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David Beckham back tattoo meanings

David Beckham back tattoo meanings

Being popular among the most wanted football players, David Beckham is also known for his fabulous tattoos. He is a celebrity indeed and he revealed his passion towards the tattooing industry through himself. He is also known for great taste in fashion and for the skills he possesses in playing sports. David Beckham began tattooing himself after his eldest son was born. He finds tattooing the most personal and attached way of expressing something you love most, this being the most likely thing that pushed him into creating his first David Beckham back tattoo. Though he has his arms full of inking, he kept his back clean, wearing only the David Beckham back tattoo that he considers important. As time passed by, he decided to get another one done, in the same area and who knows…he might continue in this art domain.

The artist began his David Beckham back tattoo after his first child was born. He is a family guy for certainty and that’s why his first tattoo is the name of his kid, Brooklyn, tattooed on the lower back. Written in an old font, this David Beckham back tattoo shows the affection and enthusiasm over his first child. Becoming a parent is a joy and also a huge responsibility, meaning an important step in life. That’s how things work with tattoos as well. They become a part of your life, for good, having a powerful meaning on your life and a permanent reaction on your skin. Remaining focused only on the David Beckham back tattoo, there are four, probably the most important tattoos, to discuss.

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The David Beckham back tattoo on the lower part was already explained. But there’s more to the star’s back and life, than a single child and tattoo. Having more kids, meant more tattooing. So Romeo, his second son, is well placed on another David Beckham back tattoo, situated near his daddy’s neck base. There was plenty of room for Cruz, his third kid, to have a special place on the star. The most appropriate location was just beneath the second David Beckham back tattoo, a guardian angel. There firstly was only the human form and then he added the wings and his second child’s name, above it. Each and every David Beckham back tattoo has a high importance for our player. That is probably why, he chose his back as an area to tattoo the most important things to him. He has other numerous designs on his skin, mostly on his arms and chest, from Chinese symbols to the portrait of Jesus.

Overall, a David Beckham back tattoo means the world to him, also all of the seven tattoos were done thinking of someone or something special. He is not the type of person to get inked to impress, for he sees in this art, relevant ways of expressing feelings. David Beckham could be taken as an example when deciding to make a tattoo. This thought should appear only when you are really certain of a thing, not to end up regretting the work done to yourself. Due to the fact that tattoos represent a great pain and a real headache, you should really think it through before jumping to harsh conclusions.