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The fallen angel tattoo – sign of faith or disbelief?

Posted by on Apr 4, 2013 in Angel Tattoos Designs Gallery, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Everything that surrounds us exists under the seal of duplicity. There is life and death, rising and falling, good and bad, love and hate, happiness and sadness. Even the most trivial of life’s aspects are subdued to this never ending concept. Art nowadays comes in many forms, one of which is body painting and tattooing, and these are features highly duplicitous as well. Let’s take for example one of the most popular forms of tattoos, one that has become even famous being adopted by numerous celebrities – angel tattoos. The common perception of the angels is that of guardian, good spirits, but in reality they can also signify evil. Although having your body inked with such a tattoo is usually a sign of faith, in several cases the angel isn’t a representation of God’s messenger on earth, but exactly the opposite. We’re talking about the fallen angel tattoo, which has gained more and more popularity in recent years. Now, it’s no longer just about the face and posture of the angel, but about his actions in the design. Even the lack of action is something to consider, lots of people offering their angels human features in an attempt of expressing themselves.

As said, the options regarding angel tattoos are endless, therefore we’ll turn our heads to the fallen angel tattoo, as it is a very powerful, impressive visual. An interesting founding is that the tattoo of fallen angel comes often in feminine form, suggesting the idea that a woman’s beauty greatly contrasts her dark nature. However, the representation of a fallen angel tattoo is more often met with in men. The Bible says that when the archangel Michael fought Lucifer, he won the battle and banished the latter from Heaven. The classical paintings and religious drawings depict Lucifer falling out of the sky, just as he fell from the grace of God. Men generally adopt the image of them in battle, whereas the more static postures show them as injured, or with torn wings., and their expression is always one of anguish and agony.

The tattoo of fallen angel is usually done in a darker ink than all the other angel tattoos. It’s perfectly understandable, since they are generally popular among persons with a darker side, such as Goths, bikers and Satanists. A reason may be that they see themselves in the story of the fallen angels. It’s a known fact that angels are empowered with free will, so they have the ability to choose between right and wrong, just like people do. The most typical tattoo of fallen angel will also show defeat and humility. People may choose them as forms of recognizing failure or major setbacks in their lives. Their wings are normally torn and falling to the sides, but some tattoos of fallen angels show them with their wings spread and held high, but with the head resting on the knees, as if they are crying. Sometimes, they even have the posture of Jesus on the cross.

The various forms of the fallen angel tattoo do nothing but to confirm its attraction and power over people and its steady subsistence among tattoo preferences.

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Designs and meanings of the celtic tree tattoo

Posted by on Apr 3, 2013 in Celtic tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

When deciding to get a tattoo, many thoughts cross to one’s mind about different sophisticated patterns, most of them resembling with a celtic tattoo. Some choose the black ink tattooing, while others opt for colorful, large size designs for different parts of their body. The celtic tree tattoo is a particular pattern full of meaning, having interesting themes that can easily be applied in a smooth manner on visible places. Thinking about the celtic arm tattoos, one usually chooses tribal bands or awkward symbols that signify different values, enveloping the observer into an ancient philosophy. Here are a few concepts about tattoo designs, that will help you make the right decision for tattooing.

In order to get a beautiful celtic tree tattoo, the area selected for decorating has to be large sized, for the pattern to have the proper imagine. Due to this inconvenient, this tattoo is better placed on the entire back, for it provides the best artistic look. There are various designs, each representing a different meaning, so it is necessary to do some research first, before going to the tattoo studio. Other options for placing this specific tattoo are the legs and the arms that allow you to show it off in effective ways. Trees are probably the last option for tattooing because their importance hasn’t been promoted so much as in the case of the tribal and celtic symbols or animal tattoos. The celtic tree tattoo represents energy, regeneration and peace, for it is a significant part of the natural environment. People that are spiritual understand entirely its symbolism. In the ancient times, trees were considered to have their own spirits and people worshiped them, praying for rainy days that would subsequently enrich the earth, providing them food provisions. It also represented their faith in life. If this element was destroyed during wars, so was their courage and optimism.

The tree of life was considered to have its roots deeply in the ground, connecting with every living creature, feeling all their emotions. Also, its branches reached the sky, maintaining a balance between Earth and spirit. Ancient people loved very much nature and they used to plant bonsai or cherry trees for their faith. They took care of them, considering these plants a part of them. The celtic tattoo embraced all these meanings, providing unique, splendid patterns for the ones that are attracted to nature. While thinking about ingenious celtic arm tattoos, the tree tattoo in a smaller shape can be a creative decision. Since not many people are interested in plain designs that conquer through their meaning, the celtic tattoo has only been exposed with crosses and work knots.

