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The epic battle tattoo – Angel and Demon tattoo

The epic battle tattoo – Angel and Demon tattoo

Symbolists assign the visual of angels and demons to duality and inner struggle. The extensively discussed connotation of the saga between right and wrong applies here as well. And it covers more and more of the more recent, trivial aspects of our life, such as tattoos. Religion has always been a tenor in art and in what the art of body ink is concerned, has turned into an absolute trend. And as originality and differentiation is everything in such a field, people are searching for less and less common representations of facts. Therefore, the whole concept of angel and demon tattoo portrayals various interpretations like love and hate, or sanctity and sinfulness. It’s not just about the drawings, but about the drawings’ colors and placement as well. An angel demon tattoo generally renders blue and red and places one in the upper side of the designated area and the other below.

Angel and Demon tattoo

The inspiration behind angel and demon tattoos

An angel and demon tattoo can be extremely traditional, and though is less popular, it has great impact. They are based on established paintings of famous artists or even from paintings in churches. In this sort of tattoos, both the angel and the demon appear as righteous characters, strong and proud. Even the procedure of inking is slightly different through the use of deeper lines and darker hues. But, remember, if you want your angel and demon tattoo to look like a painting, you’ll have to spend weeks browsing artist portfolios. Not everyone can tattoo in such an intricate manner and you shouldn’t entrust this work to a beginner.

Depictions of angels and demons in tattoos

The demon angel tattoo may take the form of a cartoon, which contrasts with its deep meaning and ramifications. But even so, the demon’s image is always profound. With bat wings and horns, he wears torn clothing and is inked in dark hues. In some representations, he takes the form of a gentleman in a dark suit. But the number one depiction is the red demon with horns and tail, who usually carries a pitchfork. His symbolism goes from bad spirit to temptation, trying to make people commit sins. At the opposite end, in an angel demon tattoo, the angel often appears with a halo, surrounded by white clouds or light, as if all these were weapons to fight the demon. The faces of the characters in a demon angel tattoo also emphasize the incongruity between the two. One has a calm figure, with a warm look, while the other is shown frowning, and the two always seem to battle. Few tattoos place them in static posture, separate from each other – the majority of them displaying passionate scenes like ripping of the clothes.

The epic battle tattoo - Angel and Demon tattoo_2

Combining angels and demons into one tattoo

If you really want to stand different and have a unique perception, you should try getting a demon angel tattoo with a sole figure. Just one character for both the good and the evil. Half of him can be blue, with clean, full wings and the other can be red, with a scowl face expression and shred wings. This is the kind of angel and demon tattoo that will make you ineffaceable among people. If you’re looking for a minimal alternative, then you can ask your tattoo artists to draw one angel wing and one demon wing next to each other. He can then draw a halo on top and a tail at the bottom.

Angel and Demon tattoo design

Adding a quote to your tattoo

Inserting a few words is a great way to make sure your tattoo is interpreted the way you want. Depending on the size of the tattoo, you can write a few well-chosen words or even a full quote. But remember, don’t pick this quote on the spot, because you’ll be wearing it on your skin forever and you should make sure it represents you completely.


All in all, angel demon tattoos are a great way to express faith, a wild personality or strong character. If you think the concept represents you, then go for it!