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Amazing fairy tattoos for women

Posted by on Jan 23, 2014 in Fairy Tattoos

Fairy tattoos have become one of the most sought after and chosen designs, especially by women. Their lovely and magical vibe adds a touch of sensuality to any lady choosing to have a vaporous drawing of a floating fairy imprinted on her body. Thanks to the power of transformation and ability to fly, fairies remind us of far-away dreaming and childhood hopes, offering a magical world to be unfolded right underneath our eyes. For those with a healthy imagination, textured fairy designs with wings and many different designs similar to butterflies are simply the most gorgeous things to have on the skin.

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The magical allure behind fairy designs

Posted by on Jan 22, 2014 in Fairy Tattoos, Recent

We are here again to bring you more exciting fairy designs you have to consider when thinking about a new or first tattoo. While no one truly determines if a tattoo is meant for men or for women, fairy tattoos have become extremely popular amongst ladies and are one of the most delicate designs a woman can choose. They are soft, sophisticated, colorful and simply gorgeous, adding a sense of magic and mystery to anyone having them. With a large number and wide variety of models that can be used, fairy tattoos have never been as popular as today. But what really makes the difference is a flawless execution from behalf of the tattoo artist and a great choice for the position, as this is strictly linked to the visibility and preservation in time of the art work.

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Where to find inspiration for fantastic ribbon tattoos

Posted by on Oct 1, 2013 in Fairy Tattoos

In the world of tattooing, there is always a constant battle to have the most inspired and unique ink art done on your skin, but amid all the persons getting tattoos every single day, how can yours stand out and truly be one of a kind? It does not matter if you are a tattoo artist looking for a source of inspiration and an idea to suggest to future clients or one of the persons who wish to have a fantastic ribbon image imprinted in ink under your skin, but do not know which pattern to turn towards. The answer lies in discovering the most amazing source of inspiration of them all: reality! As funny as it might seem, few people actually look for real references when they want to make something artistic. Perhaps it is the sheer notion of fantasy and reality which do not mix, but sometimes even the most exciting and innovative creations have already been invented and implemented elsewhere! This is precisely why we need to look at other fields of activity and other industries to discover some elements which we can later incorporate into our ink work so as to make it stand out amongst the rest and be a truly moving piece.


A great example in this case can be to look at the actual providers and manufacturers of ribbons which have turned these items into a revenue source and passion for a large number of years. If you do not know what sort of ribbon to have drawn on your skin, then pay a short visit to one of the official websites of manufactures and take a look at their offer. You will never find a better inspiration than the one received by professionals in the field. Or you can even collaborate with some of their experts who can create custom made patterns for you to use both on the tattoo and in the real life. Imagine how cool and thoughtful it will be to give your friends a personalized Christmas gift or birthday present with the same type of wrapping as the bows and ribbon hanks on your body? There is nothing more chic and considerate than that?


As a result of the fact that attention for details is considered to be one of the most important qualities and strong points of a person in the modern day ages, it has become obvious that there are many sources to look at when we find ourselves at a lack of ideas. The creativity process can always be stimulated with a little help from the real world and the true experts working for professional companies who make these shapes and items for a living. You will design the most fantastic ribbon tattoo only if you ask for expert advice from actual suppliers of bows or look at the large variety of products shown on their official web pages. After the idea catches shapes and contour, all that remains to be done is choosing the body part where you want the tattoo to be placed and, of course, finding a great artist or parlor to complete the work.


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Ribbons – the perfect idea for your first tattoo

Posted by on May 16, 2013 in Fairy Tattoos

Whether you have it at the age of 18 or 41, your first tattoo is a major life experience, so you shouldn’t rush to the nearest tattoo shop and get a random design. A tattoo is a personal statement that sticks with your forever, a graphic representation of your personality or a short description of an important person or event. It’s never an exciting prospect to decide on a tattoo design on the spot, like it for a couple of weeks and then start regretting it, so before talking to an artist do some research and pick something that truly represents you. If you’re a girl and you are looking for suggestions for your first tattoos, ribbons are actually a very good idea. Just visit websites like, have a look at their fantastic ribbon designs and show them to your tattoo artists to create a unique tattoo.


There are many reasons why something as subtle and elegant such as a ribbons works well for your first tattoo. To begin with, you don’t know if you will like being tattooed. There are many people who like the idea of having a tattoo, but once they get one, they decide to have it removed. A subtle ribbon tattoo works because if you like it you can develop it into something larger or get other tattoos. If you don’t, at least this one isn’t so big as to other you. Secondly, tattoos can really hurt and it’s not an exciting prospect to sit down to have a big, intricate tattoo done and discover halfway that you can’t stand the physical discomfort. Even the biggest tattoo fans started out small, so try to be cautious and go for something simple, at least at first. Besides, ribbons can easily be incorporated into more complex tattoos with flowers, cursive writing, birds and even portraits.