Though the celtic arm tattoos can have a variety of patterns, it is wisely to choose something interesting instead of abusing of the already used tribal symbols, trying to improvise them in order to look authentic. Inked trees are said to send hitches straight to every heart, providing you a charismatic appearance hallmarked by elements of the nature. As a final suggestion, the dark green ink is the most compatible color for such an outrageous tattoo design.

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Cheryl Cole back tattoo design

Posted by on Apr 2, 2013 in Celebrity Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Even celebrities embraced the tattooing trend and got themselves unique patterns with certain personal signification. Tattoos are great accessories, especially for women who enjoy showing them off on the red carpet. Cheryl Cole is a singer who impressed through her appearance in the Girls Aloud band. Becoming a famous pop star, she now gets to reveal her splendid tattoo imprinted on the lower back. Fans grew madly about the Cheryl Cole back tattoo, for it’s actually a pretty pattern, unique in its own way.

Born in 1983, the singer became remarked when participating in the X Factor jury. Barely in 2009 she started her single career, splitting up from Girls Aloud and she made major changes in her life. Her launching brought her a double platinum disk, for her music became a major trend. Fans all over the world admire Cheryl Cole, this probably being a strong reason to get a Cheryl Cole back tattoo. From her debut album, you can still hear the smashing hits “3 Words”, “Promise this” and “Fight for this love”. Her amazing voice is incomparable and she also has an elegant style, apart from what it’s seen on other celebrities. The Cheryl Cole back tattoo made some huge impressions, when revealed accidentally on her way to the X Factor studio. She had already mentioned about her crush on tattoos, so it was expected to see a pattern imprinted on her skin, sooner or later.

The Cheryl Cole back tattoo, consists of a centered butterfly, surrounded by many delicate flower leaves. First designed only the butterfly, she decided to add some spicy flavor and re-create her pattern in an authentic style. You can choose to have either a plain Cheryl Cole back tattoo, or the entire, new model, if you can endure the pain caused by imprinting on your column. Since she’s so fanatic about tattoos, she has many other patterns that can easily be copied. The other four tattoos are placed on her hand, her right thigh, her left side of the bottom and the one on her back neck, which she said to remove, since she’s not so found of it. She seems to be keen on tribal symbols and tattoos with different meanings, for she has a variety of interesting designs.

Moreover, you can make your own Cheryl Cole back tattoo and keep it original, by mixing up some of her other tattoos. You can make the centered butterfly and add some tribal signs around it and still look fabulous like the 3 Words singer. Actually she confessed that she is the author of her own Cheryl Cole back tattoo design for she wanted to have the meaning of a new beginning, freedom, since she divorced Ashley Cole, being unhappy in her marriage. That’s why she picked the flower leaves as a background to complete her original tattoo.

To draw a line, the splendid Cheryl Cole back tattoo is a way of expressing positive feelings and a perfect manner to show optimism and self confidence. You can generate your own Cheryl Cole back tattoo and still remain stylish, by adding a different background with a personal signification. The singer loves her tattoos and are part of her life, body and soul and this represents a perfect example to follow. You don’t just get a Cheryl Cole back tattoo because it is cute, but for it has a certain meaning and you can find yourself reflected in the image transmitted by that pattern!

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How to find amazing upper back tattoo ideas

Posted by on Apr 2, 2013 in Back Tattoos, Celebrity Tattoos, Recent

Many people haven’t got the necessary time to search and document about upper back tattoo ideas, but they still want to achieve qualitative designs and authentic looks. You can find lots of interesting patterns on the internet, by simply typing the words “upper back tattoo ideas” into the search engine. But you won’t be able to find the match that you are looking for, due to the fact that is it hard to express a pattern through words, so that it will provide your correct galleries. Depending on what you search and where you want the studio located, you can figure out some sketches with an artist and come up with something new in the tattooing industry.

If you are eager to find out how to can get the most out of the internet patterns and how to search for them, then stay tuned! Upper back tattoo ideas can easily be found on sites who are specially created to provide relevant information and patterns for different versions of tattoos. Companies that have a studio for tattoos will surely want to promote their work and so, they will always upload relevant upper back tattoo ideas. This way, with a proper content, there will be many visitors on their site keen on getting a tattoo done, so they will increase their customers and sales! Tattoos are not just some images downloaded from the internet and printed on paper! They should be a part of you and have a special meaning, for that must be the reason for imprinting.

