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The meaning of butterfly tattoos in various cultures

Posted by on Jan 24, 2014 in Butterfly Tattoos, Recent

Over time, the butterfly has represented several concepts and its symbolic connotations have been modified according to the period, of course, but one meaning prevailed in all the cultures and civilizations of the world: that of transition. It is generally accepted that it represents a being which through hard effort and a long metamorphosis period, transforms itself from a caterpillar to the beautiful and gleaming butterfly. The butterfly is therefore a symbol of evolution, of continuous change, of beauty, grace, nature and life itself. The designs incorporating butterflies are used by ink artists in a very colorful, sophisticated and meaningful manner. Just like the insect turns and transforms, the tattoo of a butterfly catches shape as the artist starts to work on the tiny details and fine strokes. This is a very personal, symbolic and spiritual tattoo.

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Amazing fairy tattoos for women

Posted by on Jan 23, 2014 in Fairy Tattoos

Fairy tattoos have become one of the most sought after and chosen designs, especially by women. Their lovely and magical vibe adds a touch of sensuality to any lady choosing to have a vaporous drawing of a floating fairy imprinted on her body. Thanks to the power of transformation and ability to fly, fairies remind us of far-away dreaming and childhood hopes, offering a magical world to be unfolded right underneath our eyes. For those with a healthy imagination, textured fairy designs with wings and many different designs similar to butterflies are simply the most gorgeous things to have on the skin.

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The magical allure behind fairy designs

Posted by on Jan 22, 2014 in Fairy Tattoos, Recent

We are here again to bring you more exciting fairy designs you have to consider when thinking about a new or first tattoo. While no one truly determines if a tattoo is meant for men or for women, fairy tattoos have become extremely popular amongst ladies and are one of the most delicate designs a woman can choose. They are soft, sophisticated, colorful and simply gorgeous, adding a sense of magic and mystery to anyone having them. With a large number and wide variety of models that can be used, fairy tattoos have never been as popular as today. But what really makes the difference is a flawless execution from behalf of the tattoo artist and a great choice for the position, as this is strictly linked to the visibility and preservation in time of the art work.

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The secret significance behind Chinese tattoos

Posted by on Jan 22, 2014 in Chinese Tattoos, Recent

As we have seen more than once on this website, the Chinese tattoos are the patterns that have the most symbolic and significant meaning. That is why, when it comes to Chinese tattoos with a deep and profound connotation, it is essential for people to find out exactly what they represent before making that tattoo. We know it might sound a little silly, but believe it or not, many people ask “What does my tattoo mean?” once they have already done it. And we can assure you that many times the answer is a disappointing one. Unless the meaning is not really of importance to you, it is best to consult someone specialized in the field who knows about the alphabet, language and Chinese culture before choosing a particular Chinese design. Oftentimes, an image captivates us and we think how great it would look as a tattoo, but this can prove to be a big mistake later on.

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Choose a tattoo that represents you

Posted by on Oct 21, 2013 in Recent, Tattoo Designs

A tattoo has a much deeper meaning than just a permanent marking in the skin. It’s a symbol, a defining trait, a way to tell a story, a form of body art that has been used since the beginning of time by ancient civilizations during their ceremonial rites.

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The meanings behind koi fish tattoos

Posted by on Oct 8, 2013 in Arm Tattoos, Recent

Koi fish tattoos are some of the most popular choices of those who want to get a beautiful and yet meaningful tattoo. With intricate details and lovely colors, this is the tattoo to choose when you are looking for something larger to put on your arm or your back. In Japanese culture the koi fish has a deep symbolism, which revolves around transformation, ambition and power. A koi fish tattoo is said to bring luck to those who choose to wear it on their skin. Japanese culture speaks about a koi fish who tried to climb the waterfall at Yellow River and after passing through the Dragon Gate it was transformed into a mighty dragon. This legend is interpreted in many cultures and has had a great influence in the popularity of this tattoo.

