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Get the desired look with a fairy tattoo

Posted by on May 16, 2013 in Fairy Tattoos, Recent

Fairies have always been a part of the folklore of many countries. Whether they were depicted as angelic beings or more of a demon like presence, nowadays, the mythical creatures are popular tattoo design ideas, especially among young women. A fairy tattoo has a certain romanticism that no other design can bring to the one that decides to get it. It is understandable why women prefer to get this type of tattoo: it is small, beautiful and girlie. Who doesn’t enjoy contemplating a romantic image of a beautiful fairy.

Those that wear a fairy tail tattoo are most of the times considered gentle, fun people to be around with. And with good reason! We all have seen Tinkerbell and fallen in love instantly with her. A tattoo of a fairy will often be consider a symbol of protection against those that are a bad influence in someone’s life. This is the type of tattoo that anybody can enjoy looking at. There are many designs that can be done to properly illustrate the personality of the one who gets it. Whether you want a vivacious combination of colors or prefer a more celtic approach, a fairy tattoo will allow the person who wears it to express her or his emotions clearly. While it is true that usually women are the ones that choose this tattoo design, men can tap into that evil side of fairy stories and have something with a darker twist done. In many legends, fairies are evil creatures know for their malice.

So you don’t have to be a girl to wear a fairy tattoo. You can consult your tattoo artist and get a more unique and manly approach on the matter. Folklore tells us that fairies have green eyes, radiant figures and often bite the ones they encounter. So despite their incredible beauty they can can be dangerous creatures to encounter. Moreover, back in the old days people believed that fairies would steal new born children and leave changelings in their place. This is why a fairy tail tattoo can be a symbol of youth and imagination. The details that go into a fairy tattoo are amazing. The hair, the wings, the body and everything at a small scale, so it is something that requires a lot of skill from the artist. This is why you should be careful when choosing a tattoo artist. Always check his portfolio and see if his work so far matches with what you had in mind.

All in all, fairy tattoo designs are a popular choice among women but can be a good choice for a man as well. Whether you choose the fairy tail approach or prefer to tap into the darker side of the mythological creatures, the results should be amazing. Not to mention that you can place your tattoo anywhere on the body, because it is small and will fit anywhere. From the upper back, arm, neck, legs, this tattoo will help you achieve the desired look.

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The meanings behind a cross with wings tattoo

Posted by on May 15, 2013 in Cross Tattoos, Recent

A cross with wings tattoo represents something different depending on the wearer, but generally it is a statement of religious freedom. Cross tattoos are really popular amongst people of all ages and usually are the first time choice of many tattoo lovers. Generally, people make the decision to imprint a winged cross on a part of their body after suffering from a loss or escaping near-death situations, but most of them wish to share their belief with others regarding the subject of religion and freedom.

Check out this big collection of tattoos bellow and you will surely find a perfect cross with wings tattoo design for you:


Cross with wings tattoo – a symbol of Christianity

Unlike other tattoo patterns, this design usually holds a deep meaning and it is not used just for its beautiful aspect. The choice of getting yourself a tattoo as a Christian believer is really hard to take, especially since this act is not viewed very well by other Christians. Thus, the tattoo cross in itself represents a rebellion and many choose to further defy those against this type of body art by adding a model of wings to their cross. A cross with wings tattoo is the choice of people with very strong personalities that fight for their beliefs and have the power to stand against those who contradict them. One must have great confidence in themselves to expose a winged cross on their arm for instance in public, where the stares of those thinking this as a sin would be customary.


Paying homage to a departed loved one

A cross with wings tattoo can also stand for a departed loved one. The cross represents the trust in God and in the fact that there is life after death and the wings symbolize the belief he or she went to a better place. People usually feel the need to share really strong emotions or beliefs and, in their minds, inking those statements eternally into one’s skin is the best method of doing so. This way the message sticks with you wherever you go and reminds you again and again in what you believe. But those tattoos reminding of a deep loss have an even greater emotional impact.  It represents the promise people made that they would never forget that person and assures them that a part of that dear one will always follow them wherever they may go.

cross with wings tattoo

A new beginning after a dramatic experience

Countless times it happens that people gain a strong religious feeling after going through near-death experiences. Fighting off a terrible disease or narrowly escaping from a dangerous accident determines people to turn a new leaf into their lives and start living piously. Asking a tattoo artist to create a cross with wings tattoo design to symbolize their new beginning also stands as a reminder of how close to death one can get in any moment of life. A winged cross leaves a deep impact both on the wearer and people who get to admire it, because regardless of the talent with which it was created, the story behind it is even more important. This doesn’t mean that cross with wings tattoos are not usually beautiful, on the contrary, the designs tend to be impressive. Considering the popularity such tattoos have, many artists have their hands formed for creating cross tattoos and have the ability to play with the designs and create something unique.