There are many interesting upper back tattoo ideas, you just have to know how to look after them! An inspiring thing is to register to a forum. These social networks where you can discuss about everything with anyone are very useful when it comes to finding tips about amazing upper back tattoo ideas! There, you might chat with people who already have knowledge about online galleries which are not so easy to find with the search engines, but containing interesting designs that will fascinate you for sure. Moreover, if you use the search option from forums, you get to see all the past posts which are now in the archive of that specific forum. There, you can find links and also images regarding upper back tattoo ideas. Creating such tattoos is a trend for both men and women and provides the possibility of many outrageous patterns. Whether choosing some sort of inscription written in other languages with antique font, or going for some pictures, anime or simply objects, there are many upper back tattoo ideas you can find.

To conclude with, when deciding to get a tattoo, especially on the back, you have to dig deeper for upper back tattoo ideas, in order to find amazing designs that will look absolutely fabulous! Women may choose something cute and small for their delicate shaped back, but men can go for something spicy and create beautiful patterns. If somehow, in the past tattoos had different meanings, like the membership of a tribe, nowadays they have become a powerful trend in the fashion industry, being an accessory that can’t miss form anyone’s wardrobe!
Upper back tattoo ideas

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The Symbolic Background of Butterfly Tattoos

Posted by on Apr 1, 2013 in Arm Tattoos, Butterfly Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Although at first thought, you may be tempted to exclude insects from the category of popular tattoo design choices, graphic representations of such delicate creatures are actually very commonly encountered, especially among women. The butterfly is highly predominant in modern tattoo art, and is known to have revolutionized tattooing trends a couple a decades ago.

There is something very enticing about the aspect, color and movement of the butterfly, which along with the interesting symbolism of this fragile winged insect, manages to draw the weaker sex into the idea of having a butterfly tattoo done.

Butterfly tattoos encompass a broad range of symbolic meanings. While some of these meanings are more simplistic, directly related to the observable features of the butterfly (beauty, fragility, purity, restlessness), other interpretations are more profound, and root back from ancient times. In Japanese culture, for instance, the depiction of a single butterfly is seen as a symbol for young womanhood, while a pair of butterflies are representative of marital bliss and completeness.

In Aztec culture, the butterfly represents the spirits of warriors fallen in battle, as well as the spirits of women who died in childbirth. In Christian culture, the butterfly is perceived as a symbol for soul liberation and separation from the mortal, transient, earthly shell. Russian culture associates the butterfly with images of motherhood and the general feminine condition.

Butterfly tattoo designs are usually adopted to express the idea of evolution on a personal level, significant changes in one’s life, freedom or escape, as well as regeneration and rebirth. In fact, many people choose butterfly tattoos to embrace the ephemeral nature of life, as well as the process of metamorphosis from a crawling caterpillar to a beautiful, bright colored and fascinating winged creature.

If you are considering the idea of getting a tattoo, butterfly tattoo designs are a great place to start. Unlike other tattoos that may lose their significance over time, butterfly tattoos are packed with profound meanings, are visually appealing and can be easily expanded into more elaborate designs in the future. As with all other designs, take the time to choose the tattoo that is right for you and try to make it as original and personal as possible. With a little originality, patience and skill, butterfly tattoo designs can be transformed into impressive works of art, rivaling with nature’s own creation in terms of expressivity and beauty.

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The symbolism of butterflies in ink!

Posted by on Apr 1, 2013 in Back Tattoos, Butterfly Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

I am sure that for all those interested in the art of tattooing and the different meanings and symbolism of the thousands of designs, butterflies tattoos are no mystery. But the meaning of a butterfly tattoo is still a subject under discussion, as there are so many and various aspects with regard to its significance. The sign of a butterfly can always be associated with beauty, but that is just the surface, if we go deeper and deeper into symbolism, and as we travel around the globe, we will discover that the meaning of butterfly tattoo designs go beyond the notion of beauty and into mystic connotation. It is a tattoo designs highly appealing to women, who have the liberty of choosing between countless shapes, sizes and colours, all with their own, particular essence. And the greatest part is that they look so natural and so amazing with so little effort. You don’t need complex designs, although you can opt for one if that is what you want, you don’t need large ink space, although you can opt for large depictions if that is what you want, all you need is to make use of the meaning of butterfly tattoo designs and impress through the power of message.

