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The significance of dragon tattoos

Posted by on May 14, 2013 in Dragon Tattoo, Recent

Dragons have been a part of the culture of many countries and even continents for centuries. The legends that are told about these creatures depict them as fierce, strong and unbelievably beautiful. This is why dragon tattoos are so popular among both men and women. Of course it does take a little decision making before deciding to get a dragon tattooed on your body as it is quite large, but the significance behind it is amazing.

Dragon tattoos give a fierce and sensual air to the ones that wear them on their skin. The mysterious creatures are a symbol of purity, courage and hope. In ancient times the dragon was considered to be either a protector or a great threat. So people that get dragon tattoos often look for that same symbolic protection. Even the vikings used to carve dragons on their ships to allow them to have good sight and be successful warriors. A dragon tattoo design on a woman’s body is a symbol of grace, flowing and of her role as a creator. Her body becomes a representative of life. Dragon tattoos on men symbolize great power and courage. Like a dragon, the man who wears this kind of tattoo is depicted as a guardian of all the things that are important and show that he is ready to fight and be a protector. A dragon tattoo design also represents a journey that his bearer has completed or is about to take.

The most popular dragon designs are the Asian and the European ones. Even among Asian dragons there are differences especially in the number of claws in their feet. Chinese dragons have five claws, Japanese ones have four and the Vietnamese just three. Of course the stories behind the dragon of every country are different, but they all picture them as wise and powerful creatures. The European culture illustrates dragons as evil creature ready to destroy everything in their way if they didn’t receive maidens. But dragons are an important part of the Indian and Greek culture as well. It is therefore understandable why so many people choose to have dragons tattooed on their bodies.

Dragon tattoos can look very sexy on the body of a beautiful woman or a well defined man. Tattoo artists have always loved to make this type of tattoo because it allows them to be creative in their work and obtain great results in the process. There is a wide range of colors that can be used in dragon tattoo designs. From red to yellow, green and blue, everything is combined to obtain a beautiful and unique model that will leave everyone amazed. Of course, a black and white dragon looks just as good for those that aren’t big fans of having colors on their bodies. The reasons why people choose to get these tattoos are various. Either its because of the culture, the vast symbolism or just that fact that it is a beautiful and wild creature, those that wear them will gain a mysterious and fierce air.

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Lower Back Tattoos – The Perfect Way of Getting Noticed in the Crowd

Posted by on Mar 29, 2013 in Back Tattoos, Dragon Tattoo, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Etched on the skin area just above the buttocks near the waistline, lower back tattoos are great for accentuating the beauty and sensuality of the female figure. Judging by this, the great popularity of such designs among women and girls looking to make a statement of their femininity really comes as no surprise.

Apart from being beautiful and sexy, lower back tattoos are also very easy to conceal by means of clothing. Moreover, since the back is a very spacious body part to work on, it allows for larger and more complex designs. As another advantage, back tattoos are easier to execute and tend to preserve their shape and crispness better over time, thanks to the skin in this area being more flat and less prone to stretching or sagging.

However, the truth is that the large majority of women and girls who decide to wear lower back tattoos primarily choose such designs for the way they emphasize their features. Since lower back tattoos draw attention on the buttocks and waistline area and can enhance the curves of the body, they have rapidly become the ladies’ favorites. Men, on the other hand, prefer placing their tattoos higher on the back, with some of the most popular placement options being the shoulder blade area and the back of the neck. With the right placement, masculine back tattoos can give the impression of wider, broader shoulders.

The great thing about lower back tattoos is that they go hand in hand with modern fashion trends, which means they can be shown off easily by wearing a hip pair of low cut jeans or a skirt in combination with a shorter blouse or T-shirt. With a simple and sexy outfit to compliment your lower back tattoo, you will definitely stand out and turn some heads in the crowd.

At present there is a plethora of lower back styles and designs to choose from, so make sure you do a rigorous research before opting for a particular model. Symmetrical and highly stylized designs number among the more popular options these days, although you should explore other possibilities as well and eventually stick with what you like best. Common lower back tattoo styles and designs include angels, stylized wings, butterflies, dragon figures, Asian characters and flower motifs.

To sum it all up, lower back tattoos shine through as a great way of adorning your body and making a statement of your personality, style and moral makeup. However, to make sure that you will end up wearing a quality tattoo that actually suits you, consider turning to a skilful and experienced artist for a fully customized design.