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Where to find inspiration for fantastic ribbon tattoos

Posted by on Oct 1, 2013 in Fairy Tattoos

In the world of tattooing, there is always a constant battle to have the most inspired and unique ink art done on your skin, but amid all the persons getting tattoos every single day, how can yours stand out and truly be one of a kind? It does not matter if you are a tattoo artist looking for a source of inspiration and an idea to suggest to future clients or one of the persons who wish to have a fantastic ribbon image imprinted in ink under your skin, but do not know which pattern to turn towards. The answer lies in discovering the most amazing source of inspiration of them all: reality! As funny as it might seem, few people actually look for real references when they want to make something artistic. Perhaps it is the sheer notion of fantasy and reality which do not mix, but sometimes even the most exciting and innovative creations have already been invented and implemented elsewhere! This is precisely why we need to look at other fields of activity and other industries to discover some elements which we can later incorporate into our ink work so as to make it stand out amongst the rest and be a truly moving piece.


A great example in this case can be to look at the actual providers and manufacturers of ribbons which have turned these items into a revenue source and passion for a large number of years. If you do not know what sort of ribbon to have drawn on your skin, then pay a short visit to one of the official websites of manufactures and take a look at their offer. You will never find a better inspiration than the one received by professionals in the field. Or you can even collaborate with some of their experts who can create custom made patterns for you to use both on the tattoo and in the real life. Imagine how cool and thoughtful it will be to give your friends a personalized Christmas gift or birthday present with the same type of wrapping as the bows and ribbon hanks on your body? There is nothing more chic and considerate than that?


As a result of the fact that attention for details is considered to be one of the most important qualities and strong points of a person in the modern day ages, it has become obvious that there are many sources to look at when we find ourselves at a lack of ideas. The creativity process can always be stimulated with a little help from the real world and the true experts working for professional companies who make these shapes and items for a living. You will design the most fantastic ribbon tattoo only if you ask for expert advice from actual suppliers of bows or look at the large variety of products shown on their official web pages. After the idea catches shapes and contour, all that remains to be done is choosing the body part where you want the tattoo to be placed and, of course, finding a great artist or parlor to complete the work.


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Feminine ribbon tattoos

Posted by on Aug 26, 2013 in Tattoo Designs

There was a time where tattoos for men where the only ones that were socially acceptable, but, in the past years, as tattoos became widely recognised as an art form in the Western World, designs have become more and more diverse, ranging from classic unisex drawings to feminine and delicate tattoos. Contrary to common belief, women’s tattoos don’t look inappropriate. If you know what design to choose and the right area to place it, you get a personalised accessory that lasts for a lifetime. There are many designs that are considered to be popular among women, including flowers, jewellery and rosary beads and, of course, ribbons. Ribbons UK tattoos are inspired from the elegance and femininity of the actual accessories. Even though they might seem like a classic, even conventional choice, ribbon tattoos actually have a deep meaning and are quite versatile in terms of the designs that you can achieve with them.


Ribbons are a symbol of femininity, grace, beauty and a delicate personality. Most of the time, they are the perfect design for girls who don’t have a tattoo yet and want to start with something small, subtle and non-painful. Ribbons look great in black or any other colour and you can either have a small tattoo featuring just this small object or develop a larger, more intricate design that includes a ribbon with text or other elements. For example, you can create an interesting optical illusion by tattooing a bracelet made of ribbons, pearls and flowers on your wrist or ankle. If you like the idea of quotes tattoos, but you think that plain calligraphy doesn’t have any impact whatsoever, you can ask the tattoo artists to ink the text on a ribbon. Ideas are basically limitless and you don’t really have to be a baby doll to rock a ribbon tattoo. For example, you can incorporate ribbons in skull or cross tattoos without problems. Some women have thought of creative designs, such as having a ribbon corset tattooed on their back or ribbon-shaped stockings on their tights.


Since ribbons are an excellent graphic symbol of numerous awareness causes, they can be used for memorial tattoos. Many women who support breast cancer awareness campaigns choose to have the famous pink ribbon inked on their bodies and people whose female relatives have passed away because of breast cancer chose to commemorate them by tattooing the relative’s name next to a pink ribbon. In addition, ribbons can become appropriate tattoos for mothers. For example, if you have two children, you can ask the tattoo artists to ink their names on a long ribbon strand and you can take them with you everywhere you go. As you can see, ribbon tattoos are very versatile and they are associated with many deep meanings, which shows that there is more to them than meets the eye. No matter in what design you want to incorporate the ribbon, remember to take some time to think about it before going to a tattoo shop, just to make sure that you will not regret the decision later in life. Also, avoid getting ribbon tattoos that are too small, because, in time, most of the detail will be lost and you’ll be left with a small black blot on your skin.

