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Things to Know about Chinese Lettering Tattoos

Posted by on Jan 22, 2013 in Chinese Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Enigmatic, intriguing and visually appealing in its nature, the Chinese art of tattooing is highly appreciated by the Western world, where it enjoys great popularity and exposure. A particular interest can be observed towards Chinese tattoo lettering, commonly used to achieve the distinctive aura of exoticism and mystery characteristic to Asian culture. It seems that few people can resist Chinese letters when contemplating the idea of getting a tattoo – from famous musicians and movie stars to the person living next door to you, these graphic representations are at the very top of the tattoo option list.

chinese letters and flowers

Chinese tattoo letters encompass a wide range of symbolic meanings, and with so many characters available out there, the task of choosing the ones that are right for you can be daunting. To simplify things, it is best to have the general idea already contoured in your mind before walking into the tattoo salon. Take the time to identify what emotions, thoughts or feelings you want to express by the means of your tattoo and stick with the things you think that define you best.

The two main types of Chinese letters used in tattooing are Hanzi and Kanji. Hanzi denotes all the traditional Chinese characters found in the official written dialect of Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan. The dialect contains a staggering number of 47,000 characters, although many of them are not being used today. To have a good level of knowledge of the Hanzi dialect, you need to master at least 4000 Chinese characters.

chinese tattoo letters

Kanji, the other prevalent dialect used in Chinese tattoos, refers to a collection of Chinese characters that have penetrated in the Japanese writing system. Comprising well over 50,000 simplified traditional Chinese characters, Kanji stands out as a good source of symbols used in today’s Chinese tattoos.

To form an idea about the complexity of Chinese letters, note that apart from the huge number of letters, each combination offers a distinctive meaning. To leave no room for error, it is very important to find a good translation source before getting a Chinese lettering tattoo. Without proper knowledge of the dialects used, you may end up with a tattoo that means a completely different thing than intended, and realize it is too late to do anything about it at that point. To avoid this, don’t make that final step of having the tattoo done until you are 100% sure you are getting what you asked for.


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Awkward celtic tattoos meanings

Posted by on Jan 22, 2013 in Celtic tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

The celtic tattoos are probably the most fashionable tattoo designs demanded by people from all over the world. Celtic tattoos meanings have their roots in the ancient history and art of the tribes that conquered many countries. They have a mystical air and impress through the fabulous patterns, expressing pride and power to the ones wearing them. The knots, the crosses or the spirals are some of the celtic tattoos with meaning in both history and spirit. The cultures of the celts have many interpretations of the celtic tattoos and meanings becoming more and more searched for finding concise information about them. Models and symbols exist since the apparition of the celtic manuscripts, providing many options for those who opt for a celtic tattoo.

celtic tattoo

The Celts were a nation very proud of their emblems and had a precise devotion for arts, creating individual designs. You can see their work especially in jewelry models, or at the museum where armor and weapons are exposed. The celtic tattooing became a trend in the modern world, simply because of the signs they represent, for people have proven their ability to create incredible works of art in the celtic tattoos meanings. Christian monks used their skills to create intricate knots that represent the entire cycle of life and also death, expressing the idea of a continuous circle that has no beginnings and endings. The abstract pattern represents one of the famous celtic tattoos with meaning of eternal power, faith or even love.

When talking about celtic knots, you get the idea of a design twilled in a manner that has no endings and that is the main reason why celtic knots are different from other knots. The celtic tattoos and meanings referring to knots lead you to the thought of omniscience, space, time, power, something unlimited, as mentioned before. You can tattoo yourself celtic knots when thinking about achievements and dreams or personal wishes and ambitions. Another group of celtic tattoos with meaning is the trinity celtic knots composed of three interconnected lines, having three corners. It has specific religious meanings in both pagan and christian beliefs.

celtic tattoo meanings

Celtic tattoos meanings are various so every tattoo design must be fully examined, in order to discover its proper signification. Artists inspire themselves from the ancient celtic cultures, introducing some of the visual effects they encountered into splendid celtic tattoos with meaning in history. It is impossible to define all of the celtic themes and concepts since there are no written facts, what so ever. Another popular model is the Shamrock that stands for excellence in the vision of the Irish people. It makes a reference to the Sacred Trinity as well, bringing good luck to people all over the world. It can easily be drawn by any tattoo artist who has precision. In can work on both small areas or big parts of the body that require a larger size.

