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Size doesn’t matter when it comes to butterfly tattoos!

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to butterfly tattoos!

For women contemplating the idea of getting a tattoo done, a tiny butterfly tattoo must be among the first choices. There is something about the variety of colours, shapes and sizes, as well as the deep meanings that are hidden behind this mystical creature that makes girls turn to these tattoos so often, despite of their already huge popularity. You can’t fear about not being original with a girls butterfly tattoo, because the designs are of an incredible variety and you can always use your imagination to add particular elements to any butterfly tattoo for girls. And, even though the larger the design is, the more space you have to be creative, there is something about a tiny butterfly tattoo that makes it extremely enticing and far more appreciated than all the others. It says classy and gentle and mysterious at the same time.

The phrase “the bigger the better” has never been more wrong than in the case of the butterfly tattoo for girls. The enchantment of a girls butterfly tattoo comes from the fundamental characteristic of the butterflies: their metamorphosis and chrysalis stage. The way they change from a worm into a beautiful butterfly makes you always wonder what it is hiding behind a simple butterfly design. It can be major changes, big decision, a free spirit or a gentle soul. It can be force and energy, as well as frailty and tenderness.

The idea is that a butterfly tattoo for girls is greatly meaningful and symbolic. And, be that a tiny butterfly tattoo or a large depiction, the variety of designs leaves so much room to imagination and creativity. You can strive for perfection by choosing a perfectly symmetric butterfly, with equal wings and regular body shape and size, or you can opt for fantasy and fairytale and create a butterfly of your own, with specific, particular features, just the way you imagine it. If you work hand in hand with a talented tattoo artist, a state-of-the-art tattoo is guaranteed.

The popularity of a girls butterfly tattoo can be based on all of the above, but it also may have reasons that are subjective to every single person, especially considering how much the entire tattoo world has changed in the past few years. Nothing has the same meaning anymore and, in a constant search for originality and outstanding, symbols have been bent, connotations have been molded and patterns have been broken. But one thing stayed the same and that is the desire to be one of a kind, to impress, not to blend with the crowd. The more the society has accepted tattooing as a form f art and body expression, the more women and girls everywhere have felt free to ink a part of their body with a design of their choice. And a butterfly tattoo has managed to stay on the top positions of this choice, due to its multiple implications and prevailing message that it can send. Trust the power of a tiny butterfly tattoo and go get inked!