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Tattoos that live longer than love!

Tattoos that live longer than love!

Katy Perry’s relationship with actor Russel Brand has apparently come to an end, but her arm tattoo doesn’t erase so easily. Katy Perry arm tattoo was actually identical to that of her husband’s. They both got the matching tattoos some time before their wedding as a token of their deep love at the moment. He first showed his new ink on the front cover of the Rolling Stone magazine, while Katy Perry tattoo on arm was first seen at the launch of the Volkswagen 2011 Jetta, where she wore a shocking PVC green dress and jumped up and down a sixteen thousand dollars car.

There has been quite a stir surrounding the singer Katy Perry arm tattoo, mostly because of her religious inclinations that don’t always match her behavior or appearance. The Katy Perry tattoo on arm is in Sanskrit language and it reads “Anuugacchati Pravaha”, which means “Go with the flow”. The tattoos of both her and her ex are not only identical, but they are also inked in the exact same spot, the inside of the right arm. Russel Brand’s influence on the singer was more than just referring to clothes and looks. Katy Perry’s parents, both pastors, have frowned upon their relationship right from the start. But anyway, regardless of the ups and downs or the turns that their relationship took, the idea of the matching tattoos can never grow old, and the Sanskrit lettering looks really neat on the Katy Perry tattoo arm.

Katy Perry arm tattoo

But the Katy Perry arm tattoo is not the only ink on the singer’s body. She also displays a very small “Jesus” tattoo on her left wrist, most likely as to show her religious view that still persisted despite her line of work. The tattoo may also stand as a connection to her childhood and her pious upbringing. After all, her first meeting with the musical world was in the church choir, praising the Lord and, when she was a teenager, she even had a contract with a Christian music label. So, even if the Katy Perry tattoo on arm of the “Go with the flow” line may appear Russel-like, she has definitely not forgotten her origins.

On a completely different side of things Katy Perry displays a smiling strawberry ankle tattoo on the inside of her left ankle, which brings her closer to the whimsical, upbeat Katy Perry that we all grew accustomed with. The strawberry is a classic cartoon-like depiction and it is quite small, but entirely visible. She was also thought to have inked her breast with a Josh Grobin tattoo, which finally turned out to be a fake. One of the first hints was that the name was spelled wrong, Grobin actually meaning Groban, a record produces and songwriter that she dated shortly. But, fake or no fake, the image of her breast with his name on it had quite the impact. The singer sure has a way of always keeping her fans on their toes and the latest Katy Perry arm tattoo doesn’t look as the last one!