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The angel tattoo men can’t stay away from!

The angel tattoo men can’t stay away from!

There are two sorts of people in this world: the inconspicuous ones and those people you never miss in a crowd. Getting a tattoo in the shape of an angel will without fail set you apart from the others. Come to think about it, tattoos are the perfect means of self expression and personal beliefs assertion.

The strong gender may be tempted to consider an angel tattoo for men as a simple trend in this day and age. But the truth is this practice dates back to ancient times, especially when it comes to religious marks, such as angels. In those times, as opposed to modern era, it could even be a sign of superiority. To be frank, nowadays the practice has lost of its sanctity, as more and more celebrities have turned to it and diminished its rarity. With their ongoing parade of angel tattoo designs men have made it somewhat trivial. Names like David Beckham, Brad Pitt or Justin Timberlake are no longer a surprise to anyone. Nevertheless, angel tattoo designs for men are in great demand.

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Before choosing an angel tattoo men should ponder a bit. It’s best to have a strong reason for getting such a tat, in order to be continually satisfied with your choice. Just like every other thing that marks your life, it should represent you and have some kind of meaning. Also, before going too deep into aspects of design, try and figure out where would you like to have it placed and, consequently, its size. These issues may influence the choice of representation in the extent of whether it is possible or not to create the fancied design in the requested spot or size.

So what does an angel tattoo for men represent? In many cases, men go for the archangel type of tattoos, which are considered the closest angels to God. The Bible depicts seven of them and the Revelations write that they stood before God, as holly message carriers. Therefore, many artists will sketch an angel tattoo for men as Michael – the most famous archangel – in battle with the devil or holding a sword. With this kind of angel tattoo designs men should consider placing it on their shoulder.

There’s also the representation of guardian angel. Though it may seem as a sign of weakness, having a guardian angel tattooed is actually a gesture of closeness. If they decided upon an angel tattoo men might choose this form in order to honour people they loved and who passed away. It’s more like a tribute to people who were close to them. What makes an angel a guardian angel in a tattoo is often the spread of his wings or the presence of a halo. Men, although I think not many of them, might also decide upon having cherubs done. Cherubs are baby-like angels, the most commonly met one being Cupid. When presented with this concept of angel tattoo designs men generally consider it too flashy, having the whole arsenal of bows and arrows and even hearts, but there are some individuals who go for it.

At last, but not least, one of the most often representation of angel tattoo men use is the fallen angel. From the biblical point of view, when Michael fought the forces of evil, embodied by Lucifer, the latter lost the battle. Consequently, he, who was too an archangel, was banished from Heaven. Religious paintings depict Lucifer as falling out of the sky, as a parallel to his fall from the grace of God. Men generally adopt the image of an angel burning in fire or the drawing of a tortured one, having an expression of agony.