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Amazing celtic cross tattoo ideas

Posted by on Mar 21, 2013 in Celtic tattoos, Cross Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

When choosing to get a tattoo, especially a celtic one, you have to know every of its meanings, in order to see if you completely identify yourself with it. There are many celtic tattoos patterns, available for both women and men, but the most popular one, along with the celtic knots, is the celtic cross tattoo design. By adding a circle around the center of a plain cross, you get a celtic model. It is very easy to create and it is also full of meaning, since all the four elements of the planet are represented by the endings of the cross. The surrounding circle goes for eternal love and eternity. Also, the loops a tattoo design celtic cross has, are the cycle of life that never ends. The celtic cross tattoo ideas are the best option for persons who tend to be spiritual and superstitious.

In the first place, you can choose your own size, depending on the area you selected for the tattoo. The celtic cross tattoo design can be applied on any part of the body and decorated with other celtic tattoos, depending on each one’s tastes in arts. The complex tattoo design celtic cross can include elements like dragons, horses, or other animals surrounding the cross, or you can opt for a never-ending cross, or the ones including flower ornaments. These tattoos can be done with different many ink colors, involving blue, red, green and yellow, but to emphasize the beautiful pattern, it is better to use only black ink. Many tattoos are usually combined with the tribal symbols or different words written mostly in Latin. Women tend to add flowers and butterflies at the celtic cross tattoo ideas, in order to provide a feminine and delicate aspect.

Moreover, since there are so many options to place a tattoo design celtic cross, you have to select carefully the size of it. Providing an arcane look because of the black lines and loops, this precise tattoo type works greatly on the upper arm or on the back. By choosing one of these places, you can later re-decorate it with other tattoos or colors, for the area is big enough to secure a stylish look every time you apply something different. The celtic cross tattoo design can also be found in small sizes, located on hands, wrists or even legs. It depends on whatever the person wearing it wants to show through its meaning. Celtic crosses may be used as amulets against evil spells or curses, for the person wearing it to have a longer, happier life.

There are numerous celtic cross tattoo ideas used to create splendid patterns, depending on every person. You can search on the internet for a specific design, or you can create your unique tattoo by adding extra elements to the celtic cross. No matter what your choice is, be sure to know the main signification of your tattoo. By mixing a flower, or an animal with the original model, you change its whole meaning. Mostly, people just add a phrase they like in Latin, to provide a bit of mystery to their creation.

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Tribal back tattoos: where the old meets the new

Posted by on Mar 21, 2013 in Back Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Take a closer look at the word “tribal”: there’s no further need to emphasize how old this technique is and how far back these patterns go. Tribal back tattoos are today what they have always been: a striking statement about a certain person. The fascination with tribal tattoos on the back is not something new. Originally used by tribes all over the world, they have been used as adornments but they were also full of meaning (and still are). Even in present days they are being used to mark the coming of age of a boy or a girl; they are used by tribesmen as trials of strength. A boy only becomes a man after he has endured the trial of such a tribal tattoo and unless he endures without complaint, he is considered a coward. Women are tested this way too: a woman is only considered able to withstand the labor of child birth if she can endure the pain of inking the tattoo.

Fortunately, modern society only celebrates the success without blaming those who fail or use other means to alleviate the pain involved in the process. Furthermore, the fascination for this kind of art has encouraged a great deal of advancements in the technology involved. All things considered, a tribal tattoo on your back will definitely send out a message. Depending on the actual pattern or colors involved the message can be quite different; and there are also many elements that can go along with such a tattoo. Many celebrities have chosen such tribal tattoos and names like Angelina Jolie or Mike Tyson (to name only a few) kind of prove the point of how impressive they are without the need for further debate.

Tribal back tattoos come in an amazing variety of shapes and sizes. They tend to be symmetrical and mostly consist in beautifully drawn curves and entwining swirls, which suddenly end or blend into sharp corners. In other words, they are the perfect mix between power (the straight lines can also symbolize honor or character) and soul (the softness of curves and spirals – as a means to express complexity). So as a whole, what the image should represent would be a meaningful image of your personality. This is also the reason why these tribal tattoos look just as good on a man or a woman.

