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The worst tattoos of celebrities

Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Celebrity Tattoos, Recent

Remember the time when everybody looked up to movie stars and TV icons or catwalk models and wished to be just like them? Well, those times are fading away, as celebrities have started to really mutilate their image by always making wrong choices and decisions in bad taste. Their tattoos are the perfect example of how a famous person can fall in disgrace and here are the worst tattoos prime light has seen so far. We’ve got to start with Katie Price, a glamour model who tattooed a crown with the word “Princess” written underneath, for her daughter, and the word “Pete” written above, for her husband at that time. When husband turned into ex-husband, our Katie walked into a tattoo parlor and crossed “Pete” with two straight, visible lines. Well, that’s just bad taste. Right next to Katie stands reality star Audrina Patridge, with a terrible tattoo on her neck, of all places. It’s a strawberry that wants to be a heart and a puddy snake that looks pretty silly.

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Peculiar tattoos of Hollywood celebrities

Posted by on Feb 7, 2014 in Celebrity Tattoos, Recent

We are used to seeing celebrities in shocking poses and instances and when it comes to style, there is little that surprises the public as far as Hollywood is concerned. Tattoos have always been a great way of expressing tendencies, feelings and affiliations and celebrities have always used this form of art to impress or stand out. While many tattoo designs are greatly admired, envied or copied by countless fans, there are also some celebrity tattoos that are less understood, being considered even peculiar. The first that comes to mind is Miley Cyrus’ arm tattoo, which depicts the face of her grandmother. It’s not so peculiar that the artist tries to show love for her family, but the place and size of the tattoo, which taken up the entire forearm, are the ones that strike as a little odd. The art was created by Kat Von D, a reputable inkster in LA.

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Inspirational male celebrity tattoos – Johnny Depp’s body as personal journal

Posted by on May 10, 2013 in Celebrity Tattoos, Recent

There are many people following in the steps of their favorite celebrities when it comes to tattooing their bodies. Male celebrity tattoos have always been a source of inspiration for men all over the world. Whether you choose to imitate that idol because you admire him or because you simply like the design of his tattoo, one thing is certain: the impact is greater.  People will certainly make the association between your tattoo and the famous person who inspired you. And it goes without saying that the symbolism behind any male celebrity tattoos designs will become widely known depending on how far that idol’s fame reached. Johnny Depp is an internationally renewed actor who has gained the passion of women and the admiration of men all over the world. People have come to love him both for his extraordinary movie career and for his intriguing personality. He has more than a dozen tattoos all over his body gathered along the years, each new inscription representing another important step taken in his life. Johnny Depp’s tattoos hold heavy symbolism and stand for important people and events in his life, some made known to the general public, some still remaining enveloped in mystery.

In an interview Johnny explained: “I consider all my tattoos as specific moments in my life. My body is a journal in a way. It’s like what sailors used to do, where every tattoo meant something, a specific time in your life.” In other words, unlike other male celebrity tattoos, his designs are carefully chosen and hold really special meanings for him. Depp has always mentioned his children are those he holds dearest in this entire world, and his tattoos certainly confirm that statement.  For instance, the tattoo “Lily-Rose” placed close to his heart represents his first born child and “Betty Sue” commemorates the name of his mother. The three hearts inked into his triceps stand for his love for his kids and “The Swallow”, inspired from the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, has his son’s name “Jack” inscribed underneath. The bird tattooed on his forearm is flying towards him and symbolizes safe return in sailor’s beliefs.

Another interesting tattoo Johnny Depp has acquired in 2008 is the inscription on his left lower arm that reads “Silence Exile Cunning” taken from the novel A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce. His tattoos are amazing because of their number and choice of subject. He stated his ancestors’ roots with his very first tattoo design which depicts a Native American Head. If people choose to write an interesting quote on their Facebook wall or blog, Johnny Depp asks a tattoo artist to engrave it forever in his skin. The tattoo entitled “Wind over Heaven” represents an ancient Chinese belief saying that “Forcing your way in life will only bring you misfortune” found in the Book of Changes. All in all, male celebrity tattoos have always been and will always be a topic of discussion and inspiration for people who love them.

