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The angel tattoos on back-the new trend in body ink

The angel tattoos on back-the new trend in body ink

The major advantage and one of the main reason people recourse to body tattoos is that their originality is undeniable. Even if you inspire yourself from others, from sketches and paintings, once you in front of a tattoo artist, he will be able to twist and bend the concept as best represents you. People have millions of ideas and thoughts to choose from, but a definite trend has took birth from the religious-orientated tattoos, especially the angel ones. The concept is large and there is plenty of room for personalization and creativity. An angel tattoo on the back of a person is clearly something hard to forget.

Many individuals go for the angel on back tattoo because the space allows them to jiggle with the features and characteristics of the drawing. Up to a point, having an angel tattoo on your back may seem exaggerated and ostentatious, but it’s about carrying meaningful messages with deep ramifications with you at all times. Well, sometimes it may also be about fashion and following trends, as many celebrities have paraded their “faith” through such tattoos. One of the firsts to do it was the famous David Beckham, who has a guardian angel tattoo on the back, in the upper side. And he is not the only one, names like Beyonce, Drew Barrymore or Justin Timberlake can continue the list.

You can always check for more designs here. It’s impossible not to find a perfect one in this huge gallery!

But the whole angel on back tattoo experience is worth it if it means something to you. It can be a tribute to your faith, but also to someone you love or respect deeply. It can be a form of showing your protective needs or attitude towards your children and family, or it can be a form of expressing the purity within yourself. Regardless, the one thing it should be is personal and strong, as this is the kind of expression that will outlast you.

Depending on the message you want to put out there or its significance, the angel tattoo on your back can take the form of an archangel, a guardian one or the fallen angel depiction. The archangel tattoo usually shows a character in battle, with a great sword or body armor, for the archangels were the ones who fought the demons in the epic battle between good and evil. The guardian angels are peaceful faces, indicating stoicism and wisdom, with widely spread wings in sign of protection. Their wings are also more carefully designed, with more lines and shadows as feathers. The fallen angel on back tattoo can be quite impressive, if it’s inked with precision and has considerable sizes. It relates more to the dark side of a person’s personality or it may also stand for defeat.

The really important thing is that, no matter what you decide your angel on back tattoo to look like, you should prepare yourself for a painful and sort of long-term process. If it goes across the entire back, touching bones and tendons, the level of pain will be considerably high and the healing process will take longer, as well. Your back will be sour for quite some time and you need to make sure you wear clothes that do not rub or irritate the skin.