If you’re thinking of making a tattoo but you haven’t yet decided which kind, consider a tribal tattoo on your back. There are many talented artists out there who could draw something really special just for you. My advice is to first try a search on the topic; something specific, like: “tribal tattoos on back” or “tribal tattoos for back”. These searches will provide you with a starting point and hopefully with more than a few ideas. Then it’s up to you. Since tribal back tattoos are rather easy to draw, try to get one that is custom made; something unique that only you will have. Unless, of course, you find something so special that you really want that exact thing on your skin.

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Back of the neck tattoos: style and visibility

Posted by on Mar 19, 2013 in Back Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

The greatest advantage of tattoos on the back of the neck is clearly: visibility. A lasting statement for people committed to the art of inking, this special kind of tattoo is definitely one of my favorites. Most works that I have seen done in that area were little pieces of art. Back of the neck tattoos are usually smaller that most other types and this also makes them cheaper – which is definitely an advantage if you want to start and you do not possess a great deal of money.

Although small, the neck has his opportunities. You can choose a back of the neck tattoo, or one on the side; or maybe two, if you are concerned with symmetry. If you are reading this while preparing for your first tattoo, don’t forget the fact that back of the neck tattoos can come as an add-on or an addition to a bigger tattoo on your back. So take that into account, plan ahead, and be sure that you choose a design that goes great together with something else you want done, eventually. A tattoo on your neck will complement the larger one while subtly introducing it and arousing curiosity for what awaits further down your neck.

While visibility is great, this can be bothersome sometimes. You may think that advantages can just as easily turn into disadvantages. Well, some time ago I too used to think that back of the neck tattoos are impossible to hide, thus they are only for daring people with a lasting message to send. After some research in this area, I discovered that tattoos on the back of the neck are not so impossible to conceal: a high collar will do the trick; and long hair (mostly for women) can do the trick just as easily. And besides, there’s no rule as to how high you want your tattoo to go.

All things considered, these beauties are a must. In order to get a few ideas on how many options you have when it comes to back of the neck tattoos, just do a Google search like: “tattoos back of neck” or “tattoos on back of neck”. This will get you started as your first impressions are concerned and will also introduce you to your first hundred (if not thousand) choices. Bigger or smaller, simple or intricate, black or colorful, the choices are yours to make. These tattoos have been enjoyed by many celebrities and for good reason: the statement they make is powerful indeed.

A last word of warning: all tattoos around the face area (neck included) tend to hurt more than those in areas where the skin is thicker. But compared to ones on the ankles, ribcage area or lower back, these will still be a walk in the park. Choose the right tattoo parlor too and you will have nothing to worry about. The experience is great; your rush of adrenaline will certainly imprint it to your memory just as the ink imprints your favorite design on your skin.

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Foot and ankle tattoo design: the choice is entirely yours

Posted by on Mar 19, 2013 in Ankle Tattoos Designs, Butterfly Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have slowly but surely won back the admiration of many people in the world. This very ancient technique has evolved to the point where it has become a real art. There is no surprise there, considering how long this practice goes back in time. Scientists have unearthed evidence that tattoos have been used by man for tens of thousands of years. For example, one of the more recent and famous discoveries, a five thousand years old man whose body has been perfectly preserved in a glacier, was adorned with many tattoos, among which stood out one above the kidneys, and some very interesting foot and ankle tattoo designs.

During these last decades, ankle / foot tattoo designs have developed in complexity and beauty to the point where it would be impossible not to find the right one for you. Tattoos are now a part of our way of life and while the technology involved in this practice is improving fast, the designers are definitely following the same path, adding more and better designs as time goes by. The foot or ankle tattoos are generally preferred by people who do not want the more visible parts of their bodies to be exposed – or by the ones who have already adorned the rest of their body and are looking for newer places to enrich. For both categories, a simple internet search for “ankle foot tattoo designs” / “foot ankle tattoo designs” will definitely cover the first hundred possible options, while the more ambitious customers will prefer to either order or sketch a design of their own.

There is such a great variation when it comes to foot and ankle tattoo designs that not finding the right one for you is no longer any excuse at all. Most people actually have so many designs to choose from that they find it really hard to decide. This is the funny moment when you start to regret that you only have so much space on your body, but there’s really no drama about this. As well as doing a tattoo, you can nowadays undo it – or better yet, improve on it – so there is no reason to sweat over this.

A word of advice before you start though: choose your tattoo parlor with care. This is not only for the sake of your tattoo’s quality. While the tattoo itself can be improved in case of failure – that will definitely cost you more money. But the most important detail is to have the best conditions when it comes to hygiene to prevent any infections, allergic reactions or other problems. Breaking what is called the skin barrier is not something you want to entrust just anyone with.