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Butterfly foot tattoos express timeless beauty

Posted by on May 23, 2013 in Butterfly Tattoos, Tattoo Designs

Getting a butterfly foot tattoos design is definitely a choice women will never regret making. There is always the possibility of people’ taste changing too much over the years and of them regretting the decision of getting a certain tattoos design. For instance, someone may go for a design that is really popular at the moment, but people forget about it soon as it happens with any passing trend. After a couple of years that person remains only with an empty shell inked into his skin. This will never be the case with butterflies, as they have fascinated people ever since ancient times and continue to remain a mystery and a subject of wonder even for our advanced modern societies. Trends come and go, but the beauty of a butterfly is timeless and many women are simply in love both with the aspect and what the butterflies stand for. Butterfly foot tattoos are extremely popular among women, because they are easy to cover when in need and they highlight the delicate features of a woman’s foot.

The fact that you can combine flower, vine, tribal, stars and many other tattoo ideas with your butterfly design is another reason why women come prepared to withstand any pain for the sake of an unique and elegant design. There are thousands of species of butterflies, each special and beautiful in their own way, so ideas for butterfly foot tattoos will never really be depleted. Many tattoo artist get inspired by these extravagant insects and come up with original designs for people who prefer a more fictional or mythical version of the butterfly. A realistic illustration is also possible and, depending on the talent of the artist, the butterfly can give the impression of gently standing on top of your foot. By simply playing with shadows, your tattoo artist can make from a simple design something of wonder and admiration.

Depending on the size you wish your tattoo to be, the design can be simple or more intricate. Nevertheless, any butterfly tattoo will look stunning no matter the size or choice of colors. Even though butterflies are admired for their vivid colors and unique patters, many women choose simple black designs, because the simple outline of this special insect is beautiful enough to cover their needs, especially in combination with other images.

The symbolism behind butterfly foot tattoos is yet another mystery that surrounds these creatures. Ever since ancient times, people believed that butterflies are dead peoples’ souls and have admired them for their ability to transform from crawling insects into astonishingly beautiful flying miracles. For women, butterfly tattoo designs represent their free spirit and ability to change from girls into mature women capable of giving birth. Just like butterflies go through the process of metamorphosis and divulge their real appearance when reaching adulthood, women also show their whole potential after a period of transit. All in all, butterfly tattoo designs are deserving of the high popularity they have amongst women all over the world.

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The best choice of lower back tattoos for women

Posted by on May 22, 2013 in Back Tattoos, Recent

Lower back tattoos for women have become very popular because of the sexy air and the ability to hide them easily. There are a variety of designs to choose from when you are looking to get a lower back tattoo. From tribal signs to writing or even flower, women looking to achieve a naughty look can confidently place this tattoo on their bodies. The tattoo can hold various meanings for the one that wears it. So it can not only be extremely sexy but it can also have a deep significance, depending on what design is chosen. For instance every flower has a different meaning so if you want to express passion you can have a tattoo of a red rose while if you want to remember someone you can ask your tattoo artist to make you a poppy tattoo.

There are many situations in which you need to cover your tattoo and a lower back one, offers this possibility to the person wearing it. Unlike arm or even ankle tattoos that can be hidden only if wearing sleeves or long trousers, a lower back tattoo can be easily concealed, practically with any type of blouse. Of course, with the low cut jeans that are in trend these days it is easy to show your tattoo, should you want to. Lower back tattoos for women have always given them a more erotic image especially to those that are more curvaceous. By following the natural lines of the body, a lower back tattoo design becomes one of the sexiest types of tattoos that a woman can choose. This type of tattoo can be accentuated by certain clothing such as a small top or a hot, little bikini. This tattoo can emphasize the personality of the woman wearing it, depending on what design they prefer.

