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How to choose the perfect cross tattoos design

How to choose the perfect cross tattoos design

Tattoo enthusiasts around the world have always confessed an emotional attachment for cross tattoos, and tattoo collectors have at least one such design embedded on their skin. The choice is not surprising, knowing that the cross, as a symbol and graphic representation has always been preferred, both because of its spiritual and cultural implications. The cross tattoos design is becoming an almost classic option especially among men, who believe it carries a deep personal significance. However, one should remember the fact that cross tattoos represent certain religious beliefs and the cross itself carries more complex symbols than meets the eye. To make sure that the cross tattoos design is right for you and matches your system of beliefs, you should check all its connotations and make sure you like the idea of it persisting on your body for years. Once you have made this, the rest of the process is very creative and involved choosing the right area, color, size and, of, course, model. A current trend dictates the placement of the cross tattoo on the back, because of the larger space available and because it most definitely stands out.

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Some choose to keep an open mind when making an appointment to a tattoo artist and pick on the spot the cross tattoos design that seems appealing at first glance. However, such a tattoo has to be deeply personal and you should feel free to personalize it and understand all its meanings. It is very easy to get information about the various types of cross tattoos and you can even bring your own model to a tattoo artist, one that suits your beliefs and religion. Depending on all these factors, you can choose from many options which include Celtic or tribal crosses. In addition, you can also go for a realistic one or perhaps the Gothic cross, which is very elegant and dark at the same time. If you have doubts about the cross tattoos design, an artist can answer your questions and make sure the idea in your mind corresponds to the image to be transferred in ink.

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A common choice of cross tattoo among men is the classic Catholic or Christian cross, which stands for the faith and love associated with Jesus Christ, as well as the suffering he had to endure. One might pick this cross tattoos design as a reminder of painful experiences that helped build a strong personality. In contrast, the Celtic cross is less simple in nature, having more intricate graphic elements, such as spirals or circles which describe the cyclic nature of life. Mazes or waves often accompany it, underlying the continuity and the repetitive rhythm of nature, a symbiosis or harmony between the universal forces. Another cross tattoo that encourages meditation is the Gothic cross, a design slightly darker and emphasizing the painful side of life, but an esthetic masterpiece nonetheless. For those who are fond of the stories of King Arthur and the Round Table or love the legendary times of dragons and Excalibur, the Cross Moline is probably the best option. This cross tattoos design is in fact a heraldic symbol with deep roots in European history. The list of cross tattoos does not end here; many popular designs can be named, such as the Latin or the Cross of Triumph. Each of these symbols has its own historical and cultural background, being linked to a certain period in time. The variety of available cross tattoos designs available clearly shows that the cross is a complex sign which needs to be understood entirely and analyzed in detail.