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The Good vs. Evil Antagonism Reflected in Dragon Tattoos

Posted by on Feb 13, 2013 in Dragon Tattoo, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Despite the divergent views of Western and Eastern cultures surrounding the mythical concept of the dragon, and the wide variety of symbolic references correlated with the beast in universal literature, the dragon stands out as one the most prominent supernatural figures depicted in today’s tattoo designs.


Like with many other mythical creatures, symbols and icons arisen from ancient legends, superstitions and common beliefs, the dragon can signify the incarnation of good fortune, prosperity and wellbeing in one corner of the world, only to be demonized and invested with evil traits and volitions in another distant place with a different cultural heritage.

To make sure your dragon tattoo will reflect your intended concept, it is important to be able to separate between the main two opposing perceptions of the mythical beast – eastern and western acceptations, respectively.

The Eastern dragon is regarded as the epitome of wisdom, spiritual fulfillment, guardianship and benevolence. In Asian acceptation, the dragon is a token of fertility and good fortune, and is sometimes perceived as one of the few forces capable of restoring the balance between yin and yang energies. If you want your dragon tattoo to express these traits, consider exploring Asian style representations of this beast and go for something illustrative of these characteristics. Good options would be Chinese or Japanese-style dragon tattoos, such as the Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, White Tiger, Black Tortoise, Dragon King or Dragon Koi.

If you are more into the darker side of the dragon and want to emphasize this into your tattoo design, then a good option would be to ask your tattoo artist to help in creating a western culture influenced representation. According to western myths and legends, the dragon is the embodiment of all evil and never really seems able to exceed this predestined condition.

Here, it represents the antagonism of virtually everything that it may signify in Asian tradition. If you want to exploit these characteristics of the dragon, then going for a stylistic figure of the Asian dragon will probably not be the best idea. To make sure you nail down the atmosphere and context you want to suggest for an infernal dragon, it would be best to go for a medieval fire breathing dragon tattoo, a stylized tribal tattoo corroborated with some other embellishments that mirror its diabolical side, or anything else you can think of.

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Variations and Meanings Japanese Dragon Tattoos

Posted by on Feb 8, 2013 in Dragon Tattoo, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Japanese tattoo art is popular for its focus on detail, captivating mixtures of colors, distinctive graphical elements and wide range of available designs, but also for the deep symbolic meaning behind each individual representation. All these remarkable features characteristic to Japanese tattoo art are probably best reflected into Japanese dragon designs, nowadays highly popular among tattoo enthusiasts from all over the world.

Japanese dragon tattoos are deeply enrooted in the island’s ancient myths and local folklore, and are surrounded by a unique aura of mystery and mysticism. The perception of the dragon is completely different in Asian acceptation compared to that of Western culture. While the Japanese see the dragon as a benign, protective and luck-bringing mythological beast, westerners and many other cultures of the world believe it to be the incarnation of evil and bringer of sorrow and misfortune. These conflicting views are not surprising, however, as each culture has its unique mythological background and many other mythical beasts are being perceived differently depending on local tradition.

The symbolism behind the Japanese dragon tattoo attributes the giant serpent-like beast features like amazing wisdom, undeterred braveness, supernatural strength and capability to reestablish the vital balance between yin and yang energies. Sometimes dragon tattoos are used to express the idea of protection, good fortune, wellbeing and prosperity.

There are six well-known variations of beasts in Japanese dragon tattoo representations:

-Sui-Riu holds supremacy and bears the title of king among dragons. He is also capable of controlling rain;
-Han-Riu stands out as the largest dragon. Another distinctive feature are the stripe patterns on his body;
-Ri-Riu, which is known to possess extraordinary vision, comes from a rare lineage of dragons;
-Fuku-Riu is considered to be the bringer of good fortune;
-Ka-Riu, one of the smaller dragons, stands out through his vivid red color;
-Hai-Riyo or the dragon bird, defines itself from the rest through the history of its breed, thought to be the most advanced kind of all.

The colors used in dragon tattoo designs are also packed with meaning. Black dragons are associated with the idea of experience and great wisdom. Green dragons are generally smaller than other breeds, and symbolize nature and life. Gold dragons are highly respected and valued, as they encompass the largest number of qualities, such as wisdom, kindness and courage.

Yellow dragons are associated with the east and stand out as noble companions, glad to offer help whenever it is needed. Blue dragons come from the west and are characterized by being gentle, forgiving and benevolent.


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