And for those of you who still can’t decide which ankle foot tattoo designs to pick, you can always try some henna tattoos first, just so you get a taste of what it feels like. For some people this is entirely understandable; it offers not only a way to test how a particular design suits them, but also a glimpse of how the others are going to react to it. And while the importance of other people’s opinions is debatable, there might be some good advices coming your way, so don’t dismiss them entirely.

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What You Should Know about Ankle Tattoos

Posted by on Mar 18, 2013 in Ankle Tattoos Designs, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Along with lower back tattoos, ankle tattoo designs are nowadays very popular among the ladies. The main reason for this lies in the femininity, intrinsic beauty and seductiveness characteristic to this category of tattoos. While some girls may avoid lower back tattoos for being too eccentric for them, fearing they will become part of an undesirable stereotype, this generally isn’t the case for ankle tattoos. Although a tattoo on a girl’s ankle can be very sexy and flirty, the risk of it crossing the line and becoming sleazy or ridiculously flashy is usually low with these designs.

Ankle tattoos for girls have the merit of complimenting the contours of the legs, and can be killers when combined with the right pair of high heel shoes. Designs done in the ankle region of the body are very versatile for girls, which means they can be easily used to suggest different things by means of outfit or accessories. For instance, an elegant costume and a classy pair of shoes will give your ankle tattoo an aura of mystery, delicacy and tastefulness. By contrast, a more unconventional, bold outfit choice will make your tattoo radiate with power and sexiness, helping you bring out the wild, adventurous side of your personality.

However, girls generally tend to opt for discreteness when it comes to choosing their own ankle tattoo design. The “less is more” concept definitely applies here, as you don’t need a visually striking, ostentatious ankle tattoo design to make sure it will be noticed. Regardless of what your intentions may be, know that even the smallest and simplest ankle tattoo can have an impact in the eyes of strangers, so think about this when choosing your design. Furthermore, if you go for discreteness, you will find it easier to conceal your ankle tattoo with clothing when you may be required to do so.

Other pluses of getting a smaller sized ankle tattoo are the reduced cost and pain you have to endure. Designs inked in the region of the ankles can be quite a painful experience, because of the skin being closer to the bone and the existence of more nerve endings in this area. However, a smaller ankle tattoo shouldn’t be much of a problem pain wise, so why not go for one of these?

Like with any other tattoo, it is important not to rush in when it comes to choosing the right ankle tattoo design for you. The design you choose will become a part of you for life, so make sure you get the one that represents you!

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How to Reinvent the Ordinary Angel Tattoo

Posted by on Mar 18, 2013 in Angel Tattoos Designs Gallery, Cross Tattoos, Recent

Tattooing is unquestionably a form of art where the human skin becomes the canvas that accommodates and compliments the artist’s ideas. As a means of expression, tattooing should be an authentic, personal experience, capable of unifying the needs, requirements and expectations of the wearer with the artist’s own thoughts and visual interpretation of the concept. Unfortunately, as more and more people choose the same tattoo ideas over and over again, the whole meaning, sense of authenticity and artistic value of the design are slowly being eroded and eventually lost. The same thing can be observed about the popular angel tattoo designs of today.

To transform the ordinary angel tattoo into a powerful statement of your own, distinct personality, moral make-up and set of aspirations, you need to put your imagination to work and come up with unique, original ideas. By doing so, you will transform the whole process of tattooing into a very personal experience and establish a strong connection with the design, thus avoiding later regrets and minimizing the chances to become bored with it at some point in time.

Like with all other tattoos, choosing the right design should always start with asking yourself why you want to get it in the first place. Never skip this step, as it will help identify the concept you will be using later to come up with a suitable graphical representation for it. Therefore, if you want your angel tattoo to express the idea of spirituality and immateriality you might opt for a more abstract depiction of an angel, add in the symbol of the cross and turn the design into a cross angel tattoo, or you could just juggle with various representations of angel wings.

When you have the raw concept contoured in your head, you can begin looking for a way to represent it graphically. The Internet is a huge source of angel tattoo ideas, so you could start looking for inspiration on specialized websites or in graphic design catalogues. Save what you like onto your computer and print a few copies to help introduce your ideas to the tattoo artist.

