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Models for a tattoo on the ankle

Models for a tattoo on the ankle

Teenagers have a fashionable way to express their feelings through tattoos. Dating from many centuries ago, at first tattoos were considered to be a lack of occupation for the prisoners. Later, all the stars began to design a symbol on a part of their body. There are many different types of tattoos: permanent, semi-permanent, even fake ones. Girls opt for tiny designs made on different parts of the body that can be easily covered, like a tattoo on the ankle. At the seaside, wearing bath costumes they go magnificently with a bronzed skin. Otherwise, an ankle tattoo is not visible to anybody, unless one chooses to undress, in order show it.

The ankle tattoo is not as painful as others made in different places and it is also cheaper for there is not much skin to color. By choosing a bracelet, a symbol or an initial, the leg gets a perfect decoration. Many girls write inscriptions in other languages. Latin, which is said to be a dead language is commonly used in this art domain. Companies promote their image online, on the social networks mostly, but also live, through their employees. Usually they are experienced people who have finished high schools of art or design. Roses make quite a sketch for a tattoo on the ankle. It represents purity and delicacy, the main characteristics an ankle tattoo is based on. Also, designing the loved one’s initial brings to the thought of keeping him in a special, secret place. Of course, it is a wise choice since breaking up with him won’t make a girl regret having that tattoo done, because not many people can see it.

Another special design is represented by butterflies. Having a butterfly tattoo on the ankle is a very sexy and cute decision that might lead to the impression that a person has the whole world at their feet. Insects fly away, representing freedom, the liberty of making self choices. Mainly, it suggests the idea of an independent, delicate woman. Numbers are another option for a classy ankle tattoo. A person can mark herself with her lucky number or a date that is representative for her. This way, that special moment is captured like in a photo and one can always remember why it is important, carrying its memory forever.

On the other hand, there are people who consider that an ankle tattoo shouldn’t be done by the sake of having something printed on the skin, though few people are able to see it. This is an important decision to make and it must have a personal meaning. They do not agree with flowers and tribal symbols that are eye – catching, but have no importance what so ever. Anyway, when deciding to make a tattoo on the ankle, the model must be well thought for it is not something that wears off. It should be seen as a scar, a birth mark, since after all, the process of making a tattoo on the ankle involves piercing the skin with hot needles. All in all, an ankle tattoo is the best choice for a lady, whatever the model may be, for it can be covered at anytime, or revealed at special events in a nice manner.