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Cheryl Cole back tattoo design

Cheryl Cole back tattoo design

Even celebrities embraced the tattooing trend and got themselves unique patterns with certain personal signification. Tattoos are great accessories, especially for women who enjoy showing them off on the red carpet. Cheryl Cole is a singer who impressed through her appearance in the Girls Aloud band. Becoming a famous pop star, she now gets to reveal her splendid tattoo imprinted on the lower back. Fans grew madly about the Cheryl Cole back tattoo, for it’s actually a pretty pattern, unique in its own way.

Born in 1983, the singer became remarked when participating in the X Factor jury. Barely in 2009 she started her single career, splitting up from Girls Aloud and she made major changes in her life. Her launching brought her a double platinum disk, for her music became a major trend. Fans all over the world admire Cheryl Cole, this probably being a strong reason to get a Cheryl Cole back tattoo. From her debut album, you can still hear the smashing hits “3 Words”, “Promise this” and “Fight for this love”. Her amazing voice is incomparable and she also has an elegant style, apart from what it’s seen on other celebrities. The Cheryl Cole back tattoo made some huge impressions, when revealed accidentally on her way to the X Factor studio. She had already mentioned about her crush on tattoos, so it was expected to see a pattern imprinted on her skin, sooner or later.

The Cheryl Cole back tattoo, consists of a centered butterfly, surrounded by many delicate flower leaves. First designed only the butterfly, she decided to add some spicy flavor and re-create her pattern in an authentic style. You can choose to have either a plain Cheryl Cole back tattoo, or the entire, new model, if you can endure the pain caused by imprinting on your column. Since she’s so fanatic about tattoos, she has many other patterns that can easily be copied. The other four tattoos are placed on her hand, her right thigh, her left side of the bottom and the one on her back neck, which she said to remove, since she’s not so found of it. She seems to be keen on tribal symbols and tattoos with different meanings, for she has a variety of interesting designs.

Moreover, you can make your own Cheryl Cole back tattoo and keep it original, by mixing up some of her other tattoos. You can make the centered butterfly and add some tribal signs around it and still look fabulous like the 3 Words singer. Actually she confessed that she is the author of her own Cheryl Cole back tattoo design for she wanted to have the meaning of a new beginning, freedom, since she divorced Ashley Cole, being unhappy in her marriage. That’s why she picked the flower leaves as a background to complete her original tattoo.

To draw a line, the splendid Cheryl Cole back tattoo is a way of expressing positive feelings and a perfect manner to show optimism and self confidence. You can generate your own Cheryl Cole back tattoo and still remain stylish, by adding a different background with a personal signification. The singer loves her tattoos and are part of her life, body and soul and this represents a perfect example to follow. You don’t just get a Cheryl Cole back tattoo because it is cute, but for it has a certain meaning and you can find yourself reflected in the image transmitted by that pattern!