Be flexible and never hesitate to play with the things you like/ dislike in a particular angel tattoo design; if you think you lack the skill to do this, don’t worry too much about it – grab a pencil and start putting those thoughts on paper. Your raw sketch will act as a guide for the tattoo artist, who will polish it and transform it into the design you want.

To sum it all up, whether you are into cherubs, archangels, angel wings or cross angel tattoos, take some time to arrive at a unique and personal representation of what you like. Feel free to experiment with the product of your imagination, look for help from your family and friends and collaborate with artists to ensure you will get the most out of your tattoo. Don’t forget that in the end it’s the tattoo designer’s skill that makes the difference, so look for one in whom you can really trust.

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Today’s Perception on Lower Back Tattoos

Posted by on Mar 14, 2013 in Back Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

If you choose the right designs, lower back tattoos are undoubtedly very sensual and chic, which easily explains their huge popularity among the beautiful gender. However, the hype revolving around these types of tattoo designs registered in the last two decades has denatured their overall public image, and consequently, the perception of women and girls who get these lower back tattoos.

The main contributors to the bad reputation given to lower back tattoo designs are over saturation, lack of originality and loss of significance. Nowadays the weaker sex perceives lower back tattoos as trendy accessories, not paying too much attention to their true meaning and ignoring the possibility of at least personalizing them accordingly. So if you want to get one really badly, be patient and pick out the right design, size, colors and positioning for your lower back tattoo to avoid being called names and becoming part of an undesirable stereotype.

The following is a selection of advantages and disadvantages of lower back tattoos:

Advantages of lower back tattoos:
– Back tattoos, as well as lower back tattoos, have the plus of being easily concealable whenever necessary. The back and lower back regions of the body are usually covered by clothing, so having a tattoo in these body regions helps in not drawing too much attention onto yourself, when you are not planning to.
– At the same time, the cool thing about lower back tattoos in general is that they can be easily shown off by wearing shorter shirts that allow the waistline to be exposed. In fact, nowadays these forms of tattoos go hand in hand with those trendy low cut jeans and short tops.
– The back and lower back body regions allow a lot of room for tattooing, which means even slender and petite girls can easily get larger sized tattoo designs. Another plus consists in the relatively flat profile of the back and lower back skin, which prevents tattoo designs from distorting. Furthermore, the aspect, shape and colors of lower back tattoos are virtually not affected by age or changes in weight.
– There’s something special about lower back tattoos. These designs are very attractive, voluptuous, sexy, especially because they spread out a distinctive aura of mystery for the one who bears it. As women and girls with lower back tattoos expose more skin, these designs are sometimes perceived as taboo.
As for the disadvantages of having a lower back tattoo, here are some examples:
-Many designs have become too common, to the point that they are generally interpreted as being kitsch. To avoid this, try to personalize your design as much as possible and experiment with the position, size, technique and colors for your lower back tattoo.
-Some people associate these types of designs with sleaziness and immorality.
-If you are considering getting a lower back or upper back tattoo, don’t neglect the pain factor. Along with tattoos done on the neck, ankles and other sensitive places on the body, back tattoos can be quite painful.
-Another drawback consists in not being able to see your tattoo without the help of a mirror. However, this may not bother you much, when the main purpose of the lower back tattoo is to steal the eyes and admiration of those around you.

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Upper back tattoos: what is “your” statement”?

Posted by on Mar 6, 2013 in Back Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Tattoos on the upper back have been around for millennia. They have been symbols of status, sexuality or belief. They have marked happy moments or haunting experiences. In more recent times they are maybe some of our most powerful means of adornment for our bodies. Once imprinted, they become a part of our person; a part of how a certain individual is (or wants to be) perceived by the others. Worn by convicts and kings alike, these markings have proven our lasting fascination for what they express. This is why some of the most common tattoos of all are the upper back tattoos.

Tattoos on the upper back present you with a big number of advantages. The area is great. It is not as painful as other areas (like the ones around the face, for example) and there’s ample space to permit even the most complex of designs. Almost anyone who has more than one tattoo has used the upper back area. Also, do not forget that upper back tattoos can easily be continued to the neck area, to the lower back or to the shoulders. They are usually the center piece in a much larger design. Even if you do not have the possibilities or the desire to use all these areas, take your time and analyze the possibilities. Later on, you may be glad that you did.

