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Celtic tattoos for men – sophisticated and sexy!

Posted by on May 13, 2013 in Celtic tattoos, Recent

Celtic tattoos for men are extremely popular nowadays for two main reasons: their deep meaning and the sexy look men acquire by wrapping a Celtic knot around their arms, shoulders or back, for example. An experienced tattoo artist can make wonders with an intricate design which can be placed practically wherever the client may wish and the tattoo will still look beautiful. Unlike other types of tattoos, Celtic ones have the clear advantage of managing to adapt to the location where it is placed. Imagine how distorted a photograph or a large animal would get when tattooed on the arm. Another important aspect people take into consideration when choosing a Celtic tattoo design is the symbolism behind it. The mystery behind each stroke of ink can definitely succeed in gaining men women’s admiration.
Celtic tattoos for men are more than random patterns; they represent the Celtic culture, religion and lifestyle. Men choose these designs to express their own belief and state their individuality. The knot, which is basically an interwoven pattern, has a deep meaning and it represents the Celtic belief that life has neither end nor beginning and it is just a constant unperturbed path.  This is why a knot is created to be pure and has no breaks whatsoever in their design, unless the tattoo artist or his client whish to add another Celtic symbol at its end such as an animal head and the tattoo becomes then zoomorphic. There are also many tattoo designs such as the Celtic cross or animals that are enveloped in such knots, the patterns ensuring the final result is even more unique and intricate. From spiral to parallel designs, all Celtic tattoos are renewed for their beautiful aspect and strong impact.

Known to enhance men sculptured bodies and draw attention to their well defined muscles, some Celtic tattoos for men were especially designed to wrap themselves around the arms and shoulders. Their geometric nature and never ending pattern can definitely fit and even look wonderful on curved areas, so many people choose Celtic tattoos designs, because they cannot afford to place a tattoo on more flat areas. Irrespective of the reasons behind the decision to get a tribal tattoo, however, it is advisable to rely on professional tattoo artists when getting one. Men should eventually pick an artist who has already a vast experience with Celtic tattoos for men, because the entire charm of the patterns stem from the geometric accuracy with which each line is drawn. An intricate design can only be perfected by an equally talented artist.

This type of body art is more than a method of beatifying the skin; it is a means to express peoples’ inner self, to state their beliefs, religion and lifestyle. A Celtic tattoo can make men stand out as unique beings capable of standing against conformity. If we also take into account the exceptional patterns and the sexy look they confer to men, the Celtic tattoos designs are definitely one of the best ideas in terms of tattoos for men.

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Learn everything about celtic tattoo meanings

Posted by on Apr 5, 2013 in Celtic tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

More and more people get nowadays, celtic tattoo designs imprinted on their skin in different places. The world doesn’t know much about symbols and about the celtic tattoo meanings because there are no written proofs about the celtic traditions what so ever. What is clear is the fact that the meaning of celtic tattoos can be hard to recognize by anyone and that is probably why they are so demanded. They leave a trace of mystery behind every symbol, no matter its size or color, making tattoos so hard to decide on the suitable model. Tattoos are appreciated by many because of the artistic patterns, historical information provided and of course, for the celtic tattoos meaning. The Celts were very rich in culture and had gifted talents in art, being able to create unique models for tattoos, battle shields and even jewelry.
The symbolic messages transmitted by the celtic tattoos are surely hard to understand by a modern person and so, their evaluation stands it the attractive model and the way it is seen inked on someone’s skin. In this article you will find the important meaning of celtic tattoos like the knots work, spirals or crosses. Some of the information provided is inspired from the Book of Kells, an ancient manuscript of the celtic people, that illustrated most of the celtic tattoo models. The knots are the deepest tattoos to translate. They represent a continuous intersection of two major elements, mainly noted as the spirit and the physic. In can be related to a balance between these ideas, otherwise in can provide a permanent chaotic lifestyle.

The celtic tribes used to tattoo their faces with different, unique patterns, for their families and friends to be able to recognize them after death. It is possible for that to be the reason of so many celtic tattoo designs that have lots of celtic tattoo meanings. It is a fact that the celtic art prospered a lot in the ancient times and the results can be seen in different domains. It is curious though, how every celtic tattoos meaning leads to the thought of infinity. It can be shown in the celtic knots that connect birth with death in a cycle of life, or in the never – ending spirals. Whatever the pattern is about, the idea always leads to love, faith and other elements that are related to life. We can say that there is a meaning of celtic tattoos involving fights, that mention the courage of the warriors and their devotion towards their nation.
Celtic tattoo meanings is a topic that can be discussed over and over again since they are more or less subjective. If you want your tattoo to symbolize something, then do some research about the meaning of celtic tattoos, before getting one done. It is a certainty that celtic tattoos will remain popular for a very long time, since you can choose from a wide range of diverse models. Whether looking online for the perfect pattern or creating your own piece of art by having a celtic tattoos meaning understood only by the persons close to you, tattooing represents a way of expressing infinite thoughts.