To conclude with, many celtic tattoos and meanings can be found if you have a passion for mysterious objects that hide valuable information. Documentation stands only a few mouse clicks away, before applying for a certain tattoo design. In order to be proud of your creation, you have to be able to explain it to the ones surrounding you, like the celts used to do



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The return of the tribal arm tattoos

Posted by on Jan 18, 2013 in Arm Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

A tribal tattoo on arm says a lot about the person wearing it. The design is most commonly chosen by men and, though they don’t have a specific meaning or a traditional significance, they tend to represent the person through their complexity or particularities of the design. And there is of course the one important aspect of a tribal tattoo for arm, which is the “bad boy” look that it offers and which seems to be the major reason men go for it. As opposed to other kinds of tattoos justifications, such as tribute or respect for a loved one, the main idea surrounding the tribal arm tattoo appears to be killer looks.

Although the tribal tattoo for arm has known a sort of comeback in the past few years, the art itself goes as back as ancient times, especially when it comes to these designs. Some historians claim that ancient tribe members, seeing that they don’t have so much body hair as animals did, took blackened hot sticks and decorated their skin, in an attempt to camouflage and protect themselves from the beasts. And so took birth the practice of tattooing and the tribal design within it. Just like the cave paintings precede the more modern form of art, the archeological discoveries have brought to light the mummified remains of a Bronze Age – that is five thousand years ago – man covered in tattoos. Due to the fact that he was found frozen, the researchers were able to thoroughly examine his remains and they were amazed to discover very elaborated, complex designs of mythical creatures on a large part of his body, both legs, arm and torso. Of course back then, a tribal arm tattoo was not inked for the concern of killer looks, but rather for the fact that one needed to show he belonged to a certain tribe. As it happens in present days as well, the tribal tattoo on arm was not gender bias and it was inked on both men and women, linking them to their origins.

tribal arm tattoo

This revived interest and enhanced research that the western culture has conducted on tribal men and practices has also led to the revival of the tribal arm tattoo. In a search for returning to the basics or attributing a raw, far from civilization expression to their bodies, many people have again started to favor the tribal tattoo for arm. Not to mention the element of mystery that it adds to their appearance and the self confidence that it can inflict to one’s spirit. But the western civilization is not the only one with a keen interest in tribal arm tattoos. The new generations of native tribes have also turned their faces to it after the traditional practice was abolished for more than two hundred years.

Regardless of the reason you are considering a tribal tattoo for arm, they give free rein to imagination and creativeness and you can outline elaborate and sophisticated designs that ultimately look great on the arms.


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Women and angels in the art of tattoos

Posted by on Jan 18, 2013 in Angel Tattoos Designs Gallery, Recent, Tattoo Designs

The reasons for or against having a tattoo done have long been discussed. So have the different types of tattoos and their symbolism. And often recurrence was the angel tattoo, the notorious choice among both men and women. For the latter category, the most common justification has been discovering the angelic part of themselves. Girls grow up with stories of angels and the serenity they bring to our life. And though they stray from the tale as they mature and enter the cold world, a flicker of that hope remains lump in their hearts. So an angel tattoo for women is not just a tattoo, it is a reminiscence of the child within. Angel tats are seen on both men and women, but they are more sough-after by girls.

angel tattoo for girls

Of course, not every angel tattoo for girls is designed from and for profound spirituality. Many of them simply like the tastefulness and beauty of the design. Others may consider it as pure and there are women who are fundamentally religious. But there is another reason, a more dramatic one, which is also encountered quite often. That is the angel representing a loved or close person who has left this world and is now in the hands of the angels. Regardless of the motivation, designing an angel tattoo for women is a meticulous job, as they usually go for many details, such as butterfly wings, angel clothes and the presence of an environment, being that abstract or not.

The design and style spectrum is unlimited. Therefore, although common in concept, you probably won’t find two angel tattoos alike. They can embody the image of a guardian angel, with spread wings in a protective spirit, or archangels, holding a sword or having a body armor. This kind of angel tattoo for girls is seen as a search for faith and relationship with the Deity, as the archangels are the closest to God. Cherubs and fallen angels are also frequent among women. Mothers tend to opt for tattoos with cherubs, as they have the body of a baby and they often depict the faces of their children. At the opposite end, fallen angels are preferred by bikers, prisoners or Goths. This type of tattoo stands for the epic battle between good and evil, between right and wrong. It may surprise you, but there are many women who choose to give free reign to the dark side of their personality and get inked with an angel with a bloody sword or with broken wings.

angel tattoo for woman

The wings tattoo is a somewhat rare angel tattoo for women. Obviously, it’s a drawing of only the wings of an angel, with no body or other additions. It’s mostly inked on the back, as if the wings belonged to the woman. The size may vary from small, symbolic wings in the upper side of the shoulders, to bold, huge wings covering the entire back of the girl. This is quite an courageous approach. They require a lot of care and imply a great level of pain, especially if it goes across the spine. More often than not the wings are black, but some women decide to give them color. Either way it’s the sort of tattoo people can’t overlook or even obliterate.