Consider this too: your back is split in two identical areas, both sides of the spine. So getting a symmetrical design on both shoulder blades can be a great idea. Another advantage for the tattoos on the upper back is the fact that they can be easily concealed. As far as the possibilities are concerned, tattoos for the upper back area can be totally customized and personalized. Either a pair of wings or an exquisite tribal design; either the picture of a personality, a family member or an impressive quote; either a darker image to underline that Goth side of yours or a very colorful and imaginative drawing – the choice is entirely up to you. Start your search on the internet (Google is your friend, remember?) or just visit some tattoo parlors and get some first hand impressions. These are usually best as you also have the chance to inquire about prices, study the portfolio and get into all sorts of other details. Make sure they can fulfill your expectations.

When it comes to any sort of tattoo, the only thing that should influence your decision should be your own personality. You will be the one who will (probably) wear that mark for the rest of your life – or until you erase it; but take into account the fact that it costs a lot more to remove a tattoo than to imprint it. And also take into account the fact that some colors are very hard to remove. So if you’re not completely sure you want to keep that tattoo on your upper back for the rest of your life, make it black or better yet – try henna, as it will give you a chance to see just how you feel about it.

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The butterfly within the art of tattooing!

Posted by on Mar 6, 2013 in Butterfly Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

If you think women and ink, butterfly tattoos images are probably the first thing that comes to mind. And you wouldn’t be wrong! The tattoo butterfly images are the most searched pictures over the Internet by women who are thinking of getting a tattoo, partly due to their ample significance and partly because they very feminine and delicate. The butterfly images for tattoos are very resourceful, no matter their design, shaping or colouring or whether you go for the simple butterfly depiction or you choose to combine it with different elements. The beauty of the butterfly tattoo images seems to be a major determiner, but not the only one, as the idea of ever-changing aestheticism or the perish of beauty itself appears to attract women widely. The concept of transformation that accompanies the tattoo butterfly images is also a strong stimulus for choosing such a design.

The symbolism of the butterflies varies as you browse through cultures around the globe. If you go East, as far as Japan, you will come across several meanings that express young womanhood or even marital bliss, when seeing two butterflies tattooed together. In Ireland, for instance, the butterfly stands for the dead soul that awaits purgatory, a similar meaning to that encountered in the Aztec ancient civilization, where butterflies were associated with the souls of the warriors or women who passed away at birth. But no matter what symbolism you find yourself in or what is it that you want to express, the butterfly images for tattoos have so many options to offer you, from the added colour to embellishment elements of your choice. The colouring of the butterfly tattoo images has the ability to stream sensuality and charm on the one side, as well as recklessness and free spirit on the other.

If you are not completely sure about the complexity of your tattoo design, but you know for certain that is has to encompass a butterfly, there are many websites eager to help you, by providing a wide range of butterfly images for tattoos, so that you at least get an inkling of what you expect from it. Tattoos are meant to be unique, so even if you find something you absolutely adore, try to give it a personal touch, imprint your character and attitude! Surfing the Internet may bring you a lot of surprises. For example, the general belief is that tattoo butterfly images are only sought after by women, but you might find that there are several designs meant for men and they are extremely cool. If you associate the butterfly with the right elements, it can actually be pretty manly. Let’s not forget that Arnold Schwarzenegger has such a tattoo, depicting a butterfly that is crushed by a terminator moth, and no one can accuse Arnold Schwarzenegger of not being man enough.

All in all, butterflies tattoos can be pretty amazing if you find an original, well created design, although it may take you a while to peruse among thousands of butterfly images for tattoos.



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Cat Tattoos – Reasons Why You Should Get One Inked onto Your Skin

Posted by on Mar 5, 2013 in Cat Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Tattoo enthusiasts in search of innovative and unique tattoo designs frequently choose to be inked with cat tattoos. Cats are very popular and much appreciated for their grace, agility and beauty, and often for their intelligent nature as well. Whether it is for the way they look, act or the ideas they portray, cats are undoubtedly loved and admired by most of the world’s cultures, while some even worship these creatures. The following presents you with the best reasons why you should opt for a cat tattoo.

Cats are seen as the embodiment of grace, agility, and playfulness, and are renowned for their strong personalities and wits. If you find yourself in all these characteristics and want to capture and transpose them all into a tattoo, then cat tattoos may be the perfect choice for you. Felines are also renowned for their curiosity and outgoing nature, which means they fit in very well in a tattoo that is aimed at reflecting the wearer’s expansive and vivid personality.