Some of the basic meanings of butterflies in the art of tattooing stand for femininity, obviously, delicacy and gentleness, as well as freedom and independence. Even though they are in the majority of cases chosen by women, butterfly tattoos can also look great on men if associated with the right elements. I mean they are less feminine than flowers, for example. Anyway, what I wanted to highlight is that the meaning of a butterfly tattoo can very easily be transposed as to relate to more manly issues as well. Speaking of different cultures and manly impressions, the Ancient Aztec civilization considered butterflies a symbol of the dead warriors’ souls. However, regardless of the person wearing the tattoo, a man or a woman, the creation of a butterfly tattoo can be quite a challenge for the tattoo artist. It may turn into something of a dare to try and design an unique representation of a widely use and extremely popular symbol. But the meaning of butterfly tattoo designs again comes to help the art of tattooing. Depending on what the tattoo means to you and what is the message you want to send to the world, the artist can give it a personal spin, thus making it one of a kind.

All in all, the meaning of a butterfly tattoo has the power to change the overall effect of the body ink and, whether we are talking about womanhood, change, evanescence or freedom of spirit, the tattoo designs depicting butterflies will always have a strong visual impression, due to the deep symbolism of the creatures and their various perception world wide. Therefore, a woman choosing a butterfly design should always try and relate her choice to her life and personality, in order to transform a hugely popular image into an unique piece of art!

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How to Add Character to Butterfly Tattoo Designs

Posted by on Mar 29, 2013 in Butterfly Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Some of girls’ all-time favorites in terms of tattoo designs, butterfly representations come in all shapes and sizes, and can be used to make a variety of visual statements. Besides being beautiful, gracious, sophisticated and colorful, butterfly tattoos are also popular for their versatility.

Butterflies can be depicted individually or in combination with other graphical representations, such as flowers or fairies, be painted onto the skin using either a restrictive or an ampler color palette, be evidenced using bold outlines or faded in the background using subtler contours, and so on.

Apart from the plethora of available styles and techniques that can be used to illustrate images of butterflies, the same tattoo can be used to suggest many different concepts. For instance, butterfly tattoos can act as symbols of grace, beauty, or fragility, can suggest the transition or reincarnation of the spirit, or signify the concept of metamorphosis.

With myriad butterfly tattoo designs to choose from, the task of finding the right one can be daunting. Depending on personal taste and preference, you can either go for the more common butterfly tattoos, such as tribal-pattern, fairy, Irish and Celtic designs, or work on your own unique design with the help of the tattoo artist. In fact, to ensure you get a cool, visually impressive design that also molds perfectly onto your personality and character, it is recommendable to aim for a combination of the two options described above. Tweak in a ready made, well-crafted butterfly tattoo to match your style, add a few original elements and you get a design with a lot of character that will definitely be noticed in the crowd.

Common placement ideas for butterfly tattoos are the ankles and upper legs, shoulders, lower back area, upper back area, chest and wrists. The placement choice for the tattoo significantly influences its overall effect. To achieve the outgoing, expansive look, consider placing the tattoo on areas on the body that are more visible. For a touch of mystique, elegance and charm, go for a discrete butterfly tattoo design in a less exposed skin area.

Remember that there is no right or wrong when deciding the placement for your tattoo; the only limitations are dictated by size and style, but even these rules can sometimes be bent or broken. In essence, the whole process of getting that butterfly tattoo design you are dreaming of is a question of personal choice. Considering you will be making a decision for life, make sure you are happy with your choice of design before having it tattooed on your skin.

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Basic information about celtic crosses tattoos

Posted by on Mar 29, 2013 in Celtic tattoos, Cross Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

People like to wear different types of tattoos, some prefer them simple and some like more complex patterns. Among the plainest tattoo designs, we can talk about the celtic crosses tattoos. Though they are simple, they can easily be combined with different other patterns, turning what existed in the beginning into complex celtic cross tattoos designs. That is the main reason why this specific tattoo applies to both categories of people mentioned in the first lines of this article. Usually people choose celtic cross designs for tattoos in order to show their faith towards a divine power.

Known as the wheel – cross or the ring – cross, the celtic cross tattoos designs firstly appeared in the fifth century, in Europe. Having its origins in the pagan symbols, it is now considered a typical symbol of Christianity worn by both men and women. Rumors have come to the fact that this celtic tattoo, once stood for fertility in human kind, or in agriculture. Then, Christians associated the plus sign with churches and tombs. In the northern countries, crosses were raised in places were accidents happened and caused the death of people. Today, you can find crosses everywhere in graveyards, in churches and in the celtic cross designs for tattoos. Combined with the knots work, celtic crosses tattoos transmit the idea of a permanent connection between heaven and earth.