There is one particular representation of an angel tattoo for girls that deserves differentiation. And that is the antagonist approach. You have probably seen women with tattoos of two angels facing each other, one with a halo and one without. It goes to the statement of that woman’s duplicity, her bipolar personality, her inner struggle between doing good and doing harm.

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Be trendy with an ankle tattoo for men!

Posted by on Jan 16, 2013 in Ankle Tattoos Designs, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are made with a special ink that changes the skin pigment with the help of some needles that penetrate the dermis. They have been practiced for many years in different cultures, first mentioned in the journal of Joseph Banks. Nowadays, tattoos have spread widely over the globe as a fashion trend for both men and women. At first, men got themselves printed a wild animal, to express their strength and their personality. Though they provide a feminine look, more and more men opt for a tattoo on the ankle. Of course, a men ankle tattoo wouldn’t be a flower or stars, so they usually consist in tribe symbols.

Inked as an individual part of the body, an ankle tattoo men has many designs one can apply. Also, they are more painful because men choose to design it across the bones since it has bigger sizes than the models created for women. The lower an ankle tattoo for men will be, the more it will hurt and bleed. Applying a antibiotic on the skin will reduce the agony. Also it is not recommended to wear any tight socks or boots, to let the skin breathe as much as possible, for a quicker healing.

Mens Ankle Tattoo designs

One of the most demanded designs for ankle tattoo men is the tribal symbol. It appears as a masculine bracelet around the leg, usually painted in dark green touches. They have to be massive, about six centimeters or more and deeply colored, to get that strong look on a man’s leg. A tattoo has to be something that accentuates your personality, not a common model inked on skin. Something like medieval knots should do the trick for creating ankle tattoo for men. There are several options regarding its size. Some men choose to expand the tattooed area up along the leg with dragon shapes or other mythical creatures. This requires more ink, meaning more pain and money spend for the design to come out perfectly. Usually, when coloring a men tattoo, there are used shades of red ink, for they work very good along with the green.

men ankle tattoo

Another interesting men ankle tattoo is imitating some converse laces starting with the upper part of the ankle and then going along the feet. It can be rather painful, but the best part is that is doesn’t have to be filled with colors and the outline can be less evident. If going for the dark colors, a perfect ankle tattoo men, might be the head of a bulldog. It expresses ferocity, but also independent style and a sensitive part, for dogs are men’s best friend.

To conclude with, an ankle tattoo for men doesn’t offer as much models as they do for women, because they were specially designed for females. But they can represent a good starting point for men, too, because they can cover it if they get bored of it or don’t find it attractive anymore. Also a good thing is that this industry has developed so much that a men ankle tattoo can be removed with special machines whenever, though the attention must be drawn above the incredible pain that will be felt.

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Express your whimsical side through a flower and butterfly tattoo!

Posted by on Jan 16, 2013 in Butterfly Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Many people see only irregular patterns, dark shades or grave depictions when they think about tattoos. Well, truth be told the feminine side of the art of tattooing with all its gentle flower and butterfly tattoos have started to gain more an more popularity, as black ink has long been worn out.

A butterfly on a flower tattoo for example can express so many things, even if it is categorized as a purely feminine design. But in order to give it a personal touch and make it step out of the box, many women or girls choose fantasy designs where they step over the usual lines of the shape of a flower with butterfly tattoo and each gives it pray to their imagination. If you find a talented and creative tattoo artist, the end result may actually be an awesome tattoo, which will most certainly impress and amaze.

