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How to Reinvent the Ordinary Angel Tattoo

How to Reinvent the Ordinary Angel Tattoo

Tattooing is unquestionably a form of art where the human skin becomes the canvas that accommodates and compliments the artist’s ideas. As a means of expression, tattooing should be an authentic, personal experience, capable of unifying the needs, requirements and expectations of the wearer with the artist’s own thoughts and visual interpretation of the concept. Unfortunately, as more and more people choose the same tattoo ideas over and over again, the whole meaning, sense of authenticity and artistic value of the design are slowly being eroded and eventually lost. The same thing can be observed about the popular angel tattoo designs of today.

To transform the ordinary angel tattoo into a powerful statement of your own, distinct personality, moral make-up and set of aspirations, you need to put your imagination to work and come up with unique, original ideas. By doing so, you will transform the whole process of tattooing into a very personal experience and establish a strong connection with the design, thus avoiding later regrets and minimizing the chances to become bored with it at some point in time.

Like with all other tattoos, choosing the right design should always start with asking yourself why you want to get it in the first place. Never skip this step, as it will help identify the concept you will be using later to come up with a suitable graphical representation for it. Therefore, if you want your angel tattoo to express the idea of spirituality and immateriality you might opt for a more abstract depiction of an angel, add in the symbol of the cross and turn the design into a cross angel tattoo, or you could just juggle with various representations of angel wings.

When you have the raw concept contoured in your head, you can begin looking for a way to represent it graphically. The Internet is a huge source of angel tattoo ideas, so you could start looking for inspiration on specialized websites or in graphic design catalogues. Save what you like onto your computer and print a few copies to help introduce your ideas to the tattoo artist.

Be flexible and never hesitate to play with the things you like/ dislike in a particular angel tattoo design; if you think you lack the skill to do this, don’t worry too much about it – grab a pencil and start putting those thoughts on paper. Your raw sketch will act as a guide for the tattoo artist, who will polish it and transform it into the design you want.

To sum it all up, whether you are into cherubs, archangels, angel wings or cross angel tattoos, take some time to arrive at a unique and personal representation of what you like. Feel free to experiment with the product of your imagination, look for help from your family and friends and collaborate with artists to ensure you will get the most out of your tattoo. Don’t forget that in the end it’s the tattoo designer’s skill that makes the difference, so look for one in whom you can really trust.