A lower back tattoo can accentuate the sensuality of the one wearing it by giving them the chance to obtain an alluring image and offer to those that walk behind them the chance to catch a hidden glimpse of it. Everyone is attracted by secrets and when you see in front of you a part of a tattoo, you are intrigued and only wish to see more. Furthermore, those that are afraid that they will get bored with a tattoo do not have to worry about this with a lower back one, as it cannot be seen as easily and thus it becomes even more attractive. Lower back tattoos for women have gained their popularity throughout the years because they make them more seductive. The erotic designs of a lower back tattoo are tempting for many women that are contemplating the idea of a tattoo.

Lower back tattoos for women are a good choice as a first tattoo because of the multitude of possibilities and designs that they can choose from. Whether it is a black and white tattoo or a colored one they is something suitable for every taste and personality. Flowers, fairies, tribal designs, all can be used to express someone’s personality with success. Your tattoo artist can offer great advice regarding what type of design better suits the shape of your body.

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The charm behind arm tattoos for women

Posted by on May 21, 2013 in Arm Tattoos, Tattoo Designs

The advantage of getting a tattoo on your arm is that you have the liberty to choose any shape, size or model you can think of and it will still look marvelous. Ideas of arm tattoos for women can be found everywhere and range from sexy to cute, elegant to chic, discreet to excessive. Starting with the decision whether you want your tattoo to be easily noticed or not, the size and location of the tattoo are the first things to be taken into consideration. Then, the excruciating step of choosing a single design from endless possibilities follows. Depending on your taste and physical aspect, there are certain tattoo designs that suit you better than others. It is therefore important to consider this aspect as well when deciding on a tattoo design or seek the advice of a tattoo expert.

Women wishing to make a powerful statement through their tattoos usually choose to wrap their whole arms with a colorful tattoo. Arm tattoos for women that give high exposure and stand for sleeves have become quite popular in the recent years. The most common design for full arm tattoos are abstract nature or different beautiful patters with a floral motive. Tribal or symbolic patterns are also relatively common choices, but they are usually more popular with guys. However, there is also the possibility of getting a smaller arm tattoo or place it in a less vulnerable location such as the inner side of your wrist, if you do no want to draw too much attention on it. Portraits are also often placed on the upper side of the arm where the skin is smoother. The size has to be large or at least medium when you ask for a photorealistic tattoo.

Searching on the Internet or through renowned tattoo artists’ portfolios can help you make your choice, but getting inspired from celebrities’ tattoos is also something that you see happen very often. It is usual for idols to set the trend in fashion, but they also influence what people choose to eat and the situation is no different when it comes to tattoo designs and there are many women celebrities who have interesting tattoos on their arms. Ideas of arm tattoos for women are numerous and many of them are especially tailored to suit the feminine side. For instance, cherry blossoms branches are often chosen to be wrapped around more delicate arms. This design has a feminine charm and is breathtakingly beautiful when inked into women’s skin by talented artists. The tattoos can also express the wearer’s passion or religion. There are many women that know exactly what they wish to get tattooed. For example, religious people ask for crosses, while animal lovers can choose to imprint the cartoon of a cat or a dog on their arms.

In conclusion, arm tattoos for women are really popular both for their practicability and great variety of designs. From size to location and colors, there are endless possibilities of making your arm tattoo original.

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Angel tattoos for women, a popular choice

Posted by on May 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

Angels have always been part of the religious beliefs of people all over the world. Created by God to carry out His tasks, angels are often imagined by people with wings, halos and robes. Their pleasant warmth has the power to make people better and highlight their qualities. Angels are also fierce creatures meant to fight the forces of evil and protect God’s most beloved creation, humans. This is why angel tattoos for women are such a popular choice. They act as protectors and help them pass through difficult times in their lives.

Angel tattoos for women have a deep significance. Women have always been envisioned as gentle and fragile beings in need protection. So what better way to have a symbolic protection with you than with the help of an angel tattoo? The Bible informs us that there have been many interactions between angles and humans and so a strong connection has been formed between religious people and these mythological creatures. Angels are believed to have been guarding the earth ever since they were created, so people often find a relief in the fact that they might be protected by an invisible force. This is why angel tattoo designs have become so popular among people of all ages and especially among women. Angel tattoos for women can tap into their more romantic side and help them express their feelings better. Every tattoo has a special significance for the one who wears it and angel tattoos can have a great deal of symbolism hidden behind them.