Cross with wings tattoo design

Inspiration for a cross with wings tattoo

After you’ve decided that a cross with wings tattoo is right for you because of its symbolism, you should start looking at some examples to make sure the form will look amazing too. In general, you have two options:

  • A large, intricate tattoo with plenty of elements, stretching across a larger surface of your body. You can include text, as well as various images and symbols, so that the final result resembles an artwork. This option is recommended if you’re used to getting tattoos and if you want to make a statement.
  • A dainty, minimal tattoo. Get a small tattoo if you’re looking for something discreet that not everyone can see. Because of the size, you’ll have to keep things very simple, otherwise the tattoo will look like an indiscernible mess.

Also, look up images of different styles of crosses and wings. For example, you can choose a Catholic, gothic or Celtic cross. As for the wings, they can be detailed so you can see the feathery structure, or minimal, following a geometric style.

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The significance of dragon tattoos

Posted by on May 14, 2013 in Dragon Tattoo, Recent

Dragons have been a part of the culture of many countries and even continents for centuries. The legends that are told about these creatures depict them as fierce, strong and unbelievably beautiful. This is why dragon tattoos are so popular among both men and women. Of course it does take a little decision making before deciding to get a dragon tattooed on your body as it is quite large, but the significance behind it is amazing.

Dragon tattoos give a fierce and sensual air to the ones that wear them on their skin. The mysterious creatures are a symbol of purity, courage and hope. In ancient times the dragon was considered to be either a protector or a great threat. So people that get dragon tattoos often look for that same symbolic protection. Even the vikings used to carve dragons on their ships to allow them to have good sight and be successful warriors. A dragon tattoo design on a woman’s body is a symbol of grace, flowing and of her role as a creator. Her body becomes a representative of life. Dragon tattoos on men symbolize great power and courage. Like a dragon, the man who wears this kind of tattoo is depicted as a guardian of all the things that are important and show that he is ready to fight and be a protector. A dragon tattoo design also represents a journey that his bearer has completed or is about to take.

The most popular dragon designs are the Asian and the European ones. Even among Asian dragons there are differences especially in the number of claws in their feet. Chinese dragons have five claws, Japanese ones have four and the Vietnamese just three. Of course the stories behind the dragon of every country are different, but they all picture them as wise and powerful creatures. The European culture illustrates dragons as evil creature ready to destroy everything in their way if they didn’t receive maidens. But dragons are an important part of the Indian and Greek culture as well. It is therefore understandable why so many people choose to have dragons tattooed on their bodies.

Dragon tattoos can look very sexy on the body of a beautiful woman or a well defined man. Tattoo artists have always loved to make this type of tattoo because it allows them to be creative in their work and obtain great results in the process. There is a wide range of colors that can be used in dragon tattoo designs. From red to yellow, green and blue, everything is combined to obtain a beautiful and unique model that will leave everyone amazed. Of course, a black and white dragon looks just as good for those that aren’t big fans of having colors on their bodies. The reasons why people choose to get these tattoos are various. Either its because of the culture, the vast symbolism or just that fact that it is a beautiful and wild creature, those that wear them will gain a mysterious and fierce air.

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Celtic tattoos for men – sophisticated and sexy!

Posted by on May 13, 2013 in Celtic tattoos, Recent

Celtic tattoos for men are extremely popular nowadays for two main reasons: their deep meaning and the sexy look men acquire by wrapping a Celtic knot around their arms, shoulders or back, for example. An experienced tattoo artist can make wonders with an intricate design which can be placed practically wherever the client may wish and the tattoo will still look beautiful. Unlike other types of tattoos, Celtic ones have the clear advantage of managing to adapt to the location where it is placed. Imagine how distorted a photograph or a large animal would get when tattooed on the arm. Another important aspect people take into consideration when choosing a Celtic tattoo design is the symbolism behind it. The mystery behind each stroke of ink can definitely succeed in gaining men women’s admiration.
Celtic tattoos for men are more than random patterns; they represent the Celtic culture, religion and lifestyle. Men choose these designs to express their own belief and state their individuality. The knot, which is basically an interwoven pattern, has a deep meaning and it represents the Celtic belief that life has neither end nor beginning and it is just a constant unperturbed path.  This is why a knot is created to be pure and has no breaks whatsoever in their design, unless the tattoo artist or his client whish to add another Celtic symbol at its end such as an animal head and the tattoo becomes then zoomorphic. There are also many tattoo designs such as the Celtic cross or animals that are enveloped in such knots, the patterns ensuring the final result is even more unique and intricate. From spiral to parallel designs, all Celtic tattoos are renewed for their beautiful aspect and strong impact.