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Great ideas for celtic and irish tattoos

Posted by on Apr 4, 2013 in Celtic tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Leaded by the thought of conquering the world, the northern tribes have managed successfully to win the tattooing industry with their impressive meaningful patterns. The celtic and irish tattoos have numerous designs displayed in every shape and color, for the passionate people who want to create ravishing, original decorations on their skin. Their designs describe better their culture and artistic skills, for they have created amazing celtic irish tattoos for both women and men, appreciated all over the world. Their creations have become popular among people of different ages. The celtic gaelic tattoos are a fashion trend that can be found in almost every tattoo, leaving far behind the latin inscriptions.

First of all, the celtic gaelic tattoos are represented by inscriptions difficult to understand, created with a beautiful antique font that provides a sexy appearance. Some of the commonly inscriptions, full of meanings refer to love, friendship, optimism and dreams. These expressions are old celtic proverbs meant to encourage people to run after their desires and never give up, until they achieve what their mind and soul chase after. Improving your tattoo with the celtic gaelic tattoos is a wise choice, for they go along any place on the body, due to the fact that the letters come from the “Celtic Tree Alphabet”.

Since the celtic cross design is known all over the world, mingled with other celtic irish tattoos would provide it an authentic style easy to recognize. One of the celtic and irish tattoos that go along the celtic cross very well, is the sword. This item used in battles by the brave soldiers, represents power and inner strength. Tattooing has become nowadays a perfect manner of expressing your personality and your thoughts. The irish clover is a cute design meant to bring luck to the person wearing it. Though at the first impression it seems more like a girly, childish item, with a gaelic inscription around it, this pattern is agreed by men as well. If you are a superstitious person, then you should get one done, to enlighten your life a bit. Fir the ones that love their country very much, the irish flag is on top of the celtic irish tattoos. The flag is an emblem of the pride and joy felt by being born as an irish person, for their ancestors were brave men with a lot of courage running through their veins.

Another great idea for the celtic and irish tattoos category is represented by the famous celtic knots. These lines, swirls and loops combined together form a combination of life and death bounded together in the infinite cycle of existence. It can also lead to the thought of having infinite ideas and dreams to achieve. Though these tattoos have a standard meaning that can be found on the internet or in different books, they also represent a personal symbol for the person wearing it. In order to find out more of a person, the only thing you have to do is read the symbols behind his or her tattoos.

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Designs and meanings of the celtic tree tattoo

Posted by on Apr 3, 2013 in Celtic tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

When deciding to get a tattoo, many thoughts cross to one’s mind about different sophisticated patterns, most of them resembling with a celtic tattoo. Some choose the black ink tattooing, while others opt for colorful, large size designs for different parts of their body. The celtic tree tattoo is a particular pattern full of meaning, having interesting themes that can easily be applied in a smooth manner on visible places. Thinking about the celtic arm tattoos, one usually chooses tribal bands or awkward symbols that signify different values, enveloping the observer into an ancient philosophy. Here are a few concepts about tattoo designs, that will help you make the right decision for tattooing.

In order to get a beautiful celtic tree tattoo, the area selected for decorating has to be large sized, for the pattern to have the proper imagine. Due to this inconvenient, this tattoo is better placed on the entire back, for it provides the best artistic look. There are various designs, each representing a different meaning, so it is necessary to do some research first, before going to the tattoo studio. Other options for placing this specific tattoo are the legs and the arms that allow you to show it off in effective ways. Trees are probably the last option for tattooing because their importance hasn’t been promoted so much as in the case of the tribal and celtic symbols or animal tattoos. The celtic tree tattoo represents energy, regeneration and peace, for it is a significant part of the natural environment. People that are spiritual understand entirely its symbolism. In the ancient times, trees were considered to have their own spirits and people worshiped them, praying for rainy days that would subsequently enrich the earth, providing them food provisions. It also represented their faith in life. If this element was destroyed during wars, so was their courage and optimism.

The tree of life was considered to have its roots deeply in the ground, connecting with every living creature, feeling all their emotions. Also, its branches reached the sky, maintaining a balance between Earth and spirit. Ancient people loved very much nature and they used to plant bonsai or cherry trees for their faith. They took care of them, considering these plants a part of them. The celtic tattoo embraced all these meanings, providing unique, splendid patterns for the ones that are attracted to nature. While thinking about ingenious celtic arm tattoos, the tree tattoo in a smaller shape can be a creative decision. Since not many people are interested in plain designs that conquer through their meaning, the celtic tattoo has only been exposed with crosses and work knots.

Though the celtic arm tattoos can have a variety of patterns, it is wisely to choose something interesting instead of abusing of the already used tribal symbols, trying to improvise them in order to look authentic. Inked trees are said to send hitches straight to every heart, providing you a charismatic appearance hallmarked by elements of the nature. As a final suggestion, the dark green ink is the most compatible color for such an outrageous tattoo design.