Celtic cross tattoos are created at small scales or very large dimensions, depending on the part of the body you want to imprint them. Artists say that the majority prefer to wear them on the upper part of the arm. This is a perfect place to show in the summer days, but you can also easily hide it for business meetings or other important things that require the involvement of a serious person. Another good place for the celtic cross tattoos designs is on the forearms or the back, even if talking about the upper part or the lower one. Another great idea for the celtic crosses is a design that covers your entire back. You can try it, in order to have bigger impact on other people.

The most desired among the celtic cross designs for tattoos is probably the combination of the celtic knots work. With no beginnings and endings, such tattoo is very beautiful and schemer. The most popular among them is the tattoo including a circle around the cross and a rose placed above the circle. Besides the rough side, it also reveals sensibility and warm feelings. Other simple celtic crosses tattoos only contain knots and ribbons or diamonds in the center of the cross. These designs can also be created in many colors, but the demanded ones are mostly in black and red ink, for an intense effect.

There are many ways of getting a tattoo and a proper signification to it, you just have to know a little bit about the celtic culture and about the celtic art. Crosses have many meanings, whether going for the simple pattern or the complex one. You may choose a celtic cross tattoo in order to express faith, or you may go for the dark version of it, referring to death.

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Lower Back Tattoos – The Perfect Way of Getting Noticed in the Crowd

Posted by on Mar 29, 2013 in Back Tattoos, Dragon Tattoo, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Etched on the skin area just above the buttocks near the waistline, lower back tattoos are great for accentuating the beauty and sensuality of the female figure. Judging by this, the great popularity of such designs among women and girls looking to make a statement of their femininity really comes as no surprise.

Apart from being beautiful and sexy, lower back tattoos are also very easy to conceal by means of clothing. Moreover, since the back is a very spacious body part to work on, it allows for larger and more complex designs. As another advantage, back tattoos are easier to execute and tend to preserve their shape and crispness better over time, thanks to the skin in this area being more flat and less prone to stretching or sagging.

However, the truth is that the large majority of women and girls who decide to wear lower back tattoos primarily choose such designs for the way they emphasize their features. Since lower back tattoos draw attention on the buttocks and waistline area and can enhance the curves of the body, they have rapidly become the ladies’ favorites. Men, on the other hand, prefer placing their tattoos higher on the back, with some of the most popular placement options being the shoulder blade area and the back of the neck. With the right placement, masculine back tattoos can give the impression of wider, broader shoulders.

The great thing about lower back tattoos is that they go hand in hand with modern fashion trends, which means they can be shown off easily by wearing a hip pair of low cut jeans or a skirt in combination with a shorter blouse or T-shirt. With a simple and sexy outfit to compliment your lower back tattoo, you will definitely stand out and turn some heads in the crowd.

At present there is a plethora of lower back styles and designs to choose from, so make sure you do a rigorous research before opting for a particular model. Symmetrical and highly stylized designs number among the more popular options these days, although you should explore other possibilities as well and eventually stick with what you like best. Common lower back tattoo styles and designs include angels, stylized wings, butterflies, dragon figures, Asian characters and flower motifs.

To sum it all up, lower back tattoos shine through as a great way of adorning your body and making a statement of your personality, style and moral makeup. However, to make sure that you will end up wearing a quality tattoo that actually suits you, consider turning to a skilful and experienced artist for a fully customized design.

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The simplest way is the best way!

Posted by on Mar 28, 2013 in Butterfly Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

There are many factors that need considering when making the decision of getting a tattoo. What kind of tattoo should it be? What designs should you choose? Do you want a small tattoo or a big design? Where to get it? Should it be black or coloured? Sometimes, the experience of searching for the right tattoo can be dazzling and the more catalogs and pictures you see, the more confused and undecided you get. Well, sometimes the simplest way is the best way, especially if you are young girl or a woman! Women make this decision quite fast, because the majority need a designs that is feminine and that highlights their personality. This is why butterflies for example are very common among women. The shape of the butterfly perfectly fits the mirror-image undulations of a woman’s body. Furthermore, the butterfly can captivate both the tender, delicate side of a woman, as well as her free spirit, passion for change and wildness of character.