butterfly tattoo with blue flower

The best thing you could do when choosing a butterfly on a flower tattoo is grant it a sense of humor. There’s something about whimsical tattoos, whether for men or women, that makes them greatly attractive and inspiring. A funny portraying or some whimsical elements add a certain cleverness and unconventionality to the flower and butterfly tattoo. Imagine a butterfly on a flower tattoo with a fairy flying next to the fantasy creature, except that the fairy does not have the face and the body of a little girl, but ones of a little boy. Pretty neat, right? There is so much we can do with this sort of designs, you just need an ounce of imagination and to find a suitable tattoo artist that understands your vision and that is able to do the hand work.

pink butterfly tattoo

The element that gives you most space to work with are the wings and petals on a flower with butterfly tattoo. There are some girls or women who prefer the huge, heavy wings that can’t be lifted off the ground, while others tend to go for the small and cute. Even if you don’t know exactly what is it that you want, the Internet offers a great range of pictures with flower and butterfly tattoo designs for you to choose from, not to mention that you can always get the advice from a professional tattoo artist and come up together with a suitable design for you. Of course, this will also depend on the particular body part that you want to get your tattoo on. If you want a flower with butterfly tattoo on the wrist or on the foot, it will be pretty hard to have a large design done, while a tiny butterfly would work perfectly in those places.

All in all, choosing a tattoo, its design, size or placement, should be a very personal decision and greatly related to your personality. You need to send a message through your body art and your tattoo should also have a strong significance to you so that you can proudly wear it for the rest of your life.

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Butterfly feet tattoos – the new summer trend!

Posted by on Jan 16, 2013 in Butterfly Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

When you think summer, you think sun, warmth and exposure! Girls and women dressed in mini skirts and dresses, display as much skin as possible and drive everyone crazy with their sensuality and femininity. And there is nothing more sensual and enticing than butterfly feet tattoos! It’s true that butterflies are a pretty common choice among women and especially young girls, but that doesn’t make them worn out. There are plenty of choices when it comes to designs, sizes, shapes and placements, although butterfly tattoos on feet have a certain something that makes them so sexy! And, if you really want to step out of the box, you can always go for a fantasy butterfly, or you can choose to associate it with other elements that will make it more personal and thus original.

butterfly feet tattoos

As mentioned, the butterfly tattoos for feet come in large ranges and variations, that have even been categorizes into different classifications, such as big butterfly tattoo designs, tribal butterfly designs or tiny butterflies. The reasons that stand behind the choice of butterfly feet tattoos are also incredibly various, mainly due to the wide symbolism of the butterfly. If you take a tour around the globe, you will find several different meanings for the butterfly. In Japan for example, butterflies stand for young womanhood and there are mostly teenagers who go for the butterfly tattoos on feet. In Ireland, the butterflies symbolize the souls of the dead, waiting to enter Purgatory, so butterfly tattoos for feet are a great way to give tribute to the loved ones that passed away. A similar meaning is to be found in the Ancient Aztec civilization who attributed the souls of dead warriors to butterflies. In the Western civilization of today, the butterfly commonly stands for two things: femininity and change. Butterfly feet tattoos can be chosen by women who want to send a message of delicacy, tenderness and pure inside beauty. On the other hand, women who have gone through major changes in their lives, also may go for butterfly tattoos for feet, as a symbol of strong and free spirit.

butterfly tattoos for feet

Besides the deep symbolism reason, there is another factor that women take into account when deciding to get butterfly tattoos on feet, and that is the variety of colours and shapes they can choose from, which makes the tattoo very appealing and enticing. There is no limit but the imagination in designing a butterfly tattoo and giving it colour, shades or an assemble of elements to create a story behind your tattoo. Even the tiny butterfly design can stand out if the colouring is original and well done. Which brings me to another important aspect of choosing the right tattoo parlor and a talented tattoo artist, in order to be completely satisfied with the end result, especially if you have chosen a fantasy butterfly design, that requires attention to details and a bit of creativeness.

All in all butterfly feet tattoos are a great accessory for women and girls in the summer and will sure make heads turn if the the design is original and beautifully inked!

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Get inspired in creating an eagle tattoo on back!

Posted by on Jan 16, 2013 in Back Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

The tattoo trend is spread wide over the entire world and industries. An eagle tattoo on back gets into the category of hot tattoos, encountered especially imprinted on celebrities. This fabulous bird, considered to be the symbol of the U.S.A. is met on buildings and money, things expressing stability and power. Also, it is often met in the tattoo designs for military persons who are said to protect the country at all costs and are very proud of their actions. Actually, the eagle tattoo on back is very representative for them and for their purpose.