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Basic information about celtic crosses tattoos

Posted by on Mar 29, 2013 in Celtic tattoos, Cross Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

People like to wear different types of tattoos, some prefer them simple and some like more complex patterns. Among the plainest tattoo designs, we can talk about the celtic crosses tattoos. Though they are simple, they can easily be combined with different other patterns, turning what existed in the beginning into complex celtic cross tattoos designs. That is the main reason why this specific tattoo applies to both categories of people mentioned in the first lines of this article. Usually people choose celtic cross designs for tattoos in order to show their faith towards a divine power.

Known as the wheel – cross or the ring – cross, the celtic cross tattoos designs firstly appeared in the fifth century, in Europe. Having its origins in the pagan symbols, it is now considered a typical symbol of Christianity worn by both men and women. Rumors have come to the fact that this celtic tattoo, once stood for fertility in human kind, or in agriculture. Then, Christians associated the plus sign with churches and tombs. In the northern countries, crosses were raised in places were accidents happened and caused the death of people. Today, you can find crosses everywhere in graveyards, in churches and in the celtic cross designs for tattoos. Combined with the knots work, celtic crosses tattoos transmit the idea of a permanent connection between heaven and earth.

Celtic cross tattoos are created at small scales or very large dimensions, depending on the part of the body you want to imprint them. Artists say that the majority prefer to wear them on the upper part of the arm. This is a perfect place to show in the summer days, but you can also easily hide it for business meetings or other important things that require the involvement of a serious person. Another good place for the celtic cross tattoos designs is on the forearms or the back, even if talking about the upper part or the lower one. Another great idea for the celtic crosses is a design that covers your entire back. You can try it, in order to have bigger impact on other people.

The most desired among the celtic cross designs for tattoos is probably the combination of the celtic knots work. With no beginnings and endings, such tattoo is very beautiful and schemer. The most popular among them is the tattoo including a circle around the cross and a rose placed above the circle. Besides the rough side, it also reveals sensibility and warm feelings. Other simple celtic crosses tattoos only contain knots and ribbons or diamonds in the center of the cross. These designs can also be created in many colors, but the demanded ones are mostly in black and red ink, for an intense effect.

There are many ways of getting a tattoo and a proper signification to it, you just have to know a little bit about the celtic culture and about the celtic art. Crosses have many meanings, whether going for the simple pattern or the complex one. You may choose a celtic cross tattoo in order to express faith, or you may go for the dark version of it, referring to death.

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Keen ideas for arm tattoos

Posted by on Mar 22, 2013 in Arm Tattoos, Celtic tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Arm tattoos are hugely popular but that doesn’t mean that, if the arm is the place you want for getting a tattoo, you can not find some unique designs in the field. Original arm tattoo ideas often derive from the traditional ones. Let’s take for instance the Celtic tattoos, which mostly refer to geometrical grid designs or in some rare cases, animals. And they are all over the place, right? But if you go back to what Celtic really means, and that is Irish, you can come up with some pretty one of a kind tattoo ideas for arm. The Irish culture is rich in whimsical symbols that make up great, funny tattoos and offer you the individuality you want. After all, what is life without humor and personality? So check out below some of the Irish arm tattoo ideas that may brighten up your search.

The Leprechauns is one of the most comical ones. The Irish fairies with hidden gold pots and bad temper. They are usually inked in green color, but you can create a black design with shadows and multiple lines for effect. You may also go for the little child leprechaun or the vicious, elder, but the end result of your arm tattoo idea will without a doubt be of great impact. Equally representative for Irish culture is the four-leaf clover, the universal symbol of good luck. And although I acknowledge the fact that it is somehow less of an original design, there are plenty of tattoo ideas for arm you can create starting from the image of the clover. The Irish legend surrounding the four-leaf clover is that Eve carried it with her from the Garden of Eden, so you can even give it a religious hint if you like. Some other arm tattoo ideas may include antagonism, like associating the symbol of good luck with a symbol of bad luck, such as the number thirteen. There is a difference to be made between the four-leaf clover and the shamrock, another icon for the Irish. The four-leaf clovers bears a separate significance for each of its leaves, hope, faith, love and luck, while the shamrock stands for pride. The three leaves of the shamrock also have a religious basis, representing the Holy Trinity. Yet again, there is a wide range of tattoo ideas for arm that can be designed around this image. A less common idea would be to create a parallel between the image of shamrock and that of the club suit in cards decks, for the gambling lovers.

For those searching for a deeper meaning and ideology, there are many arm tattoo ideas and the first that comes to mind is the Claddagh ring. It is a high symbol of friendship, depicting two hands clasped together (representing faith) around a heart (representing love) that wears a crown (representing loyalty). There are a lot of tales and legends regarding the ring, some with reference to Gods and kings, some speaking about peasants and slaves. But, what is truly unique about it, is that the way you ink it speaks to your love life situation. For example, if you have it tattooed on the right arm with the heart facing out, it means your heart is not yet taken, while having it inked on the right arm but with the heart facing in means you are deeply in love. When the tattoo is worn on the left arm, it shows marriage. Quite an interesting tattoo idea for arm, don’t you think?

So, as you can see, the world does not lack in ideas and surely you can find a way of giving it a personal touch. All you have to do is give it a little thought and have the guts to do it!

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