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The meaning of every Maci back tattoo

Posted by on Apr 8, 2013 in Celebrity Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Tattoos imprinted on the back are probably the most popular for they can easily be hidden underneath clothes. You can have your entire territory drawn on your body, without anyone knowing what it could possibly mean and your thoughts toward it. Many celebrities have tattoos, especially back tattoos. Whether talking about the lower or the upper part, they are known to the whole world and explained in detail their signification, for people to get a Beckham or Maci back tattoo. Wore by both men and women there’s a wide range of tattoo designs to choose from, simple or complex. As a future notice, careful when choosing your pattern, for it will remain there your entire life. It has to have a certain meaning, like the Maci back tattoo.

The Maci back tattoo is very large and has many interpretations for there are many tattoos inked on her body. They all have personal signification for the sexy teen mom, though this topic is very controversial by other people. The Maci back tattoo placed on the lower part of her body, represents a texts that says “bullet proof”. As she mentioned in her description, this comes from the fact the she can take as many hits as life provides her. You can see through this that Maci is a very strong, confident woman, capable of great things to achieve her goals. Usually, people who suffered a lot in life, became unbreakable during time. Passing through horrible experiences, future problems are considered piece of a cake, for you will know for certain that everything has a solution.

Another Maci back tattoo is represented by the piece of paper. This is due to the fact that she enjoys very much writing and composing. It leads to the thought that Maci is yet a sensitive person, that likes to stay hidden somewhere in a corner of the imagination. You can find a drop of romance underneath that bullet proof heart, provided by the writing ambition, no matter if she’s got talent or not. Moreover, the Maci back tattoo which stands clearly for Bentley, is the written text “ Bentley Cadence” which again comes to the idea of romance and warm feelings for this man. Only a person who loves so much another one, can tattoo his name. It helps maintaining a blazer along with the memory of having spend wonderful times together. Whether talking about love between two opposite sex persons, or mother love, love is after all the supreme emotion a human is capable of feeling. Also, there is designed on her body, a Maci back tattoo, for each important member of her family. The cupcakes “o”-s are for her mom, dad and brother. Finally, the two left to discuss letters are the “u” which comes from her zodiac sign and the “t”, the symbol for the group.

All in all, if you choose to get a Maci back tattoo, be careful what you choose, for they all have an important significance for her, as horrible as others may think her tattoos look like. But they certainly don’t have to mean the same thing for you. The best advice is to inspire your tattoos from her, but create your own pattern with a meaningful sense for yourself. A Maci back tattoo is after all, her idea, her feeling and her design.

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Generate a self made Wiz Khalifa back tattoo

Posted by on Apr 5, 2013 in Celebrity Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Having a Lil Wayne look regarding tattoos, Wiz Khalifa is another rap artist very found of the tattooing industry. Since tattoos are in such a hurry to reach at their peak, many people adopt this style, especially artists from different domains. Wiz Khalifa is one of the people who actually can take count on how many patterns they have imprinted on their body. He even made a song about tattoos, which means that this trend had seriously affected him. His first tattoo was at the age of sixteen, when his own mother brought him to a studio. Now he is among the major artists who have turned their skin into an inking canvas, working with the best tattoo artist known by the world, Tuki Carter, a legend in this business. Among the most personal tattoos on his body, there is the Wiz Khalifa back tattoo, for it represents his nickname, Khalifa.

Another Wiz Khalifa back tattoo that he personally says it represents him a lot is the shark that comes out from water. Being a large tattoo that covers most of his back, the Wiz Khalifa back tattoo is also the most painful one which he spent several hundreds of dollars. He wants people to see him as the top inked artist, so he imprints everything he can, with original tattoos, having mentioned that he would never go to the extreme of tattooing his cheeks or eyes. His major goal is to ink his whole body, since he started doing this at an early age and work with many artists. The Wiz Khalifa back tattoo, representing his nickname is actually one of the biggest tattoos he has and also there’s the shark, on the back as well. He keeps spreading tattoos on his body, having different spiritual or related with his life meaning. But the most important thing is that they are all original and do have a personal coverage. He even got tattoos imprinted for the persons he mostly loves, his sister and his uncle.

