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Express your faith through body art

Express your faith through body art

The reason people are having their body inked and painted has probably changed significantly over the century, but one thing remained unshaken, just like faith – that is religious themed tattoos, the most common and famous of which is the angel tattoo. There is a certain symbolism to this form of art and it differs from one religion to another. Judaism for instance blames tattooing , while other religions are encouraging it, especially if they show acts of faith.

To some of you, having a cross angel tattoo may seem exaggerated and ostentatious, but many people have a preference for meaningful messages with deep ramifications. In fact, come to think about it, many celebrities have expressed their faith by means of angel tattoo designs. The first mentionable name would be soccer player David Beckham, who is the proud owner of a guardian angel tattoo on the upper side of his back. On the same wavelength, we can point to actress Drew Barrymore who shows a tattoo of two guardian angels on her lower back. One of them has her mother’s name written underneath and the other the name of a former lover. And the list could go on with names like Justin Timberlake or Beyonce, the point being that through their fame and exposure, celebrities may have influenced or future influence fans into choosing religious tattoos.

The common perception of the angels is that of guardian, good spirits, but in reality they can also signify evil. Cross angel tattoos though often are chosen for their representation of values such as sacrifice, purity, glory and eternal peace. Some artists use angel tattoo designs to express their inner strength as opposed to their fragile look, by painting them in battle with demons or by resurrecting Jesus Christ.

The angel tattoos are attractive to both genders, but there is a certain difference to be made. Women have a soft spot for strong figures, a protective stance of the angel, whereas men tend to choose female angels in their tattoos. Also greatly popular are the accessories that come with the angel tattoos, such as crosses, swords, clouds, bows or demons, suggesting their position as foes.

A clear separation should be made between angels and cherubs, which are baby-like representations of an angel. Actually they are the second order of angel, according to the Bible. The most famous of the cherubs in the popular culture and in angel tattoo designs is Cupid, who is a symbol of love and unity between people. Cherubs are not part of the cross angel tattoos or at least have not been so far.

Everything mentioned above is just a guidance among the myriad of possibilities. Furthermore, people continue to try and find their original design even if they start from a well-established idea such as an angel.