Known to enhance men sculptured bodies and draw attention to their well defined muscles, some Celtic tattoos for men were especially designed to wrap themselves around the arms and shoulders. Their geometric nature and never ending pattern can definitely fit and even look wonderful on curved areas, so many people choose Celtic tattoos designs, because they cannot afford to place a tattoo on more flat areas. Irrespective of the reasons behind the decision to get a tribal tattoo, however, it is advisable to rely on professional tattoo artists when getting one. Men should eventually pick an artist who has already a vast experience with Celtic tattoos for men, because the entire charm of the patterns stem from the geometric accuracy with which each line is drawn. An intricate design can only be perfected by an equally talented artist.

This type of body art is more than a method of beatifying the skin; it is a means to express peoples’ inner self, to state their beliefs, religion and lifestyle. A Celtic tattoo can make men stand out as unique beings capable of standing against conformity. If we also take into account the exceptional patterns and the sexy look they confer to men, the Celtic tattoos designs are definitely one of the best ideas in terms of tattoos for men.

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Inspirational male celebrity tattoos – Johnny Depp’s body as personal journal

Posted by on May 10, 2013 in Celebrity Tattoos, Recent

There are many people following in the steps of their favorite celebrities when it comes to tattooing their bodies. Male celebrity tattoos have always been a source of inspiration for men all over the world. Whether you choose to imitate that idol because you admire him or because you simply like the design of his tattoo, one thing is certain: the impact is greater.  People will certainly make the association between your tattoo and the famous person who inspired you. And it goes without saying that the symbolism behind any male celebrity tattoos designs will become widely known depending on how far that idol’s fame reached. Johnny Depp is an internationally renewed actor who has gained the passion of women and the admiration of men all over the world. People have come to love him both for his extraordinary movie career and for his intriguing personality. He has more than a dozen tattoos all over his body gathered along the years, each new inscription representing another important step taken in his life. Johnny Depp’s tattoos hold heavy symbolism and stand for important people and events in his life, some made known to the general public, some still remaining enveloped in mystery.

In an interview Johnny explained: “I consider all my tattoos as specific moments in my life. My body is a journal in a way. It’s like what sailors used to do, where every tattoo meant something, a specific time in your life.” In other words, unlike other male celebrity tattoos, his designs are carefully chosen and hold really special meanings for him. Depp has always mentioned his children are those he holds dearest in this entire world, and his tattoos certainly confirm that statement.  For instance, the tattoo “Lily-Rose” placed close to his heart represents his first born child and “Betty Sue” commemorates the name of his mother. The three hearts inked into his triceps stand for his love for his kids and “The Swallow”, inspired from the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’, has his son’s name “Jack” inscribed underneath. The bird tattooed on his forearm is flying towards him and symbolizes safe return in sailor’s beliefs.

Another interesting tattoo Johnny Depp has acquired in 2008 is the inscription on his left lower arm that reads “Silence Exile Cunning” taken from the novel A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce. His tattoos are amazing because of their number and choice of subject. He stated his ancestors’ roots with his very first tattoo design which depicts a Native American Head. If people choose to write an interesting quote on their Facebook wall or blog, Johnny Depp asks a tattoo artist to engrave it forever in his skin. The tattoo entitled “Wind over Heaven” represents an ancient Chinese belief saying that “Forcing your way in life will only bring you misfortune” found in the Book of Changes. All in all, male celebrity tattoos have always been and will always be a topic of discussion and inspiration for people who love them.

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The significance of butterfly and flower tattoos

Posted by on May 10, 2013 in Butterfly Tattoos, Recent

Butterfly and flower tattoos are some of the most popular choices between women that decide to get a tattoo. This is a good choice especially for those that want something colorful and vivacious. Of course a butterfly tattoo can look amazing in black and white too. The choice remains in the hands of the person that wants it and the models to choose from are practically endless.

