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Classy and refined – the wrist butterfly tattoo!

Classy and refined – the wrist butterfly tattoo!

Tattoos are no longer a taboo topic since the society has changed many of its morals and perception and they have become even more popular since celebrities world wide started to adopt the trend and get more and more ink on their skin. First were the men, but today women are also fascinated with the art of tattooing and one of the most popular choices among them is the butterfly design. Butterflies tattoos come in various shapes and sizes and they can be so designed as to fit several body parts. Due to their deep significance and ramified symbolism, they are chosen by both delicate type women and wild spirited and strong girls. And there is also another major meaning given to the butterfly, that of change. People that have overcome great challenges in their lives or have gone through significant change may also turn to such designs.

butterfly tattoo design

As to the different body placements of the tattoo, this also comes in relation to the design chosen. If you go for the big butterflies, or fantasy ones, you may want to choose a place that provides you with enough space, like the shoulder or the lower back. If you are more into little and cute butterflies, you can go for the butterfly tattoos on wrist or ankle. The butterfly tattoos on the wrist, for example, are very feminine and completely appropriate for young girls. They can be a reflection of the tenderness and delicacy of the one wearing them. Not to mention the great visual impact of butterfly tattoos for wrist, which also contributes to the reason why they are so often met among teenagers. Adult women may also go for the butterfly tattoos on the wrist, but for slightly different reasons. First, even if the wrist grants a high level of exposure to the tattoo, the place only indulges small designs, which have a classy and refined look that goes perfectly with some types of women. And second of all, the wrist is one of the least painful body parts to get ink on and the healing process is very fast. However, once you decided to get a tattoo, pain and healing are commonly less of an issue than the constant search for something original and outstanding. Butterfly tattoos on wrist can be just that if you let your imagination run freely and try to relate the design to your personal experience or to your life.

wrist butterfly tattoos

Butterfly tattoo for wrist are also part of the glamorous tattoo category, because of their aesthetics, elegant and gracious look. But given that they tend to be pretty small designs, you need to be very careful when you choose the tattoo artist, because you need someone with a lot of patience, attention to details and understanding of what you need to express through the butterfly tattoos on the wrist. So don’t take the decision hastily, take your time and do some research!

All things considered, butterfly tattoos on wrist are a great choice for women and girls who want to adopt this form of expression through art, but still desire to keep a classy look for themselves. The butterfly can take several forms and has numerous meanings, which makes the choice even more appealing!