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The fallen angel tattoo – sign of faith or disbelief?

The fallen angel tattoo – sign of faith or disbelief?

Everything that surrounds us exists under the seal of duplicity. There is life and death, rising and falling, good and bad, love and hate, happiness and sadness. Even the most trivial of life’s aspects are subdued to this never ending concept. Art nowadays comes in many forms, one of which is body painting and tattooing, and these are features highly duplicitous as well. Let’s take for example one of the most popular forms of tattoos, one that has become even famous being adopted by numerous celebrities – angel tattoos. The common perception of the angels is that of guardian, good spirits, but in reality they can also signify evil. Although having your body inked with such a tattoo is usually a sign of faith, in several cases the angel isn’t a representation of God’s messenger on earth, but exactly the opposite. We’re talking about the fallen angel tattoo, which has gained more and more popularity in recent years. Now, it’s no longer just about the face and posture of the angel, but about his actions in the design. Even the lack of action is something to consider, lots of people offering their angels human features in an attempt of expressing themselves.

As said, the options regarding angel tattoos are endless, therefore we’ll turn our heads to the fallen angel tattoo, as it is a very powerful, impressive visual. An interesting founding is that the tattoo of fallen angel comes often in feminine form, suggesting the idea that a woman’s beauty greatly contrasts her dark nature. However, the representation of a fallen angel tattoo is more often met with in men. The Bible says that when the archangel Michael fought Lucifer, he won the battle and banished the latter from Heaven. The classical paintings and religious drawings depict Lucifer falling out of the sky, just as he fell from the grace of God. Men generally adopt the image of them in battle, whereas the more static postures show them as injured, or with torn wings., and their expression is always one of anguish and agony.

The tattoo of fallen angel is usually done in a darker ink than all the other angel tattoos. It’s perfectly understandable, since they are generally popular among persons with a darker side, such as Goths, bikers and Satanists. A reason may be that they see themselves in the story of the fallen angels. It’s a known fact that angels are empowered with free will, so they have the ability to choose between right and wrong, just like people do. The most typical tattoo of fallen angel will also show defeat and humility. People may choose them as forms of recognizing failure or major setbacks in their lives. Their wings are normally torn and falling to the sides, but some tattoos of fallen angels show them with their wings spread and held high, but with the head resting on the knees, as if they are crying. Sometimes, they even have the posture of Jesus on the cross.

The various forms of the fallen angel tattoo do nothing but to confirm its attraction and power over people and its steady subsistence among tattoo preferences.