Women and girls that choose to have a flower tattooed on their bodies are generally looking for something more feminine that will make them look more beautiful and even give them a sexy look. Butterfly and flower tattoos are a good choice for someone that hasn’t gotten a tattoo before and wants something simple and elegant to start with. Butterflies have always been a part of the culture of almost any country and even if you are not someone that knows a lot about these insects, they are always inspiring and beautiful to look at when we encounter them. These types of tattoos can be placed practically on any part of the body. Some women may prefer to have the back of their necks tattooed while others may want to place it on their abdomen or upper back. Regardless of the place where the flower and butterfly design is placed, the effect is bound to be incredible. The person who wears this kind of tattoo will gain the self confidence to do anything she wants.

In some cultures butterflies are a symbol of rebirth and human soul. This is why many women choose to have butterfly and flower tattoos at special occasions in their lives. In Chinese culture two butterflies together are a symbol of union and love while in Japan the butterfly is the symbol of innocence. Flowers also have great significances as there is a flower for every human emotion. To this extent flower tattoo designs can express emotion, love, passion or innocence and all the powerful feelings that we have every day. Many best friends choose to have tattooed a yellow rose as a symbol of their eternal friendship. This is why butterfly and flower tattoos hold such a high place among the tattoo design choices that women make. They are graceful and sexy at the same time.

To conclude, the popularity of butterfly and flower tattoos among women is understandable. They are great in color as well as in black and white and can have a large variety of meanings for those that want to tap into their romantic side. There are many butterfly designs that you can choose from or you can share the idea that you have with your tattoo artist and have him or her create something unique for you. The possibilities are practically endless so make sure you take your time before deciding what you want to have. Keep in mind that the placement on the body is also important because the tattoo can be hidden easier if it is for instance on your back than if it is on your arm.

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Get meaningful with full back tattoos!

Posted by on May 9, 2013 in Back Tattoos, Recent

Getting full back tattoos is a tough decision to make. Usually people choose to cover most of or their entire backs when they wish to transmit a message or their desired pattern is too intricate to go on a small scale with it. For some this is the most convenient area to place their tattoo, because it is easier to cover when needed. Your complex design can also have better chances of coming out really good if the area where it is located is flat and neat. There are several things people should take into consideration when ordering a full back tattoo such as design and exact location.

Generally, people choose full body tattoos designs with heavy symbolism or a special personal significance. For instance, religious belief, the allegiance to a group, a memory, strong passion for something or someone, a protest, even the owner’s painful past or something that represents his inner self can be transmitted through full back tattoos. It is not mandatory for everyone to pick a design with a meaning, but the area is large enough to offer you the opportunity to recreate your own story in ink. A tattoo of this scale takes a couple of sittings to complete. If you think about the painful hours you have to spend to achieve that final result, making it more meaningful seems to be a pretty good idea. Another thing people take into consideration when choosing a design is of course its beauty. The tattoo artist has the opportunity to flaunt their talent and create a masterpiece in very fine details with such a large canvas so people could definitely be amazed at the refinement of your tattoo. You should keep in mind when choosing the design that this type of tattoo is really difficult to remove, so take your time and have fun picking.

After choosing a beautiful and expressive tattoo design, you should discuss with your tattoo artist the exact area where it should be placed. With full back tattoos it is important to establish not only the size, but also where it should start and end and how. The design can envelop your back or can start from one of your shoulders and end at your thigh. The symmetry is essential for large tattoos and a badly placed tattoo can ruin its entire feel.

Another important aspect people wishing to get full back tattoos should keep in mind is their choice of artists. This type of tattoo is really difficult to obtain if not managed by a skillful ink professional. Better pay more for a renewed artist, than be sorry for the rest of your life. A truly talented tattoo artist can create intricate and beautiful designs and reproduce exactly what their clients have in mind. If they manage to amaze you with their ability to draw, others will definitely appreciate your new acquisition. All in all, choosing a full back tattoo is a statement in itself, but the more beautiful and meaningful the design is, the prouder you get wearing it.


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The popularity of arm tattoos for men

Posted by on May 9, 2013 in Arm Tattoos, Recent

Tattooing the arm has always been a popular choice for everyone, especially men since a well defined arm is probably among the most masculine part of their body. So when the decision is finally made, arm tattoos for men are probably the most likely choice. Not only they look good on almost anyone but also they can be easily covered at work or in a more official situation.

There are many ideas of tattoo designs to choose from if you don’t have anything in mind. Tribal signs, skulls, writing and even landscapes, they can all be given something special in order to be unique. You don’t have to worry that you will see many more men wearing the same tattoo because depending on the shape of your arm and on the skill of your artist the same tattoo idea can be represented in a multitude of ways. Let’s take a skull for an example. You can choose to have a more classical approach and make it look scary by adding a snake to it or putting it in a smoky background or you can have something more romantic done, maybe add some color to it or any other thing that comes through your mind. The possibilities are basically endless, you just have to work with the tattoo artist and explain him exactly what you want, what you feel and what final result you would like to obtain.