There are many types of angels as there are people. Each angel expresses a human emotion and personality. For instance, Michael is the representative of kindness, Gabriel has an important vigilante role and Raphael stands as God’s healing force. There is also an angel of death, one that brings humans together and of course Lucifer, the first angel created by God and the one that is representative of all that is evil. So an angel tattoo can have various meanings to the person wearing it. When it comes to angel tattoos for women, they often choose this design as a reminder of their own strength and many as a protective talisman against all the negative influences in their lives. Angels have been used as an inspiration source in many art creations across the history. The most common places where they are depicted are of course in churches but they can also be found in various book illustrations.

All in all, it is easy to understand why angel tattoos are so popular among women. They have deep meanings and can act as talismans for those who wear them. Of course you can talk to your tattoo artist and have him draw you a beautiful design that will make you feel happy every time you glance at it. An angel tattoo can bring peace of mind and relaxation to the person who wears it because of its deep religious aspects. The options regarding both the design and the meaning behind an angel tattoo are unlimited for those that are contemplating it.

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Unique ankle bracelet tattoos

Posted by on May 17, 2013 in Ankle Tattoos Designs, Recent

Ankle bracelet tattoos are by far the most popular choice girls make when deciding on their first ever tattoo design. The reasons are quite simple: they are feminine and easy to hide. More than that, women are usually obsessed with jewelry and the idea of having a cute or delicate bracelet around their ankles is definitely going to spark their interest. Tattoo artists have endless possibilities when it comes to bracelet designs. From abstract to concrete, sexy to funny, colorful to solemn, any type of feeling or feature your heart may desire the bracelet to have can be imprinted on your skin.  Customers can also ask for custom designs, because ankle tattoos are easy to alter and modify in accordance with any requirement.

The best part about bracelet ankle tattoos is that people get the feeling that they are real accessories. Depending on the talent of the artist you entitle with the job of adorning your ankle, the tattoo can deceive the admirers and make them believe you purchased yet another piece of jewelry. When going to the beach, you can be sure your unique bracelet tattoo will become a true star, many men insisting that ankle bracelets are mysteriously sexy. Delicate as they are, ankles have an impressive power on men and a beautiful tattoo will definitely draw their attention.

Tattoo lovers like the fact that bracelet designs can be rather creative. For instance, after you choose the model of your chain you can add whatever item you may wish to it from cats to flowers and stars. People obsessed with butterflies can use them as inspiration and delicately arrange a pair of colorful butterflies to complete the chain. Intricate or subtle, small or large, bracelet tattoo designs are meant to bring charm to that part of the body where they are located. Ankle tattoos often surround the ankle in such a way that it can exude a sexy feeling. Women with large or thin ankles can get a tattoo which can either make their ankles seem suppler or thicker. Thus, the design girls choose can rid them of their complex and they no longer feel the need to cover up their beautiful feet.

Women also choose this place to indicate their religion. A small rosary surrounding your ankle is a more quiet statement of your beliefs. People who wish to keep that tattoo as a reminder for themselves and not for others choose to place the rosary in an area that is less likely to draw attention. Ankle bracelet tattoos are not obtrusive enough to gain the attention and stern looks of your boss or parents, for example, so even the shyest people can safely get one without the fear of being starred at in public. People have to have a strong confidence in themselves when visiting a tattoo shop. Sadly enough, discrimination and disapproving eyes are sure to follow tattoo lovers everywhere they go, so starting with an ankle tattoo can be a good choice for those who do not like the attention.

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Discover a humming bird tattoo meaning behind every design

Posted by on May 17, 2013 in Hummingbird tattoos, Recent

The humming bird has been a symbolic animal in many cultures around the world but it holds great significance to the American Natives. Aztecs also used to believe that the humming bird was a symbol of sexual potency and thus wore them around their necks to attract potential partners. These days, this small bird has become a very popular tattoo design among women. A humming bird tattoo meaning can differ from one person to another depending on what happened in their lives.

