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Keen ideas for arm tattoos

Keen ideas for arm tattoos

Arm tattoos are hugely popular but that doesn’t mean that, if the arm is the place you want for getting a tattoo, you can not find some unique designs in the field. Original arm tattoo ideas often derive from the traditional ones. Let’s take for instance the Celtic tattoos, which mostly refer to geometrical grid designs or in some rare cases, animals. And they are all over the place, right? But if you go back to what Celtic really means, and that is Irish, you can come up with some pretty one of a kind tattoo ideas for arm. The Irish culture is rich in whimsical symbols that make up great, funny tattoos and offer you the individuality you want. After all, what is life without humor and personality? So check out below some of the Irish arm tattoo ideas that may brighten up your search.

The Leprechauns is one of the most comical ones. The Irish fairies with hidden gold pots and bad temper. They are usually inked in green color, but you can create a black design with shadows and multiple lines for effect. You may also go for the little child leprechaun or the vicious, elder, but the end result of your arm tattoo idea will without a doubt be of great impact. Equally representative for Irish culture is the four-leaf clover, the universal symbol of good luck. And although I acknowledge the fact that it is somehow less of an original design, there are plenty of tattoo ideas for arm you can create starting from the image of the clover. The Irish legend surrounding the four-leaf clover is that Eve carried it with her from the Garden of Eden, so you can even give it a religious hint if you like. Some other arm tattoo ideas may include antagonism, like associating the symbol of good luck with a symbol of bad luck, such as the number thirteen. There is a difference to be made between the four-leaf clover and the shamrock, another icon for the Irish. The four-leaf clovers bears a separate significance for each of its leaves, hope, faith, love and luck, while the shamrock stands for pride. The three leaves of the shamrock also have a religious basis, representing the Holy Trinity. Yet again, there is a wide range of tattoo ideas for arm that can be designed around this image. A less common idea would be to create a parallel between the image of shamrock and that of the club suit in cards decks, for the gambling lovers.

For those searching for a deeper meaning and ideology, there are many arm tattoo ideas and the first that comes to mind is the Claddagh ring. It is a high symbol of friendship, depicting two hands clasped together (representing faith) around a heart (representing love) that wears a crown (representing loyalty). There are a lot of tales and legends regarding the ring, some with reference to Gods and kings, some speaking about peasants and slaves. But, what is truly unique about it, is that the way you ink it speaks to your love life situation. For example, if you have it tattooed on the right arm with the heart facing out, it means your heart is not yet taken, while having it inked on the right arm but with the heart facing in means you are deeply in love. When the tattoo is worn on the left arm, it shows marriage. Quite an interesting tattoo idea for arm, don’t you think?

So, as you can see, the world does not lack in ideas and surely you can find a way of giving it a personal touch. All you have to do is give it a little thought and have the guts to do it!