Lately, landscapes of all kinds are beginning to be the first choice when it comes to arm tattoos for men. It is easy to understand why, they can hold great meaning for the one that wears them and are extremely beautiful at the same time. No matter if it is the view of a famous city, like New York or Paris, or if it is a view from the nature, the art of tattooing allows people to express their emotions and be different from everyone else in the crowd at the same time. The chosen tattoo design often symbolizes the personality of the the one who wears it. Another reason why arm tattoos for men are so popular it’s because they are easy to hide when the person wearing it finds himself in a more formal situation. Whether it’s the job environment where tattoos might not seem appropriate or it’s an elegant wedding, all you have to do to hide your tattoo is put on a long sleeve shirt and no one will notice anything.


To conclude, it is understandable why arm tattoos for men have maintained their popularity across the years. The wide range of models to choose from, the masculinity of a strong arm as well as the fact that it can always be hidden if the situation demands it, all stand as important pros for those that are considering to get a tattoo on their arm. Always remember to listen to your tattoo artist’s opinions because a professional will know better how to personalize your idea into something that fits in the best possible way on your arm.

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Choose to be mysterious with guardian angel tattoos

Posted by on May 8, 2013 in Angel Tattoos Designs Gallery, Recent

Guardian angel tattoos are really popular nowadays, but the motives behind this choice out of so many other available models are varied and often also meaningful. We all know that the decision to get a tattoo is very hard to take, but choosing a tattoo design is even more difficult. You have to consider the fact that your idea will stick with you for your whole life, so being hasty is definitely not advisable. Guardian angels are indeed a common idea of tattoos, but the concept can easily change depending on each person’s belief, taste or reasoning. The offer is so diverse and the designs are so easy to alter that artists can create a refreshing tattoo and still keep your passion for guardian angels intact. This is why there is little chance of discovering the same tattoo model as yours imprinted on other people as well.

Guardian angel tattoos are meant to do exactly what their name suggests to protect people. The guardian angel concept is highly promoted in Christian belief being mentioned in both the Old and the New Testament. They are presented as intermediaries between the realm of God and the human world with the mission of protecting and guiding people from their birth up to their deaths. In Judaism we are also guaranteed that our guardian angels work relentlessly to carry our prayers back to God and Muslims believe each person has two such angels. Religious people all over the world truly believe in the protection power guardian angel tattoos can offer and choose designs that match their desires. For instance, women who have troubles giving birth can choose to get a tattoo with a special guarding angel in charge of conception and pregnancy.

However, apart from the religious motives, many clients choose this model because of their beautiful aspect. There are many different guardian angel tattoos designs, each more unique than the other. From sacred to chic, exotic to peaceful, artists can give whatever atmosphere you wish to your tattoo depending on your requirements. The gender of the angels can also differ in accordance with clients’ wishes and small children angels can also act as guardians for whoever chooses to imprint them on their skin. Starting with the passion for mystery and ending with their love for beautiful things, people often ask tattoo artists to add special effects to their designs such as overflowing light, clouds, flowers or even strange patterns. The expression of your angel can also depend on what you wish your angel to symbolize. A sad, hopeful or naughty expression can change the entire feel of your tattoo completely. There are also cases when the angels symbolize much more than a simple tattoo for the wearer, and then special modifications are made to the original design. For example, people who wish their guardian angels to stand for their deceased beloved person usually request that the angel resembles them. All in all, irrespective of the reasons behind acquiring a guarding angel tattoo, this design will always be a motif of wonder for those admiring it.



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The growing popularity of ankle tattoos for women

Posted by on May 8, 2013 in Ankle Tattoos Designs, Recent

The art of tattooing has been practiced for centuries all around the world. The first tattoo was probably made in Asia and was brought to Europe by James Cook after he returned from his first trip to Tahiti. Nowadays, tattoos have become increasingly popular for those that want to express themselves in a more special manner and make their bodies a form of walking art. Both men and women choose to have different places on their bodies tattooed with various designs that express their feelings and their personality. Ankle tattoos for women are among the most common types of tattoos chosen by the fair gender, after the lower back tattoos. The ankle is a very delicate spot of a woman’s body and therefore a very good place to have a tattoo on.