Humming birds go from flower to flower to collect the nectar that enables them to survive and have the necessary energy to fly the entire day. To this extent, a humming bird tattoo meaning can be the fact that in life you can overcome hard times and still be able to lead your day to day activities. This bird may bring symbolic strength to the one that wears it as a tattoo. The fact that this little bird can flap her wings from 12 to 80 times per second is something that all of us find amazing. This is why getting a humming bird tattoo shows that this person is able to enjoy happy moments to the fullest because of the immense energy levels and vibrant spirit. The vivacious colors that this animal has are a great inspiration source for many tattoo artists. After designing all day black and white tattoos, the colorful humming bird tattoo is something that will brighten anyone’s day.

A humming bird has the ability to fly in all directions, be it straight or backwards, up or down, left or right as opposed to all the other birds. We can therefore deduct another humming bird tattoo meaning: the ability to adapt to any kind of situation and be able to overcome problems easily. Practically, every design of this kind can have a different meaning, depending on what that particular person is going through. Having a tattoo of a humming bird its said to act as a talisman and protect you from bad people or simply having bad luck. Most of the times a tattoo of this bird contains images of flowers because they go hand in hand. The humming bird cannot survive without flowers as flowers cannot produce fruit without the pollination that this bird does. So a tattoo of this kind can also have a deep significance regarding the cycle of life.

To conclude, it is understandable why women like to choose humming bird tattoos. They are beautiful, vibrant and have a multitude of meanings that can be of interest to the fair sex. Whether you choose this tattoo to help you overcome a difficult period in your life or to act as a good luck charm it will surely bring happiness into your life. If you are one of those people that like to think in the more real things than talismans and hidden meanings, then you can have this tattoo because it is colorful and small in size, thus it can be easily placed on various parts of the body and hidden if you don’t want it to be seen all the time.

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Ribbons – the perfect idea for your first tattoo

Posted by on May 16, 2013 in Fairy Tattoos

Whether you have it at the age of 18 or 41, your first tattoo is a major life experience, so you shouldn’t rush to the nearest tattoo shop and get a random design. A tattoo is a personal statement that sticks with your forever, a graphic representation of your personality or a short description of an important person or event. It’s never an exciting prospect to decide on a tattoo design on the spot, like it for a couple of weeks and then start regretting it, so before talking to an artist do some research and pick something that truly represents you. If you’re a girl and you are looking for suggestions for your first tattoos, ribbons are actually a very good idea. Just visit websites like, have a look at their fantastic ribbon designs and show them to your tattoo artists to create a unique tattoo.


There are many reasons why something as subtle and elegant such as a ribbons works well for your first tattoo. To begin with, you don’t know if you will like being tattooed. There are many people who like the idea of having a tattoo, but once they get one, they decide to have it removed. A subtle ribbon tattoo works because if you like it you can develop it into something larger or get other tattoos. If you don’t, at least this one isn’t so big as to other you. Secondly, tattoos can really hurt and it’s not an exciting prospect to sit down to have a big, intricate tattoo done and discover halfway that you can’t stand the physical discomfort. Even the biggest tattoo fans started out small, so try to be cautious and go for something simple, at least at first. Besides, ribbons can easily be incorporated into more complex tattoos with flowers, cursive writing, birds and even portraits.


While some girls are interested in an edgy biker look, others want to get a tattoo as subtle as an elegant piece of jewelry and ribbons are the perfect choice for this. Tattooed on their own or together with the above mentioned elements, they create a stunning artistic look that you can wear without being controversial. For example, you can have a beautiful ribbon tattooed on your arm or ankle and it will look like a bracelet, or you can wear it on the back of your head. This last option is great if you don’t want your tattoo to show all the time, especially at work. However, if you want to go for something that stands out more, you can have a look at some online designs and ask your tattoo artist to make an intricate, oversized pinup bow. As for the colour range, it’s all up to you. If you want something joyful and girly, you can go for a colourful tattoo. If not, black and white is always timeless. To make the tattoo more elegant, you can ask the artist to draw the ribbon as if it’s made of lace.

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