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Lower Back Tattoos – The Perfect Way of Getting Noticed in the Crowd

Lower Back Tattoos – The Perfect Way of Getting Noticed in the Crowd

Etched on the skin area just above the buttocks near the waistline, lower back tattoos are great for accentuating the beauty and sensuality of the female figure. Judging by this, the great popularity of such designs among women and girls looking to make a statement of their femininity really comes as no surprise.

Apart from being beautiful and sexy, lower back tattoos are also very easy to conceal by means of clothing. Moreover, since the back is a very spacious body part to work on, it allows for larger and more complex designs. As another advantage, back tattoos are easier to execute and tend to preserve their shape and crispness better over time, thanks to the skin in this area being more flat and less prone to stretching or sagging.

However, the truth is that the large majority of women and girls who decide to wear lower back tattoos primarily choose such designs for the way they emphasize their features. Since lower back tattoos draw attention on the buttocks and waistline area and can enhance the curves of the body, they have rapidly become the ladies’ favorites. Men, on the other hand, prefer placing their tattoos higher on the back, with some of the most popular placement options being the shoulder blade area and the back of the neck. With the right placement, masculine back tattoos can give the impression of wider, broader shoulders.

The great thing about lower back tattoos is that they go hand in hand with modern fashion trends, which means they can be shown off easily by wearing a hip pair of low cut jeans or a skirt in combination with a shorter blouse or T-shirt. With a simple and sexy outfit to compliment your lower back tattoo, you will definitely stand out and turn some heads in the crowd.

At present there is a plethora of lower back styles and designs to choose from, so make sure you do a rigorous research before opting for a particular model. Symmetrical and highly stylized designs number among the more popular options these days, although you should explore other possibilities as well and eventually stick with what you like best. Common lower back tattoo styles and designs include angels, stylized wings, butterflies, dragon figures, Asian characters and flower motifs.

To sum it all up, lower back tattoos shine through as a great way of adorning your body and making a statement of your personality, style and moral makeup. However, to make sure that you will end up wearing a quality tattoo that actually suits you, consider turning to a skilful and experienced artist for a fully customized design.