Ankle tattoos for women are a way of making a visual effect on the beholder and many times a way of flirting. The tattoos that wrap around the ankle will give their owner a more gentle look and inspire a romantic personality especially if we are talking about flowers or stars. Other women choose to have a name written on their ankle so this kind of tattoo can also be used as a form of love statement for a certain person. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a name it can just be a message or a motto that you believe in. Butterflies are also a very popular ankle tattoo design as it is one of the most beautiful and delicate insects that you can find in every country. This is why the butterfly has gained so much recognition in the art of tattooing all around the world, among women of all ages. But one of the most popular ankle tattoos for women is the rosary.

Many women choose to have this tattooed on their ankles because it is very beautiful and delicate at the same time. These are just a few examples of the most common ankle tattoo designs for women. If you really choose to get a tattoo on your ankle there are many models to choose from. Any artist has a catalog of his work or you can always do some research online. If you do find something that you like, make sure that all the details can be clearly seen in the picture so that there won’t be any misunderstandings with your artist. The best way is to check with a professional first and have him or her look at your ankle because depending on its shape and size certain images will go better than others.

All in all, there are many reasons why ankle tattoos are so popular among women. They are delicate, they don’t pop out if you don’t want to and there are tons of girly designs to choose from. Whether it’s a rosary, a butterfly, stars and stardust or just some flowers, there are many ways to obtain a unique combination that represents your personality the best. No matter what design you decide to have tattooed on your ankle keep in mind that it is not something that you can easily erase so choose wisely.


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The meaning of every Maci back tattoo

Posted by on Apr 8, 2013 in Celebrity Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Tattoos imprinted on the back are probably the most popular for they can easily be hidden underneath clothes. You can have your entire territory drawn on your body, without anyone knowing what it could possibly mean and your thoughts toward it. Many celebrities have tattoos, especially back tattoos. Whether talking about the lower or the upper part, they are known to the whole world and explained in detail their signification, for people to get a Beckham or Maci back tattoo. Wore by both men and women there’s a wide range of tattoo designs to choose from, simple or complex. As a future notice, careful when choosing your pattern, for it will remain there your entire life. It has to have a certain meaning, like the Maci back tattoo.

The Maci back tattoo is very large and has many interpretations for there are many tattoos inked on her body. They all have personal signification for the sexy teen mom, though this topic is very controversial by other people. The Maci back tattoo placed on the lower part of her body, represents a texts that says “bullet proof”. As she mentioned in her description, this comes from the fact the she can take as many hits as life provides her. You can see through this that Maci is a very strong, confident woman, capable of great things to achieve her goals. Usually, people who suffered a lot in life, became unbreakable during time. Passing through horrible experiences, future problems are considered piece of a cake, for you will know for certain that everything has a solution.

Another Maci back tattoo is represented by the piece of paper. This is due to the fact that she enjoys very much writing and composing. It leads to the thought that Maci is yet a sensitive person, that likes to stay hidden somewhere in a corner of the imagination. You can find a drop of romance underneath that bullet proof heart, provided by the writing ambition, no matter if she’s got talent or not. Moreover, the Maci back tattoo which stands clearly for Bentley, is the written text “ Bentley Cadence” which again comes to the idea of romance and warm feelings for this man. Only a person who loves so much another one, can tattoo his name. It helps maintaining a blazer along with the memory of having spend wonderful times together. Whether talking about love between two opposite sex persons, or mother love, love is after all the supreme emotion a human is capable of feeling. Also, there is designed on her body, a Maci back tattoo, for each important member of her family. The cupcakes “o”-s are for her mom, dad and brother. Finally, the two left to discuss letters are the “u” which comes from her zodiac sign and the “t”, the symbol for the group.

All in all, if you choose to get a Maci back tattoo, be careful what you choose, for they all have an important significance for her, as horrible as others may think her tattoos look like. But they certainly don’t have to mean the same thing for you. The best advice is to inspire your tattoos from her, but create your own pattern with a meaningful sense for yourself. A Maci back tattoo is after all, her idea, her feeling and her design.

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Models for a tattoo on the ankle

Posted by on Apr 8, 2013 in Ankle Tattoos Designs, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Teenagers have a fashionable way to express their feelings through tattoos. Dating from many centuries ago, at first tattoos were considered to be a lack of occupation for the prisoners. Later, all the stars began to design a symbol on a part of their body. There are many different types of tattoos: permanent, semi-permanent, even fake ones. Girls opt for tiny designs made on different parts of the body that can be easily covered, like a tattoo on the ankle. At the seaside, wearing bath costumes they go magnificently with a bronzed skin. Otherwise, an ankle tattoo is not visible to anybody, unless one chooses to undress, in order show it.