There are countless variations on the designs of such a tattoo, but going on the same principle of effective simplicity, the little butterfly tattoo stands remarkable. There is something about the splendour of the tiny butterfly that makes it incredibly appealing even for adult women. Little butterfly tattoos give you a lot of freedom in terms of choosing the body part you want to have it inked on, as they don’t require so much space and, in addition, they can be easily covered if the situation asks for it, which is a huge advantage for women. However, the first aspect taken into account is the symbolism of the design. When people are searching tattoos for girls butterfly comes first in mind because it reflects the cycle of life, which is particular to every person, so it has personality by this aspect only. The short life of the butterfly is also of great importance, as women may choose little butterfly tattoos to send a message, that life is short and you need to enjoy it to the fullest!

One other major reason for turning to a little butterfly tattoo is the power it has to represent progression on a personal side, or change. Women often have the tendency of expressing strength through their choice of ink, or success over a hard period in their lives, and there is nothing more appropriate than a butterfly to do that, as the winged creature is known for having the ability to bounce back in any circumstance. There is an exciting contradiction in terms when you thing of the size of a butterfly and the thousands of kilometers that it is able to fly, much alike the contradictory side of women.

Apart from the choice of design, there are a couple of other aspects to take into account, such as whether you would like to have some adjoining elements to compliment your little butterfly tattoo or whether the tattoo should be black or not. The colouring of a butterfly can be quite impressive, but there is also something mysterious about a black butterfly.

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The mystic side of butterfly tattoos

Posted by on Mar 28, 2013 in Back Tattoos, Butterfly Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

The butterfly tattoo pictures are greatly sought after in search engines and the main reason is that they are very popular among women wanting to get inked. In terms of art and culture, butterflies have a different symbolism around the world that goes from capricious and unfaithful beings to metamorphosis and good change. But in what tattooing is concerned, the butterfly motifs have long been enclosed in the favourites. In time, the butterfly tattoo on the back for instance became a trend of its own with many followers, from teen girls to adult women. The back butterfly tattoos are almost always associated with women, due to their delicacy and gentleness, but also because of their ever-changing nature. Therefore, women that experienced drastic changes in their lives often went for this kind of tattoo as a form to express themselves.

Including insects in your thoughts about tattoos may not be the first of your instincts, but it is suffice to browse through some butterfly tattoos pictures and you will surely find something you will like. The designs can be simple or complex and the colouring sure helps to emphasize the intent of the tattoo. The placement of the tattoo is another major aspect that can influence the end result and the overall effect. The back butterfly tattoos seem to rank very high among women’s preferences. The choice of placement greatly depends on your intent and on the design itself. You may want to grant it high visibility or have situations in which you might want to cover it up. Also, large wings or mystical elements around it may require more space, so an ankle tattoo is out of the question here. A butterfly tattoo on the back gives you all the space you need for a complex design and it can be easily covered if circumstances ask for it.

However, regardless of the body part you choose to have inked, the one thing you need to always take into account is sending a message through your art. And with a back butterfly tattoo you have great leverage and a lot of meanings to work with. If you go around the globe, from Japan to Mexico, you will find extraordinary connotations alongside the butterfly tattoos pictures. In the far East, the butterfly represents young womanhood and two butterflies – marriage. The Aztecs saw the soul of the warriors in the shape of the butterfly, while most of the rest of the world associates it with change and transformation. The high point of having a butterfly tattoo on the back is that you can mix and match symbols, add your own, personal meanings and elements, give it an unique touch through different shaping and colouring.

All in all, butterflies tattoos are an excellent choice for women, standing for the shifty nature of beauty itself and the evanescence of all that is earthly. If you decide upon such a tattoo make sure to do it justice by choosing the right tattoo artist, who is able to understand your vision and message.

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The most original arm tattoo

Posted by on Mar 28, 2013 in Arm Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

The tattoos have reached the level of art and this is no longer a surprise or a secret for anybody. Every one of the persons who consider getting a tattoo is concerned with two aspects: originality and placement. These are the two most significant features of a tattoo, as the whole impact of the piece depends on them. Many people go for the arm tattoo designs because the arm is generous in space and enables multiple arrangements. The tattoo designs for arms are more than various and you should be very careful in choosing one because it is a very visible spot and so you need to be completely happy with your choice and with the end product.

