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Scarification tattoos- the newest trend in tattooing

Scarification tattoos- the newest trend in tattooing

The process of scarification is becoming increasingly used in tattoos and included in this ever changing form of artistic expression. However, the topic has stirred up a lot of controversy and the method itself has even been banned in several countries and states of the USA. Regardless of the debates and general storm generate by this type of body transformation, the fact of the matter remains that more and more people resort to using scarification tattoos in order to beautify their bodies and ultimately alter their appearance.

Scarification tattooing first appeared as a form of covering scars and creating aesthetical tattoos meant to transform unsightly and irregular wounds into something pleasant to watch or more contoured and even shaped in a meaningful way for the owner. It is a method of healing on a psychological level, letting the person accept his or her injury and embrace it as a part of their selves. Later on, the process was taken on by increasingly more categories of persons, including those that do not have any unaesthetic mark on their skin. This is how the scarification tattoos entered the mainstream and became a trend all over the world. The reasons that compel someone to change perfectly looking skin and alter their appearance in such a way are extremely diverse and depend from one individual to another. Like any form of extreme tattooing and body transformation, scarification is also not for the faint hearted, considering that some of the results have extremely explicit looks.

One of the first things clients need to know when going to a tattoo salon and asking for this technique is the fact that no tattoo artist can guarantee a certain result, after the skin has healed. The truth of the matter is that every person’s skin is different and heals in a unique matter. This is why the first thing that tattoo artists tell you is the fact that they don’t know exactly how your body heals. Some scars rise towards the exterior, while others shrink and sink into the skin. Some become red, pink or even purple, while others can turn into white and become almost invisible. The entire thrill of getting a scarification tattoo is the fact that you do not know the outcome and go through a genuine healing process, with all of the feelings and transformations that it implies. Consequently, many even go through the tattooing process just to get the sense of the healing process and enjoy its finale.

All you need to know, in a glance, about the process known as scarification is that it is considered a form of permanent and extreme body modification, offered in many tattoo parlors and piercing shops across the world. And it is gaining popularity. In order to fully understand the implications and possible outcomes of this technique, look at our gallery of pictures or check out our Facebook page to see more.