The ankle tattoo is not as painful as others made in different places and it is also cheaper for there is not much skin to color. By choosing a bracelet, a symbol or an initial, the leg gets a perfect decoration. Many girls write inscriptions in other languages. Latin, which is said to be a dead language is commonly used in this art domain. Companies promote their image online, on the social networks mostly, but also live, through their employees. Usually they are experienced people who have finished high schools of art or design. Roses make quite a sketch for a tattoo on the ankle. It represents purity and delicacy, the main characteristics an ankle tattoo is based on. Also, designing the loved one’s initial brings to the thought of keeping him in a special, secret place. Of course, it is a wise choice since breaking up with him won’t make a girl regret having that tattoo done, because not many people can see it.

Another special design is represented by butterflies. Having a butterfly tattoo on the ankle is a very sexy and cute decision that might lead to the impression that a person has the whole world at their feet. Insects fly away, representing freedom, the liberty of making self choices. Mainly, it suggests the idea of an independent, delicate woman. Numbers are another option for a classy ankle tattoo. A person can mark herself with her lucky number or a date that is representative for her. This way, that special moment is captured like in a photo and one can always remember why it is important, carrying its memory forever.

On the other hand, there are people who consider that an ankle tattoo shouldn’t be done by the sake of having something printed on the skin, though few people are able to see it. This is an important decision to make and it must have a personal meaning. They do not agree with flowers and tribal symbols that are eye – catching, but have no importance what so ever. Anyway, when deciding to make a tattoo on the ankle, the model must be well thought for it is not something that wears off. It should be seen as a scar, a birth mark, since after all, the process of making a tattoo on the ankle involves piercing the skin with hot needles. All in all, an ankle tattoo is the best choice for a lady, whatever the model may be, for it can be covered at anytime, or revealed at special events in a nice manner.

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Learn everything about celtic tattoo meanings

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More and more people get nowadays, celtic tattoo designs imprinted on their skin in different places. The world doesn’t know much about symbols and about the celtic tattoo meanings because there are no written proofs about the celtic traditions what so ever. What is clear is the fact that the meaning of celtic tattoos can be hard to recognize by anyone and that is probably why they are so demanded. They leave a trace of mystery behind every symbol, no matter its size or color, making tattoos so hard to decide on the suitable model. Tattoos are appreciated by many because of the artistic patterns, historical information provided and of course, for the celtic tattoos meaning. The Celts were very rich in culture and had gifted talents in art, being able to create unique models for tattoos, battle shields and even jewelry.
The symbolic messages transmitted by the celtic tattoos are surely hard to understand by a modern person and so, their evaluation stands it the attractive model and the way it is seen inked on someone’s skin. In this article you will find the important meaning of celtic tattoos like the knots work, spirals or crosses. Some of the information provided is inspired from the Book of Kells, an ancient manuscript of the celtic people, that illustrated most of the celtic tattoo models. The knots are the deepest tattoos to translate. They represent a continuous intersection of two major elements, mainly noted as the spirit and the physic. In can be related to a balance between these ideas, otherwise in can provide a permanent chaotic lifestyle.

The celtic tribes used to tattoo their faces with different, unique patterns, for their families and friends to be able to recognize them after death. It is possible for that to be the reason of so many celtic tattoo designs that have lots of celtic tattoo meanings. It is a fact that the celtic art prospered a lot in the ancient times and the results can be seen in different domains. It is curious though, how every celtic tattoos meaning leads to the thought of infinity. It can be shown in the celtic knots that connect birth with death in a cycle of life, or in the never – ending spirals. Whatever the pattern is about, the idea always leads to love, faith and other elements that are related to life. We can say that there is a meaning of celtic tattoos involving fights, that mention the courage of the warriors and their devotion towards their nation.
Celtic tattoo meanings is a topic that can be discussed over and over again since they are more or less subjective. If you want your tattoo to symbolize something, then do some research about the meaning of celtic tattoos, before getting one done. It is a certainty that celtic tattoos will remain popular for a very long time, since you can choose from a wide range of diverse models. Whether looking online for the perfect pattern or creating your own piece of art by having a celtic tattoos meaning understood only by the persons close to you, tattooing represents a way of expressing infinite thoughts.

