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Hummingbird Tattoos – The Perfect Way to Express Your Femininity

Hummingbird Tattoos – The Perfect Way to Express Your Femininity

Hummingbird tattoos stand out as very suitable options for feminine designs, and have the benefit of not being very common in the tattoo art scene, which gives them a big plus in terms of freshness, originality and uniqueness. Additionally, hummingbird tattoo designs are visually appealing thanks to the bird’s beautiful multicolored plumage, which allows for many different choices in terms of color palette. Tattoo representations of these minute and delicate birds are perfect for complimenting and paying homage to the female body, and they make very sophisticated and elegant designs.

Considering hummingbirds are highly dynamic creatures, in tattoos they tend to be portrayed in motion, flying tirelessly from one flower to another in search of its next pollen treat, driven by an insatiable sugar rush. Despite its very small size and frail appearance, the hummingbird is actually very energetic, agile and renowned for its great stamina. If you are the extroverted, outgoing, lively type and want to capture these traits and transpose them into a tattoo, then you should definitely consider going for a hummingbird representation for your design. Thanks to their great visual effect, magnificent colors and gracious structure, hummingbirds make perfectly suitable tattoos for girls and women in search of new ways of expressing their femininity.

Although the symbolism behind today’s hummingbird tattoos is diverse and tends to differ from one civilization to another, many graphical depictions of these birds have become synonymous to the ideas of love and romance, which means they are perfect for couples that want to immortalize their feelings into a tattoo. Ancient Central American tradition perceived hummingbirds as foretellers and bringers of love, and these birds were often attributed supernatural powers. For this fact, some people choose hummingbird tattoo designs in hope that they will act as talismans and help them fulfill their romantic relationships.

Hummingbird tattoo designs can be inked in a broad spectrum of colors and in a variety of styles. You can either opt for more simplistic representations of the hummingbird or go wild about it and combine the usual way of portraying it with floral patterns and motifs, butterfly designs, dragonfly designs, or illustrations of other birds. If you are adamant about getting a hummingbird tattoo but want to nail down the best design before getting inked with it, feel free to look for inspiration over the Internet and select the ideas that appeal to you most. However, make sure you don’t borrow too much from other ready-made hummingbird tattoos and try to come up with your own vision of it instead.