To begin with, eagles are sky birds that fly high and alone, that is why, probably the eagle tattoo on back is numerous among rap artists. They are the ones who provide profound lyrics with interesting symbolic ideas. Also, they want to eagele head tattooachieve excellence through their music and reach the peak of glory alone, for in case you haven’t noticed, famous rap artists do not have bands, they only have featuring with other artists. Freedom is often expressed through music, poetry and other activities that allow you to expand your horizons. Eagles can explore a whole region, for they have a powerful flight and a durability in their quest. A wing spread eagle tattoo on back is an amazing view, especially when applied on muscled men, like it’s the case of so many artists.

Moreover, your eagle tattoo on back does not necessary need to be done at a large scale, though it’s preferred this way, for it has a bigger impact. You can choose to draw the entire bird, or only the head. Eagles are encountered in many symbolic pictures and flags, or at war times, so it is not a surprise the sudden showing in tattoos. Get yourself an eagle tattoo on back, to impress many women who yearn for strong men. You can find many inspiring ideas from rap celebrities who have their whole body inked. There is also the solution of an arm eagle, but it’s just not as intense as the eagle tattoo on back. This last one has its own charm. Get a glance to the online galleries and explore through comparison, which place is more appropriate for this type of tattoo.

In addition to this, you have to sacrifice some pennies for an awesome eagle tattoo on back. It simply doesn’t fit with the black ink, you you must make use of more colors for an appropriate tattoo. Remember that you design it for yourself and you subdue your body to tremendous pain, in order to achieve a beautiful pattern. It is a certain thing that you wouldn’t want to come back and do some adjustments to your eagle tattoo on back. To conclude with, tattoo designs can be hard to figure out, since everyone wants to stay original and get inspired from others, so it’s rather difficult to obtain something sparkling. The eagle tattoo on back hasn’t got many options to provide, but it assures you of the perfect image of a tough man, ready to face the whole world to achieve his purposes!

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Today’s Perception on Lower Back Tattoos

Posted by on Jan 16, 2013 in Back Tattoos, Recent, Tattoo Designs

If you choose the right designs, lower back tattoos are undoubtedly very sensual and chic, which easily explains their huge popularity among the beautiful gender. However, the hype revolving around these types of tattoo designs registered in the last two decades has denatured their overall public image, and consequently, the perception of women and girls who get these lower back tattoos.

The main contributors to the bad reputation given to lower back tattoo designs are over saturation, lack of originality and loss of significance. Nowadays the weaker sex perceives lower back tattoos as trendy accessories, not paying too much attention to their true meaning and ignoring the possibility of at least personalizing them accordingly. So if you want to get one really badly, be patient and pick out the right design, size, colors and positioning for your lower back tattoo to avoid being called names and becoming part of an undesirable stereotype.

The following is a selection of advantages and disadvantages of lower back tattoos:

Advantages of lower back tattoos:

– Back tattoos, as well as lower back tattoos, have the plus of being easily concealable whenever necessary. The back and lower back regions of the body are usually covered by clothing, so having a tattoo in these body regions helps in not drawing too much attention onto yourself, when you are not planning to.

– At the same time, the cool thing about lower back tattoos in general is that they can be easily shown off by wearing shorter shirts that allow the waistline to be exposed. In fact, nowadays these forms of tattoos go hand in hand with those trendy low cut jeans and short tops.

lower back tattoos designs

– The back and lower back body regions allow a lot of room for tattooing, which means even slender and petite girls can easily get larger sized tattoo designs. Another plus consists in the relatively flat profile of the back and lower back skin, which prevents tattoo designs from distorting. Furthermore, the aspect, shape and colors of lower back tattoos are virtually not affected by age or changes in weight.

– There’s something special about lower back tattoos. These designs are very attractive, voluptuous, sexy, especially because they spread out a distinctive aura of mystery for the one who bears it. As women and girls with lower back tattoos expose more skin, these designs are sometimes perceived as taboo.

As for the disadvantages of having a lower back tattoo, here are some examples:

-Many designs have become too common, to the point that they are generally interpreted as being kitsch. To avoid this, try to personalize your design as much as possible and experiment with the position, size, technique and colors for your lower back tattoo.

-Some people associate these types of designs with sleaziness and immorality.

-If you are considering getting a lower back or upper back tattoo, don’t neglect the pain factor. Along with tattoos done on the neck, ankles and other sensitive places on the body, back tattoos can be quite painful.

