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Express your whimsical side through a flower and butterfly tattoo!

Express your whimsical side through a flower and butterfly tattoo!

Many people see only irregular patterns, dark shades or grave depictions when they think about tattoos. Well, truth be told the feminine side of the art of tattooing with all its gentle flower and butterfly tattoos have started to gain more an more popularity, as black ink has long been worn out.

A butterfly on a flower tattoo for example can express so many things, even if it is categorized as a purely feminine design. But in order to give it a personal touch and make it step out of the box, many women or girls choose fantasy designs where they step over the usual lines of the shape of a flower with butterfly tattoo and each gives it pray to their imagination. If you find a talented and creative tattoo artist, the end result may actually be an awesome tattoo, which will most certainly impress and amaze.

butterfly tattoo with blue flower

The best thing you could do when choosing a butterfly on a flower tattoo is grant it a sense of humor. There’s something about whimsical tattoos, whether for men or women, that makes them greatly attractive and inspiring. A funny portraying or some whimsical elements add a certain cleverness and unconventionality to the flower and butterfly tattoo. Imagine a butterfly on a flower tattoo with a fairy flying next to the fantasy creature, except that the fairy does not have the face and the body of a little girl, but ones of a little boy. Pretty neat, right? There is so much we can do with this sort of designs, you just need an ounce of imagination and to find a suitable tattoo artist that understands your vision and that is able to do the hand work.

pink butterfly tattoo

The element that gives you most space to work with are the wings and petals on a flower with butterfly tattoo. There are some girls or women who prefer the huge, heavy wings that can’t be lifted off the ground, while others tend to go for the small and cute. Even if you don’t know exactly what is it that you want, the Internet offers a great range of pictures with flower and butterfly tattoo designs for you to choose from, not to mention that you can always get the advice from a professional tattoo artist and come up together with a suitable design for you. Of course, this will also depend on the particular body part that you want to get your tattoo on. If you want a flower with butterfly tattoo on the wrist or on the foot, it will be pretty hard to have a large design done, while a tiny butterfly would work perfectly in those places.

All in all, choosing a tattoo, its design, size or placement, should be a very personal decision and greatly related to your personality. You need to send a message through your body art and your tattoo should also have a strong significance to you so that you can proudly wear it for the rest of your life.