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Celtic knots tattoos and their connection with eternity

Celtic knots tattoos and their connection with eternity

Most of the celtic knots tattoos are inspired from the Irish manuscripts that compose the oldest book regarding tattoos. The Celtic art was usually exposed in metals and weapons, as well as in the jewelry designs. The most popular Celtic symbol is represented by the knots, also known as the symbol of infinity, which can now often be seen in the tattoos celtic knots industry. People nowadays tend to get a celtic knots tattoo because they are impressed by the design, not knowing its actual meaning. But there is a lot to discover about this specific symbol the Celts used to love so much.

First of all, the tattoos celtic knots are designed with no beginning and ending, representing at first sight the cycle of death and also rebirth. There are also models who end with spirals or zoomorphic signs like heads or tails, that are considered to be un – pure, for they do not connect with the original line. The endless knots are often considered as meanings of best wishes or long happy life. It can also have a connection to nature itself. Since the creation of our planet, nature has died and rejuvenated many times and has strong healing powers. Its source has not been discovered yet, remaining a mystery to everyone. Scientist still work on finding the beginning of nature, for they already know it hasn’t got an ending, at least not one capable of proving. Based on this criteria, celtic knots tattoos are created. You can stare at them long enough to decode their meaning, but you can’t find a solid conclusion.

Another meaning of the celtic knots tattoo related with infinity, is the literal translation. The knots work is a connection between the physical and spiritual levels regarding love, life and spiritual satisfaction. This structure is highlighted more for the feeling that is transmits, rather than for its fantastic design. Celts felt like the tattoos celtic knots provided them power to succeed in wars, they gave them faith in themselves and in their strength. The more complex they are, the more related they can be with eternity.

Whether very large, or small, the celtic knots tattoos always have an impact on people. Moreover, another association with them, is in religion. Since monks and priests wore these emblems as well as warriors, they found a different meaning in knots. For Christians, the celtic trinity knot was considered to be the Father, the Son and also the Holy Spirit, protecting them from evil shades and even providing them healing powers. A strong metaphorical meaning is shown by any celtic knots tattoo, for the conclusion is always the same: a connection between mankind and infinite through spiritual ways.

Choosing the proper pattern for a celtic tattoo is not an easy job, for its meaning has to be fully understood by the one wearing it. As an advice, you should first do some research about the meanings of different celtic tattoos and also about the artist you want to go to. Knot work tattoos require much patience and mastery.