-Another drawback consists in not being able to see your tattoo without the help of a mirror. However, this may not bother you much, when the main purpose of the lower back tattoo is to steal the eyes and admiration of those around you.

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Awesome ankle tattoo for girls

Posted by on Jan 16, 2013 in Ankle Tattoos Designs, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Tattoos have become the new trend spread all over the world since Hollywood stars started wearing them. The ankle tattoo for girls is considered to be the post popular, since it can easily be hidden when someone does not want others to see it. Different models come out very stylish and women are usually proud of their design, because it is a fashionable way to express their personality. Though is has small sizes, the flower tattoo on ankle was among the first feminine models that appeared on the market, still having nowadays a high demand. They simply look fabulous and draw the attention whether talking about tattoo ankle bands or any other created design.

There are a lot of reasons for a person to get a tattoo on the specified area. First of all, it is a less painful place, because there is not much skin to decorate. Wearing sandals or open high heel shoes is a perfect choice for showing a flower tattoo on ankle. As easy as it may seem, the ankle is a tricky spot to tattoo, so only someone with a lot of experience should do it. That is why a person must do some research, before getting it done, in order for the results to be completely satisfactory. In the next few lines, there will be explained a few things about different models of ankle tattoo for girls.

floral ankle tattoo

A well controversial subject is whether tattoo ankle bands are hot or not. It is said that because of their popularity, this type of tattoo will become one of the most desired one. Having the shape of a band, the models circle around the ankle part of the body. They can have floral designs or different wire designs and this part allows people to use their imagination, in order to create awesome tattoo ankle bands for both men and women. With the help of a tattoo gallery, a person can choose a model or consult the artist that is supposed to have a better vision of tattoo designs. The advantage is that they are cheaper that tattoos on other parts of the body, because of their small shape and of course they are not so painful as a tattoo on the abs for instance.

Also, it is said that women are more resistant to the tattoo process than men, though they were the firsts to get one.Colorful and delicate, a flower tattoo on ankle for a lady can become interesting and rather meddlesome for the men abound her. They simply look great on a female leg and give the possibility of extending it later with different other models.

ankle rosary tattoo

Tattoos will always be on vogue and this industry is in a continuous expansion. Once a girl gets a tattoo, she will come back for another one or with another friend. Despite the fact that at first, tattoos were a scary thought because of the used machines in creating, they are now demanded for everyone. Age in not an impediment for females to get one done. Moms usually write their children’s names, in order to show them all the carrying love. All in all, whatever the chosen design is, an ankle tattoo for girls is the perfect solution to have the first tattoo done.

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The angel tattoo men can’t stay away from!

Posted by on Jan 16, 2013 in Angel Tattoos Designs Gallery, Recent, Tattoo Designs

There are two sorts of people in this world: the inconspicuous ones and those people you never miss in a crowd. Getting a tattoo in the shape of an angel will without fail set you apart from the others. Come to think about it, tattoos are the perfect means of self expression and personal beliefs assertion.

The strong gender may be tempted to consider an angel tattoo for men as a simple trend in this day and age. But the truth is this practice dates back to ancient times, especially when it comes to religious marks, such as angels. In those times, as opposed to modern era, it could even be a sign of superiority. To be frank, nowadays the practice has lost of its sanctity, as more and more celebrities have turned to it and diminished its rarity. With their ongoing parade of angel tattoo designs men have made it somewhat trivial. Names like David Beckham, Brad Pitt or Justin Timberlake are no longer a surprise to anyone. Nevertheless, angel tattoo designs for men are in great demand.

You can always find a lot more of designs in this tattoo gallery. Never stop looking until you find the perfect one for you.

Before choosing an angel tattoo men should ponder a bit. It’s best to have a strong reason for getting such a tat, in order to be continually satisfied with your choice. Just like every other thing that marks your life, it should represent you and have some kind of meaning. Also, before going too deep into aspects of design, try and figure out where would you like to have it placed and, consequently, its size. These issues may influence the choice of representation in the extent of whether it is possible or not to create the fancied design in the requested spot or size.

So what does an angel tattoo for men represent? In many cases, men go for the archangel type of tattoos, which are considered the closest angels to God. The Bible depicts seven of them and the Revelations write that they stood before God, as holly message carriers. Therefore, many artists will sketch an angel tattoo for men as Michael – the most famous archangel – in battle with the devil or holding a sword. With this kind of angel tattoo designs men should consider placing it on their shoulder.