While some girls are interested in an edgy biker look, others want to get a tattoo as subtle as an elegant piece of jewelry and ribbons are the perfect choice for this. Tattooed on their own or together with the above mentioned elements, they create a stunning artistic look that you can wear without being controversial. For example, you can have a beautiful ribbon tattooed on your arm or ankle and it will look like a bracelet, or you can wear it on the back of your head. This last option is great if you don’t want your tattoo to show all the time, especially at work. However, if you want to go for something that stands out more, you can have a look at some online designs and ask your tattoo artist to make an intricate, oversized pinup bow. As for the colour range, it’s all up to you. If you want something joyful and girly, you can go for a colourful tattoo. If not, black and white is always timeless. To make the tattoo more elegant, you can ask the artist to draw the ribbon as if it’s made of lace.

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Get the desired look with a fairy tattoo

Posted by on May 16, 2013 in Fairy Tattoos, Recent

Fairies have always been a part of the folklore of many countries. Whether they were depicted as angelic beings or more of a demon like presence, nowadays, the mythical creatures are popular tattoo design ideas, especially among young women. A fairy tattoo has a certain romanticism that no other design can bring to the one that decides to get it. It is understandable why women prefer to get this type of tattoo: it is small, beautiful and girlie. Who doesn’t enjoy contemplating a romantic image of a beautiful fairy.

Those that wear a fairy tail tattoo are most of the times considered gentle, fun people to be around with. And with good reason! We all have seen Tinkerbell and fallen in love instantly with her. A tattoo of a fairy will often be consider a symbol of protection against those that are a bad influence in someone’s life. This is the type of tattoo that anybody can enjoy looking at. There are many designs that can be done to properly illustrate the personality of the one who gets it. Whether you want a vivacious combination of colors or prefer a more celtic approach, a fairy tattoo will allow the person who wears it to express her or his emotions clearly. While it is true that usually women are the ones that choose this tattoo design, men can tap into that evil side of fairy stories and have something with a darker twist done. In many legends, fairies are evil creatures know for their malice.

So you don’t have to be a girl to wear a fairy tattoo. You can consult your tattoo artist and get a more unique and manly approach on the matter. Folklore tells us that fairies have green eyes, radiant figures and often bite the ones they encounter. So despite their incredible beauty they can can be dangerous creatures to encounter. Moreover, back in the old days people believed that fairies would steal new born children and leave changelings in their place. This is why a fairy tail tattoo can be a symbol of youth and imagination. The details that go into a fairy tattoo are amazing. The hair, the wings, the body and everything at a small scale, so it is something that requires a lot of skill from the artist. This is why you should be careful when choosing a tattoo artist. Always check his portfolio and see if his work so far matches with what you had in mind.

All in all, fairy tattoo designs are a popular choice among women but can be a good choice for a man as well. Whether you choose the fairy tail approach or prefer to tap into the darker side of the mythological creatures, the results should be amazing. Not to mention that you can place your tattoo anywhere on the body, because it is small and will fit anywhere. From the upper back, arm, neck, legs, this tattoo will help you achieve the desired look.

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Immerse Yourself into a World of Magic with Fairy Tattoo Designs

Posted by on Feb 12, 2013 in Fairy Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Used as symbolic representations of purity, mystery, beauty, innocence, joviality and sometimes even wit and cunningness, fairy tattoo designs are a popular choice among women and girls looking to relive the fantasy of childhood. Fairies can be traced back in many different cultures, including the Western world, where they are generally depicted as spiritual beings referred to as pixies.

Today’s fairy tattoo designs vary greatly in terms of size, styles, choice of colors, placement on the body, and not mention visual representations of the human-like metaphysical incarnations.

Although the possibilities are virtually endless, fairies are usually depicted as beautiful and pure winged creatures with features very similar to those of humans, usually being associated with nature or the elements to suggest the perennial character of the spirit. Therefore, fairies are often represented interacting with trees, flowers, mushrooms, leaves, butterflies and sometimes with similar fantastic creatures such as goblins, elves, unicorns, and so on. As they are generally associated with the ideas of playfulness, joviality and restlessness, these creatures are often imagined in postures that involve movement.

Despite being the main protagonists in an abundance of myths and legends from all over the world, at present we can only speculate upon the actual symbolic background of the fairy. The universally accepted interpretation however, describes fairies as the spirits of people who have passed on from their mortal existence. Some historians and folklorists believe fairies are adaptations of the angels found in Christianity. The European version of the fairy emerged somewhere around the 14th century, when these creatures were believed to possess a dualistic nature, being described as both good and wicked.

For the fact that fairies can symbolize a multitude of things, they have been depicted in an array of contexts and postures as part of today’s fairy tattoo designs. Although mainly associated with the desire to return to the wonderful age of innocence, fairy tattoo designs are also commonly used to express the idea of guardianship, protection, hope, fate and destiny. In some cases, fairy tattoos are even perceived as magical luck-bringing talismans, capable of providing shelter from evil.

Thanks to their unique features, delicacy and intrinsic beauty, fairies have become a popular tattoo choice among women and girls looking for interesting new ways to express their personalities. Because of that, fairy tattoo designs have quickly become aligned to the current trend and are promising to hold supremacy for a while longer.

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