With a little originality, patience and skill, butterfly tattoo designs can be transformed into impressive works of art, rivaling with nature’s own creation in terms of expressivity and beauty.

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