There’s also the representation of guardian angel. Though it may seem as a sign of weakness, having a guardian angel tattooed is actually a gesture of closeness. If they decided upon an angel tattoo men might choose this form in order to honour people they loved and who passed away. It’s more like a tribute to people who were close to them. What makes an angel a guardian angel in a tattoo is often the spread of his wings or the presence of a halo. Men, although I think not many of them, might also decide upon having cherubs done. Cherubs are baby-like angels, the most commonly met one being Cupid. When presented with this concept of angel tattoo designs men generally consider it too flashy, having the whole arsenal of bows and arrows and even hearts, but there are some individuals who go for it.

At last, but not least, one of the most often representation of angel tattoo men use is the fallen angel. From the biblical point of view, when Michael fought the forces of evil, embodied by Lucifer, the latter lost the battle. Consequently, he, who was too an archangel, was banished from Heaven. Religious paintings depict Lucifer as falling out of the sky, as a parallel to his fall from the grace of God. Men generally adopt the image of an angel burning in fire or the drawing of a tortured one, having an expression of agony.

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The epic battle tattoo – Angel and Demon tattoo

Posted by on Jan 16, 2013 in Angel Tattoos Designs Gallery, Recent, Tattoo Designs

Symbolists assign the visual of angels and demons to duality and inner struggle. The extensively discussed connotation of the saga between right and wrong applies here as well. And it covers more and more of the more recent, trivial aspects of our life, such as tattoos. Religion has always been a tenor in art and in what the art of body ink is concerned, has turned into an absolute trend. And as originality and differentiation is everything in such a field, people are searching for less and less common representations of facts. Therefore, the whole concept of angel and demon tattoo portrayals various interpretations like love and hate, or sanctity and sinfulness. It’s not just about the drawings, but about the drawings’ colors and placement as well. An angel demon tattoo generally renders blue and red and places one in the upper side of the designated area and the other below.

Angel and Demon tattoo

The inspiration behind angel and demon tattoos

An angel and demon tattoo can be extremely traditional, and though is less popular, it has great impact. They are based on established paintings of famous artists or even from paintings in churches. In this sort of tattoos, both the angel and the demon appear as righteous characters, strong and proud. Even the procedure of inking is slightly different through the use of deeper lines and darker hues. But, remember, if you want your angel and demon tattoo to look like a painting, you’ll have to spend weeks browsing artist portfolios. Not everyone can tattoo in such an intricate manner and you shouldn’t entrust this work to a beginner.

Depictions of angels and demons in tattoos

The demon angel tattoo may take the form of a cartoon, which contrasts with its deep meaning and ramifications. But even so, the demon’s image is always profound. With bat wings and horns, he wears torn clothing and is inked in dark hues. In some representations, he takes the form of a gentleman in a dark suit. But the number one depiction is the red demon with horns and tail, who usually carries a pitchfork. His symbolism goes from bad spirit to temptation, trying to make people commit sins. At the opposite end, in an angel demon tattoo, the angel often appears with a halo, surrounded by white clouds or light, as if all these were weapons to fight the demon. The faces of the characters in a demon angel tattoo also emphasize the incongruity between the two. One has a calm figure, with a warm look, while the other is shown frowning, and the two always seem to battle. Few tattoos place them in static posture, separate from each other – the majority of them displaying passionate scenes like ripping of the clothes.

The epic battle tattoo - Angel and Demon tattoo_2

Combining angels and demons into one tattoo

If you really want to stand different and have a unique perception, you should try getting a demon angel tattoo with a sole figure. Just one character for both the good and the evil. Half of him can be blue, with clean, full wings and the other can be red, with a scowl face expression and shred wings. This is the kind of angel and demon tattoo that will make you ineffaceable among people. If you’re looking for a minimal alternative, then you can ask your tattoo artists to draw one angel wing and one demon wing next to each other. He can then draw a halo on top and a tail at the bottom.

Angel and Demon tattoo design

Adding a quote to your tattoo

Inserting a few words is a great way to make sure your tattoo is interpreted the way you want. Depending on the size of the tattoo, you can write a few well-chosen words or even a full quote. But remember, don’t pick this quote on the spot, because you’ll be wearing it on your skin forever and you should make sure it represents you completely.


All in all, angel demon tattoos are a great way to express faith, a wild personality or strong character. If you think the concept represents you, then go for it!

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