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Get the desired look with a fairy tattoo

Get the desired look with a fairy tattoo

Fairies have always been a part of the folklore of many countries. Whether they were depicted as angelic beings or more of a demon like presence, nowadays, the mythical creatures are popular tattoo design ideas, especially among young women. A fairy tattoo has a certain romanticism that no other design can bring to the one that decides to get it. It is understandable why women prefer to get this type of tattoo: it is small, beautiful and girlie. Who doesn’t enjoy contemplating a romantic image of a beautiful fairy.

Those that wear a fairy tail tattoo are most of the times considered gentle, fun people to be around with. And with good reason! We all have seen Tinkerbell and fallen in love instantly with her. A tattoo of a fairy will often be consider a symbol of protection against those that are a bad influence in someone’s life. This is the type of tattoo that anybody can enjoy looking at. There are many designs that can be done to properly illustrate the personality of the one who gets it. Whether you want a vivacious combination of colors or prefer a more celtic approach, a fairy tattoo will allow the person who wears it to express her or his emotions clearly. While it is true that usually women are the ones that choose this tattoo design, men can tap into that evil side of fairy stories and have something with a darker twist done. In many legends, fairies are evil creatures know for their malice.

So you don’t have to be a girl to wear a fairy tattoo. You can consult your tattoo artist and get a more unique and manly approach on the matter. Folklore tells us that fairies have green eyes, radiant figures and often bite the ones they encounter. So despite their incredible beauty they can can be dangerous creatures to encounter. Moreover, back in the old days people believed that fairies would steal new born children and leave changelings in their place. This is why a fairy tail tattoo can be a symbol of youth and imagination. The details that go into a fairy tattoo are amazing. The hair, the wings, the body and everything at a small scale, so it is something that requires a lot of skill from the artist. This is why you should be careful when choosing a tattoo artist. Always check his portfolio and see if his work so far matches with what you had in mind.

All in all, fairy tattoo designs are a popular choice among women but can be a good choice for a man as well. Whether you choose the fairy tail approach or prefer to tap into the darker side of the mythological creatures, the results should be amazing. Not to mention that you can place your tattoo anywhere on the body, because it is small and will fit anywhere. From the upper back, arm, neck, legs, this tattoo will help you achieve the desired look.