The Wiz Khalifa back tattoo was a topic that covered many interviews and magazine articles. There’s no stopping him, but what really counts is the fact that he only gets inked things that mean something to him. So, besides having a weakness over tattoos, he also has a personal vision of them, reflected on his entire body. A Wiz Khalifa back tattoo would make a remarkable appearance on anyone’s back, but you should also consider the fact that the pattern is already taken. Actually, no one has ever inked a tattoo like Khalifa! So, if you’re thinking of getting a Wiz Khalifa back tattoo, consider borrowing his “Self made” style and stay focused on remaining authentic in your creations.

All in all, when considering to get a tattoo, search online for the exclusive Wiz Khalifa back tattoo images. You can borrow some of the designs from there, like a font or an idea may hit you while looking at the shark that is one large Wiz Khalifa back tattoo.

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Cheryl Cole back tattoo design

Posted by on Apr 2, 2013 in Celebrity Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Even celebrities embraced the tattooing trend and got themselves unique patterns with certain personal signification. Tattoos are great accessories, especially for women who enjoy showing them off on the red carpet. Cheryl Cole is a singer who impressed through her appearance in the Girls Aloud band. Becoming a famous pop star, she now gets to reveal her splendid tattoo imprinted on the lower back. Fans grew madly about the Cheryl Cole back tattoo, for it’s actually a pretty pattern, unique in its own way.

Born in 1983, the singer became remarked when participating in the X Factor jury. Barely in 2009 she started her single career, splitting up from Girls Aloud and she made major changes in her life. Her launching brought her a double platinum disk, for her music became a major trend. Fans all over the world admire Cheryl Cole, this probably being a strong reason to get a Cheryl Cole back tattoo. From her debut album, you can still hear the smashing hits “3 Words”, “Promise this” and “Fight for this love”. Her amazing voice is incomparable and she also has an elegant style, apart from what it’s seen on other celebrities. The Cheryl Cole back tattoo made some huge impressions, when revealed accidentally on her way to the X Factor studio. She had already mentioned about her crush on tattoos, so it was expected to see a pattern imprinted on her skin, sooner or later.

The Cheryl Cole back tattoo, consists of a centered butterfly, surrounded by many delicate flower leaves. First designed only the butterfly, she decided to add some spicy flavor and re-create her pattern in an authentic style. You can choose to have either a plain Cheryl Cole back tattoo, or the entire, new model, if you can endure the pain caused by imprinting on your column. Since she’s so fanatic about tattoos, she has many other patterns that can easily be copied. The other four tattoos are placed on her hand, her right thigh, her left side of the bottom and the one on her back neck, which she said to remove, since she’s not so found of it. She seems to be keen on tribal symbols and tattoos with different meanings, for she has a variety of interesting designs.

Moreover, you can make your own Cheryl Cole back tattoo and keep it original, by mixing up some of her other tattoos. You can make the centered butterfly and add some tribal signs around it and still look fabulous like the 3 Words singer. Actually she confessed that she is the author of her own Cheryl Cole back tattoo design for she wanted to have the meaning of a new beginning, freedom, since she divorced Ashley Cole, being unhappy in her marriage. That’s why she picked the flower leaves as a background to complete her original tattoo.

To draw a line, the splendid Cheryl Cole back tattoo is a way of expressing positive feelings and a perfect manner to show optimism and self confidence. You can generate your own Cheryl Cole back tattoo and still remain stylish, by adding a different background with a personal signification. The singer loves her tattoos and are part of her life, body and soul and this represents a perfect example to follow. You don’t just get a Cheryl Cole back tattoo because it is cute, but for it has a certain meaning and you can find yourself reflected in the image transmitted by that pattern!

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