As I said, originality is a major worry in the tattoo designs for arm industry and therefore plenty of artists are competing to prove their creativity and inventiveness. Nevertheless, the person inking your tattoo should work hand in hand with you when creating the concept, because the tattoo must be a reflection of your personality. And as every one of us is a singular individual, so should our tattoos be. Beyond the fact that all arm tattoo designs should carry a certain message, a sort of declaration to the world, a statement made by the person wearing the tattoo, it would be best if your tattoo were a harmonious assemble of figures, colours and sizes. Only then will you manage to impress and be satisfied with your tattoo.

In order to make sure that you will get the most original drawing there is, it wouldn’t hurt to do a little research among the tattoo designs on arm already inked. This way, not only you can get inspired, but also you will be able to make a clear distinction between yours and others. If it so happens to really like one of the designs out there, you can try to personalize it by changing its colours, or shapes or transpose it into a particular story, intrinsically yours. Work together with the tattoo artist or with your friends and family and try to come up with several variations to choose from. Eventually you will find a final version that will be tied to your vision of the original design.

In short, tattoo designs on arms are highly popular because of their high visual impact, easiness to work with and generosity in creation. Besides, from all the body parts that can bear a tattoo, the arm is probably the less painful option and, depending on the size and complexity of the arm tattoo designs, this is not an aspect you would want to overlook. Complicated, detailed tattoo designs for arm not only involve a greater level of pain than small, simple ones, but also require a longer period of time for healing. But if you are decided this is the best suitable option for you, take your time and try your best to create the most authentic, distinguishing tattoo ever seen so that you will be permanently satisfied with your body.

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The latest fashion of inner arm tattoos

Posted by on Mar 22, 2013 in Arm Tattoos, Celebrity Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Hands up and let me see what you’ve got! The inner arm tattoo has become an icon of its own lately since celebrities have started to prefer it to any other body part for ink. Expressing their faith, believes, tributes or just general preferences, a tattoo on inner arm can be quite a powerful weapon that you can bring up at the right time! It goes for men and women alike and its visibility remains a question of taste and intent. The tattoo inner arm has this ability of being both mysterious and striking, so you can go for it either you want to shock or you desire a discreet tattoo.

Any piece of ink on your body, being that an inner arm tattoo or one on any other body part, has to go beyond a fashion accessory, as many regard it. The choice of its design has to be related to your personality, your character and your life in some manner. The statement that a tattoo on inner arm has to make should not be about fashion, but about individuality. It will remain a permanent part of you, unless you choose to laser it off, which is highly inadvisable, so you should give a lot of thought to what you imprint.

The placement of the tattoo is as important as the design itself. The impact depends a whole lot on whether the shape and entire design of a tattoo matches with the place it was inked on. But there is also a practical side to all these considerations and that is the actual space that a body part has to offer. Some designs, through their flow of lines, shading and other features, require a lot of space in order to turn up good and therefore can not be inked on a woman’s wrist, for example. But, in the end, it is up to every single person in particular to choose the place of their desire, although the tattoo on inner arm is of an epic effect.

Now, at the opposite end, having nothing to do with effects and impact, there is always the issue of pain when talking about an inner arm tattoo. Generally, the arms are such a popular choice because the level of pain is somewhat smaller than other body parts, but things are different when it comes to inner arm. The region is quite a challenge, even for the strongest of men or women and the tattoo on inner arm will feel more like a biting, cutting sensation that you won’t forget very soon. Nevertheless, if you are truly determined to have an inner arm tattoo inked, then pain shouldn’t stop you. But don’t go through such an amount of pain just to have one like a dozen others. Create your own concept of tattoo on inner arm, give it your style and your personal touch and don’t let others influence your decision. This act, of having something inked on your body, must be a solitary decision and should only reflect your character and personality

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Keen ideas for arm tattoos

Posted by on Mar 22, 2013 in Arm Tattoos, Celtic tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Arm tattoos are hugely popular but that doesn’t mean that, if the arm is the place you want for getting a tattoo, you can not find some unique designs in the field. Original arm tattoo ideas often derive from the traditional ones. Let’s take for instance the Celtic tattoos, which mostly refer to geometrical grid designs or in some rare cases, animals. And they are all over the place, right? But if you go back to what Celtic really means, and that is Irish, you can come up with some pretty one of a kind tattoo ideas for arm. The Irish culture is rich in whimsical symbols that make up great, funny tattoos and offer you the individuality you want. After all, what is life without humor and personality? So check out below some of the Irish arm tattoo ideas that may brighten up your search.