Compared to dogs, cats are more self-sufficient and show a stronger character. You can easily win a dog’s attention and love, but it is a lot more difficult to earn the respect and trust of a cat companion. Felines are also charismatic, charming and despite all appearances, they are very sociable creatures, which renders cat tattoos perfectly suitable for people who recognize themselves in these traits. Another thing that makes the large majority of cat tattoo representations look great is that felines are innately very expressive, thus simplifying the artist’s task of capturing their distinctive features.

While women predominantly favor the playful and cuddly cat representations, men generally tend to opt for big cat tattoos, as the latter are perceived as symbols of masculinity and power. However, nowadays increasingly larger numbers of girls and women looking to express their inner strength, independence or the wilder side of their personalities decide to opt for big cat tattoos as well, with the most sought after design ideas being lions, tigers and panthers.

Big cat tattoos can have great visual impact and are considered a bold choice for a tattoo. Especially when depicted using contrasting colors and/ or in conjunction with tribal art-inspired patterns and motifs, big cat tattoos can be very striking visually and are guaranteed to be noticed in the crowd.

What’s really great about cat tattoos as a whole is that they are highly versatile, both in terms of significance and visual aspect. Depending on the effect that you are trying to achieve for your cat tattoo, you have the freedom to choose from a broad scope of designs, styles and techniques. Assuming that you entrust an experienced and skilled tattoo artist with the job of inking the cat tattoo on your skin, the plus in flexibility can only translate into an extra touch of uniqueness for your design.


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Arm bands tattoos – traditional vs unique

Posted by on Mar 5, 2013 in Arm Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

It is highly possible that the arm bands tattoo is the most common, yet most diverse tattoo there is. And while you might think that the tattoo arm bands are old news and have long gone out of style, you may still be surprised by some very original and trendy designs. This article is meant to shed some light over the ever-present styles and designs in the field, in opposition with the eccentric and more peculiar ones. As message is a significant part of a tattoo, regardless of its shape or locations, this type of tattoos does not lack in meaning either. You can represent almost any part of your life, passions or interests in an arm bands tattoo, the challenge being even greater as you have to enclose it in a circular shape.

The barbed wire tattoo arm bands are probably the most frequent ones and they can also represent thorns sticking in the skin of the person, giving the impression of bleeding. But if that is too on the dark side for you, you can always choose to give it a bluish tint or some kind of shininess and the whole thing will look as if just taken out of the store. I believe these are a bit fewer, as most people go for the old, ragged barbed wire image. One other popular arm band tattoo is the Celtic style one. If done properly, it can be highly effective and have quite an impact, especially if you combine it with other symbols or letters. And let’s face it, Celtic tattoos, wherever on the body, will never perish or go out of fashion. Neither will lettering and Hebrew letters, through their small and unique nature, make up a beautiful, largely met arm bands tattoo.

And if we got to different cultures and nations tattoos, I am sure that every one of us has seen at least one Indian themed tattoo. And on the arm, there are several variations that are more common, such as bead and feather arm bands tattoo. Also very popular are the American flag tattoo arm bands, that may be both rebellious and patriotic.

Now, as promised, we shall focus on rather less intense and more eccentric arm bands tattoos, most of which include animals and whimsical elements. They may seem simple through their story or image, but these peculiar tattoos can be very difficult to design and ink. The first that comes to mind is a tattoo I saw of a lion stretched along the armband, looking as if he was running in slow motion on a circular field of grass. Other such tattoo arm bands, depicting animals, are elephants walking one in front of the other or frog arm band tattoo, which are both great to look at and, with some added color and shades, can prove to be quite the challenge for the ink artist. Last but not least, the guitar and music arm bands tattoo is greatly amusing and lively. You can also choose to ink actual musical scores on the stave of your favorite song.


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Arm tattoo for girls – ideas and designs

Posted by on Mar 5, 2013 in Arm Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Arm tattoos have become hugely popular among girls as well and when it comes to concepts and designs, we have to admit that girls are a little bit more imaginative. Yes, girls arm tattoo ideas include butterflies and flowers, shooting stars and fairies, but they are inked in such manner that they form a whole story, which makes them pretty awesome. And don’t think that a tattoo on arm for girls can not be some sort of a tribal design or something less feminine – don’t forget about the famous barbwire on Pamela Anderson’s arm, that was pretty hot, wasn’t it? The point is that there are many women and girls out there that sport incredibly sexy and genuine arm tattoos that will make any man envious.