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Generate a self made Wiz Khalifa back tattoo

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Having a Lil Wayne look regarding tattoos, Wiz Khalifa is another rap artist very found of the tattooing industry. Since tattoos are in such a hurry to reach at their peak, many people adopt this style, especially artists from different domains. Wiz Khalifa is one of the people who actually can take count on how many patterns they have imprinted on their body. He even made a song about tattoos, which means that this trend had seriously affected him. His first tattoo was at the age of sixteen, when his own mother brought him to a studio. Now he is among the major artists who have turned their skin into an inking canvas, working with the best tattoo artist known by the world, Tuki Carter, a legend in this business. Among the most personal tattoos on his body, there is the Wiz Khalifa back tattoo, for it represents his nickname, Khalifa.

Another Wiz Khalifa back tattoo that he personally says it represents him a lot is the shark that comes out from water. Being a large tattoo that covers most of his back, the Wiz Khalifa back tattoo is also the most painful one which he spent several hundreds of dollars. He wants people to see him as the top inked artist, so he imprints everything he can, with original tattoos, having mentioned that he would never go to the extreme of tattooing his cheeks or eyes. His major goal is to ink his whole body, since he started doing this at an early age and work with many artists. The Wiz Khalifa back tattoo, representing his nickname is actually one of the biggest tattoos he has and also there’s the shark, on the back as well. He keeps spreading tattoos on his body, having different spiritual or related with his life meaning. But the most important thing is that they are all original and do have a personal coverage. He even got tattoos imprinted for the persons he mostly loves, his sister and his uncle.

The Wiz Khalifa back tattoo was a topic that covered many interviews and magazine articles. There’s no stopping him, but what really counts is the fact that he only gets inked things that mean something to him. So, besides having a weakness over tattoos, he also has a personal vision of them, reflected on his entire body. A Wiz Khalifa back tattoo would make a remarkable appearance on anyone’s back, but you should also consider the fact that the pattern is already taken. Actually, no one has ever inked a tattoo like Khalifa! So, if you’re thinking of getting a Wiz Khalifa back tattoo, consider borrowing his “Self made” style and stay focused on remaining authentic in your creations.

All in all, when considering to get a tattoo, search online for the exclusive Wiz Khalifa back tattoo images. You can borrow some of the designs from there, like a font or an idea may hit you while looking at the shark that is one large Wiz Khalifa back tattoo.

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Great ideas for celtic and irish tattoos

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Leaded by the thought of conquering the world, the northern tribes have managed successfully to win the tattooing industry with their impressive meaningful patterns. The celtic and irish tattoos have numerous designs displayed in every shape and color, for the passionate people who want to create ravishing, original decorations on their skin. Their designs describe better their culture and artistic skills, for they have created amazing celtic irish tattoos for both women and men, appreciated all over the world. Their creations have become popular among people of different ages. The celtic gaelic tattoos are a fashion trend that can be found in almost every tattoo, leaving far behind the latin inscriptions.

First of all, the celtic gaelic tattoos are represented by inscriptions difficult to understand, created with a beautiful antique font that provides a sexy appearance. Some of the commonly inscriptions, full of meanings refer to love, friendship, optimism and dreams. These expressions are old celtic proverbs meant to encourage people to run after their desires and never give up, until they achieve what their mind and soul chase after. Improving your tattoo with the celtic gaelic tattoos is a wise choice, for they go along any place on the body, due to the fact that the letters come from the “Celtic Tree Alphabet”.

Since the celtic cross design is known all over the world, mingled with other celtic irish tattoos would provide it an authentic style easy to recognize. One of the celtic and irish tattoos that go along the celtic cross very well, is the sword. This item used in battles by the brave soldiers, represents power and inner strength. Tattooing has become nowadays a perfect manner of expressing your personality and your thoughts. The irish clover is a cute design meant to bring luck to the person wearing it. Though at the first impression it seems more like a girly, childish item, with a gaelic inscription around it, this pattern is agreed by men as well. If you are a superstitious person, then you should get one done, to enlighten your life a bit. Fir the ones that love their country very much, the irish flag is on top of the celtic irish tattoos. The flag is an emblem of the pride and joy felt by being born as an irish person, for their ancestors were brave men with a lot of courage running through their veins.

Another great idea for the celtic and irish tattoos category is represented by the famous celtic knots. These lines, swirls and loops combined together form a combination of life and death bounded together in the infinite cycle of existence. It can also lead to the thought of having infinite ideas and dreams to achieve. Though these tattoos have a standard meaning that can be found on the internet or in different books, they also represent a personal symbol for the person wearing it. In order to find out more of a person, the only thing you have to do is read the symbols behind his or her tattoos.

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