The Leprechauns is one of the most comical ones. The Irish fairies with hidden gold pots and bad temper. They are usually inked in green color, but you can create a black design with shadows and multiple lines for effect. You may also go for the little child leprechaun or the vicious, elder, but the end result of your arm tattoo idea will without a doubt be of great impact. Equally representative for Irish culture is the four-leaf clover, the universal symbol of good luck. And although I acknowledge the fact that it is somehow less of an original design, there are plenty of tattoo ideas for arm you can create starting from the image of the clover. The Irish legend surrounding the four-leaf clover is that Eve carried it with her from the Garden of Eden, so you can even give it a religious hint if you like. Some other arm tattoo ideas may include antagonism, like associating the symbol of good luck with a symbol of bad luck, such as the number thirteen. There is a difference to be made between the four-leaf clover and the shamrock, another icon for the Irish. The four-leaf clovers bears a separate significance for each of its leaves, hope, faith, love and luck, while the shamrock stands for pride. The three leaves of the shamrock also have a religious basis, representing the Holy Trinity. Yet again, there is a wide range of tattoo ideas for arm that can be designed around this image. A less common idea would be to create a parallel between the image of shamrock and that of the club suit in cards decks, for the gambling lovers.

For those searching for a deeper meaning and ideology, there are many arm tattoo ideas and the first that comes to mind is the Claddagh ring. It is a high symbol of friendship, depicting two hands clasped together (representing faith) around a heart (representing love) that wears a crown (representing loyalty). There are a lot of tales and legends regarding the ring, some with reference to Gods and kings, some speaking about peasants and slaves. But, what is truly unique about it, is that the way you ink it speaks to your love life situation. For example, if you have it tattooed on the right arm with the heart facing out, it means your heart is not yet taken, while having it inked on the right arm but with the heart facing in means you are deeply in love. When the tattoo is worn on the left arm, it shows marriage. Quite an interesting tattoo idea for arm, don’t you think?

So, as you can see, the world does not lack in ideas and surely you can find a way of giving it a personal touch. All you have to do is give it a little thought and have the guts to do it!

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Famous women arm tattoo gala

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The arm for women are as popular as those for man. You don’t need biceps of steel or a well built upper body to be able to proudly display an arm tattoo. Arm tattoo women have found a way of not only expressing themselves through this art, but also of making arm tattoos feminine and chic. Whether the women arm tattoo expresses a belief, religious or of any other kind, a tribute or simply a beautiful design, women have succeeded in actually competing with men in fashionable tattoos. And what makes things even more interesting is that now women celebrities everywhere have started to show incredibly original or bewildering arm tattoos.

The most famous of the arm tattoo women is probably Angelina Jolie, who inked over a lasered off Billy Bob Thornton tattoo on her left arm the longitudes and latitudes of her three adopted and three natural children an, more recently, the birth place of Brad Pitt. But the very first celebrity who displayed an arm tattoo for women was none other than Pamela Anderson. She sensually showed a barbwire armband tattoo in the equally famous movie “Barbwire”. It was then when the whole women arm tattoo propaganda started and then diversified through time. Diablo Cody, the American Academy Award & BAFTA winning screenwriter is another name worth mentioning with regard to arm tattoo for women, as she has a large pin-up girl tattoo on her left arm that has sure stirred some Hollywood waters when her film Juno came out.

Another famous-for-her-tats girl would be the Grammy Award singer Pink, who among her numerous tattoos in numerous places, also has a portrait of her dog, Elvis, inked on the inside of her left arm. And it is on the same left arm that she has a tattoo spelling “Sir Corky Moore” and a date. She really gave a hint of originality to the arm tattoo for women euphoria, don’t you think? And let’s not forget Victoria Beckham, who has a soft spot for arm tattoos, four of them being inked on her wrists. The most original of them is the date May 08 1997, which, if you think is their wedding date, you couldn’t be more wrong. It is the day when she and David Beckham first had sex. The women arm tattoo trend didn’t skip on notorious Kelly Osbourne, daughter of the more than famous rocker Ozzy Osbourne, who has the tattoo of an anchor one arm and a synthesizer tattoo on the other. But the surprise in the arm tattoo for women business comes from Alyssa Milano, who turns out to be nothing of the little girl you might remember her as from the TV show “Who’s the boss?”. She has several tattoos, one of which depicts a rosary as a sign of her deep devotion.

Women arm tattoos truly seem to be a mass trend and, celebrity or not, every woman tries to create the design of her arm tattoo as personal and specific to her life as possible, which makes some of them mind blowing.


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