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Immerse Yourself into a World of Magic with Fairy Tattoo Designs

Immerse Yourself into a World of Magic with Fairy Tattoo Designs

Used as symbolic representations of purity, mystery, beauty, innocence, joviality and sometimes even wit and cunningness, fairy tattoo designs are a popular choice among women and girls looking to relive the fantasy of childhood. Fairies can be traced back in many different cultures, including the Western world, where they are generally depicted as spiritual beings referred to as pixies.

Today’s fairy tattoo designs vary greatly in terms of size, styles, choice of colors, placement on the body, and not mention visual representations of the human-like metaphysical incarnations.

Although the possibilities are virtually endless, fairies are usually depicted as beautiful and pure winged creatures with features very similar to those of humans, usually being associated with nature or the elements to suggest the perennial character of the spirit. Therefore, fairies are often represented interacting with trees, flowers, mushrooms, leaves, butterflies and sometimes with similar fantastic creatures such as goblins, elves, unicorns, and so on. As they are generally associated with the ideas of playfulness, joviality and restlessness, these creatures are often imagined in postures that involve movement.

Despite being the main protagonists in an abundance of myths and legends from all over the world, at present we can only speculate upon the actual symbolic background of the fairy. The universally accepted interpretation however, describes fairies as the spirits of people who have passed on from their mortal existence. Some historians and folklorists believe fairies are adaptations of the angels found in Christianity. The European version of the fairy emerged somewhere around the 14th century, when these creatures were believed to possess a dualistic nature, being described as both good and wicked.

For the fact that fairies can symbolize a multitude of things, they have been depicted in an array of contexts and postures as part of today’s fairy tattoo designs. Although mainly associated with the desire to return to the wonderful age of innocence, fairy tattoo designs are also commonly used to express the idea of guardianship, protection, hope, fate and destiny. In some cases, fairy tattoos are even perceived as magical luck-bringing talismans, capable of providing shelter from evil.

Thanks to their unique features, delicacy and intrinsic beauty, fairies have become a popular tattoo choice among women and girls looking for interesting new ways to express their personalities. Because of that, fairy tattoo designs have quickly become aligned to the current trend and are promising to hold supremacy for a while longer.