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Discover a humming bird tattoo meaning behind every design

Posted by on May 17, 2013 in Hummingbird tattoos, Recent

The humming bird has been a symbolic animal in many cultures around the world but it holds great significance to the American Natives. Aztecs also used to believe that the humming bird was a symbol of sexual potency and thus wore them around their necks to attract potential partners. These days, this small bird has become a very popular tattoo design among women. A humming bird tattoo meaning can differ from one person to another depending on what happened in their lives.

Humming birds go from flower to flower to collect the nectar that enables them to survive and have the necessary energy to fly the entire day. To this extent, a humming bird tattoo meaning can be the fact that in life you can overcome hard times and still be able to lead your day to day activities. This bird may bring symbolic strength to the one that wears it as a tattoo. The fact that this little bird can flap her wings from 12 to 80 times per second is something that all of us find amazing. This is why getting a humming bird tattoo shows that this person is able to enjoy happy moments to the fullest because of the immense energy levels and vibrant spirit. The vivacious colors that this animal has are a great inspiration source for many tattoo artists. After designing all day black and white tattoos, the colorful humming bird tattoo is something that will brighten anyone’s day.

A humming bird has the ability to fly in all directions, be it straight or backwards, up or down, left or right as opposed to all the other birds. We can therefore deduct another humming bird tattoo meaning: the ability to adapt to any kind of situation and be able to overcome problems easily. Practically, every design of this kind can have a different meaning, depending on what that particular person is going through. Having a tattoo of a humming bird its said to act as a talisman and protect you from bad people or simply having bad luck. Most of the times a tattoo of this bird contains images of flowers because they go hand in hand. The humming bird cannot survive without flowers as flowers cannot produce fruit without the pollination that this bird does. So a tattoo of this kind can also have a deep significance regarding the cycle of life.

To conclude, it is understandable why women like to choose humming bird tattoos. They are beautiful, vibrant and have a multitude of meanings that can be of interest to the fair sex. Whether you choose this tattoo to help you overcome a difficult period in your life or to act as a good luck charm it will surely bring happiness into your life. If you are one of those people that like to think in the more real things than talismans and hidden meanings, then you can have this tattoo because it is colorful and small in size, thus it can be easily placed on various parts of the body and hidden if you don’t want it to be seen all the time.

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Hummingbird Tattoos – The Perfect Way to Express Your Femininity

Posted by on Feb 28, 2013 in Hummingbird tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Hummingbird tattoos stand out as very suitable options for feminine designs, and have the benefit of not being very common in the tattoo art scene, which gives them a big plus in terms of freshness, originality and uniqueness. Additionally, hummingbird tattoo designs are visually appealing thanks to the bird’s beautiful multicolored plumage, which allows for many different choices in terms of color palette. Tattoo representations of these minute and delicate birds are perfect for complimenting and paying homage to the female body, and they make very sophisticated and elegant designs.

Considering hummingbirds are highly dynamic creatures, in tattoos they tend to be portrayed in motion, flying tirelessly from one flower to another in search of its next pollen treat, driven by an insatiable sugar rush. Despite its very small size and frail appearance, the hummingbird is actually very energetic, agile and renowned for its great stamina. If you are the extroverted, outgoing, lively type and want to capture these traits and transpose them into a tattoo, then you should definitely consider going for a hummingbird representation for your design. Thanks to their great visual effect, magnificent colors and gracious structure, hummingbirds make perfectly suitable tattoos for girls and women in search of new ways of expressing their femininity.

Although the symbolism behind today’s hummingbird tattoos is diverse and tends to differ from one civilization to another, many graphical depictions of these birds have become synonymous to the ideas of love and romance, which means they are perfect for couples that want to immortalize their feelings into a tattoo. Ancient Central American tradition perceived hummingbirds as foretellers and bringers of love, and these birds were often attributed supernatural powers. For this fact, some people choose hummingbird tattoo designs in hope that they will act as talismans and help them fulfill their romantic relationships.

Hummingbird tattoo designs can be inked in a broad spectrum of colors and in a variety of styles. You can either opt for more simplistic representations of the hummingbird or go wild about it and combine the usual way of portraying it with floral patterns and motifs, butterfly designs, dragonfly designs, or illustrations of other birds. If you are adamant about getting a hummingbird tattoo but want to nail down the best design before getting inked with it, feel free to look for inspiration over the Internet and select the ideas that appeal to you most. However, make sure you don’t borrow too much from other ready-made hummingbird tattoos and try to come up with your own vision of it instead.




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