One of the main reasons for which an arm tattoo for girls is so popular is that the area is very easy to work with. A tattoo on the arm for girls is the perfect choice as they are known to be less painful than the others. But this should not be the only reason for getting a girls arm tattoo, make sure it fits your personality, that it means something to you and that you will be able to proudly show it in almost all circumstances. Which brings me to another reason for which girls arm tattoos are so often met. They can be easily displayed. And there’s nothing more a girl wants than to shock or amaze the ones around her with a killer design on a tattoo. Through an arm tattoo you can choose to be chic and classy or wild and dangerous, according to your general character.

As mentioned above, the flowers design is widely spread among the girls arm tattoo concepts and it usually is inked in the upper arm. But a flower is such a general concept, so even if this is what you want, you can still imprint your view thorough its design, shape, color, position or surrounding items. And there is also the multiple meanings that flowers have that can help a tattoo on arm for girls to gain individuality and particular features. As for the butterfly designs, well the magic surrounding them makes it very easy to create an original girls arm tattoo. Women commonly prefer them in lower arm positions, with combined colors, as to furthermore highlight their visibility. If you add some larger wings to the butterfly, or the sort of wings an angel would wear, you could really turn your design into something spectacular. Or, if you really want a fairytale scenery, trying mixing butterflies with flowers and some bright colouring.

The tribal girls arm tattoo is extremely attractive because you can use it to express more mysterious sides of your personality. And mystery is a quality every girl longs for. The flow of the lines and the shadows enabled by the designs of tribal tattoos make it very easy for girls to twist and turn them until they obtain a perfect concept for their own tattoo. And if you are really bold, go for a sleeve arm tattoo for girls – that will catch all the eyes around!

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Fashion trends regarding tattoo ideas for ankle

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Ankle tattoos are the ones designed around the ankle of a leg. Girls made this place so popular for a tattoo. There are many chic tattoo designs for ankle, depending on their size and their shape. They are generally very small and simple, but they sure draw a lot the attention of others, when wearing a short dress or in the summers seasons. Something that a girl must be aware of, is the fact that tattoo designs on ankle are rather painful, especially those made on the bony spots. Not many can bare the pain provided by drawing an outline then filling the area with color, because of the nerves that lead into the foot. Provided with some tattoo ideas for ankle, girls who go for this are usually satisfied with the results.

One of the hottest tattoo designs for ankle is a tribal symbol. As brutal as it may sound, these models have a great appearance on a thin female ankle, done by artists who know how to place it, in order to look excellent. Also, a person must be very careful when choosing the place where tattoos are made. Recommendations are very good in this sense, as well as the reputation an art shop has gained. Usually, artists are the ones that suggest tattoo ideas for ankle with the help of a catalog, but a person can come with her own ideas and share them to the experts. Most people who come up with the design, want a shrinker version of it and so, artists have to work their way to scale it at the proper dimension. The different tattoo designs on ankle have to be well protected after being done. Avoiding the sunlight in the first days is essential for the colors to remain vibrant for a long time. Another thing a person is not allowed to do after getting a tattoo, is swimming in a pool or in the sea. Salted water is not good for the skin after being pierced by needles, because it can lead to blending the colors of the tattoo, providing it an unaesthetic look.

Another tip regarding tattoo ideas for ankle, are the flowers. Whether talking about roses, lotus or orchids, there is more to a flower than meets the eye. A gentle touch of the image of a flower can make splendid tattoo designs for ankle. Wholly designed or only a few petals of it, a flower is always expressive when it comes to drawing men’s attention. In general, flowers signify beauty and femininity. What is more, among the presented tattoo designs on ankle, there are top rated the following presented models: butterflies, with the meaning of changes about to occur in someone’s life or new beginnings, as well as dragonflies that refer to something related with the fairy tales and childish ideas. Another known design is the stars. Those are a girl’s dreams, the opportunities that she wants to have in life. Some might go for the heart symbols or the letters that lead to the thought of a loved person.

Depending on the chosen model, a person can tell the personality of a lady by her tattoo. Ankle tattoos are the best way to try one and to express the self unique style, without worrying that it will show too much from a person. They can also be hidden with the help of the socks and pants and revealed whenever a person chooses.


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Hummingbird Tattoos – The Perfect Way to Express Your Femininity

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Hummingbird tattoos stand out as very suitable options for feminine designs, and have the benefit of not being very common in the tattoo art scene, which gives them a big plus in terms of freshness, originality and uniqueness. Additionally, hummingbird tattoo designs are visually appealing thanks to the bird’s beautiful multicolored plumage, which allows for many different choices in terms of color palette. Tattoo representations of these minute and delicate birds are perfect for complimenting and paying homage to the female body, and they make very sophisticated and elegant designs.

Considering hummingbirds are highly dynamic creatures, in tattoos they tend to be portrayed in motion, flying tirelessly from one flower to another in search of its next pollen treat, driven by an insatiable sugar rush. Despite its very small size and frail appearance, the hummingbird is actually very energetic, agile and renowned for its great stamina. If you are the extroverted, outgoing, lively type and want to capture these traits and transpose them into a tattoo, then you should definitely consider going for a hummingbird representation for your design. Thanks to their great visual effect, magnificent colors and gracious structure, hummingbirds make perfectly suitable tattoos for girls and women in search of new ways of expressing their femininity.

Although the symbolism behind today’s hummingbird tattoos is diverse and tends to differ from one civilization to another, many graphical depictions of these birds have become synonymous to the ideas of love and romance, which means they are perfect for couples that want to immortalize their feelings into a tattoo. Ancient Central American tradition perceived hummingbirds as foretellers and bringers of love, and these birds were often attributed supernatural powers. For this fact, some people choose hummingbird tattoo designs in hope that they will act as talismans and help them fulfill their romantic relationships.

Hummingbird tattoo designs can be inked in a broad spectrum of colors and in a variety of styles. You can either opt for more simplistic representations of the hummingbird or go wild about it and combine the usual way of portraying it with floral patterns and motifs, butterfly designs, dragonfly designs, or illustrations of other birds. If you are adamant about getting a hummingbird tattoo but want to nail down the best design before getting inked with it, feel free to look for inspiration over the Internet and select the ideas that appeal to you most. However, make sure you don’t borrow too much from other ready-made hummingbird tattoos and try to come up with your own vision of it instead.




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A celestial image – star back tattoos

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As far as star back tattoos are concerned, the options are innumerable. Many people pick the symbol of the star as their image of choice. Star tattoos can be equally impressive and beautiful. It suits a woman just as easily as it suits a man. Star tattoos on your back can depict, for example, a nautical star – for those of you who have ties with the sea. They can also depict a certain constellation (zodiac related maybe) or a shooting star. The meanings behind all these images are so different – the only thing you should think about is which one suits your very unique personality best.

Star tattoos easily fit everywhere; yet the back offers a lot more space to unfold your imagination while also offering the possibility to cover them – should the need arise to do so. Some people choose this image because it symbolizes for them the ability to follow a certain goal to wherever it leads – so the star back tattoos become an image of their determination. Certain events or turning points in a person’s life can be depicted by a shooting star. This is a sign of change and it can mean anything from adulthood, marriage or any important change in the quality or view of their life. Back star tattoos in the specific shape of the nautical star can be seen as a symbol of guidance and protection. Stars have guided sailors for millennia and, according to astrological interpretation, also the destinies of men. So there’s a lot of symbolism in this particular shape.

Start right now. In order to get some good ideas and examples, search the internet for “star tattoos on back” or “star back tattoos”. You will find a great number of pictures to inspire you. Take pentagrams, for example. They are a symbol of choice for many people. While the general opinion has a number of taboos when it comes to this symbol (which mainly comes from its use as a pagan sign – or even satanic), it actually predates Christianity by at least three thousand years and all of its meanings have been beneficial ever since. For the Babylonians it represented the five planets: Jupiter, Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Venus. The Greeks saw it as a sign of mathematical perfection and as a representation of the birth of cosmos. For the ancient Chinese it represented the five elements and their continuous transformation from one phase to the other: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. In European occultism it is only seen as a negative sign if it is depicted as reversed, with two points projecting upwards.

The interpretations and variations of back star tattoos can go on and on. The number of points of the star can vary and send different meanings. The stars can be filled or empty or may be double edged. Combine them with a certain name or other symbols and you can get an infinite number of effects for your star back tattoo. If you are a man you may consider the color black or some darker nuance – while women may consider an awesome range of brighter colors. There is no rule though and no law except your own taste when it comes to such choices. A playful personality is never afraid of color – think about it and once you choose it, never look back.

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